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Unlimited Calling Annual plan by Teleblend


We have been suggesting people to make use of voip for making phone calls. A large number of people living in USA and Canada have already replaced their traditional calling system with voip phones. Even many offices in India, small and large businesses have shifted to voip for making national and international calls and must say they must be saving lot of money at this time of recession.

Now once you have decided that you want to use voip for making phone calls, next is to decide a voip provider (a package) which suits you and will help you save money. It completely depends what package may suit you but considering that a large part of calls are local calls only (USA to USA, Canada etc) its better to choose a package offering you cheap international calls (Cheap calls to India, Cheap calls to Pakistan) and unlimited calls to USA (I have said this will completely depend on your type of business and target customers).

Anyways, considering an annual plan may be a nice options for several reasons. Firstly no tension of monthly payments, second and most important reason being that it will again save you money. Annual calling plans are much cheaper than monthly packages. These plans have their disadvantages too (service has got to be reliable otherwise you will have to suffer a whole year or cancel your package).

Teleblend, a very well known voip provider has revealed a new annual service plan that will feature a reduced rate for customers who want to pay for an entire year of service in advance.

The annual calling plan plan is available nationwide and features Unlimited calling to the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico for only $169.95 per year. They say that it will help you around $500 (annual).

Teleblend targets to provide a superior home phone service that offers increased functionality, free calling features, unlimited long distance calling and low international rates.

TeleBlend also has a unlimited calling plan for international users (making calls toIndia), the product is called the Free India Plan.

Free Indian plan offered unlimited calling to India, the U.S., and Canada for only $49.95 per month. It is available to new customers nationwide(USA) with no contracts or minimum commitments, it was indeed, one of the first calling plans available that features unlimited calling to India.

Apart from all these calling plans, Teleblend also offers Refer a friend program in which it offers one free month of voip phone calls for each referal.

I was wondering f any voip provider offer annual calling plan for making unlimited calls to India. I guess it will save you lot of money. Do let us know if you know any of such service.

Enjoy Cheap calling...

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