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Unlimited calls to India from France by


A good number of Indians live in France, actually the number of NRI's in this world is a big number and this is the reason voip provides specially target Asian market.

If you are living in France, then a has a deal for you. is a France based internet, television services and telecom provider. has recently launched a promotion in which it is giving Internet, television and telephone (here the big deal), all this for just 29.99 Euros per month.

By taking the above said offer, you will be able to make unlimited phone calls (landlines only) to about 87 countries. Offcourse, India is included in the list. This offer will enable you to make unlimited free calls to India. As the telecom provider is quite big (offering all three services), voice quality should be good.

I guess, you must be already paying a lot more than 30 Euros for these three things (Internet, TV and phone bills), and this deal will help you save a lot of money. Additionally since you will be getting all these services from one provider only, getting hold of customer support (if there is any need) won't be of much pain.

Well, from past few months we have seen that many voip providers have really lowered their price to call India with some offering free calls. I think day should not be far when one will be able to make unlimited free calls to India. (Though, it is already very cheap nowdays).

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January 23, 2009 at 3:24 AM

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