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Zakophone offering 60 Free Pc to Phone Minutes


Who says Voip market is saturated. Indeed its just the beginning of the Voip era. Its time people should leave their landline and traditional phones and try voip phones or the popular Pc to Phone calling method.

I know a lot of people in India, don't have even heard of voip (or Free Pc to Phone calling) and those who have heard of it, never used it. At this time of recession, one of the ways to save money is by making Free Pc to Phone calls.

If you are paying money to make international calls specially calls to USA, Canada, European countries( Sweden, Germany etc), Australia then must say you are actually wasting your money.
New entrant in this voip market is Zakophone. ZaKoPhone is a free service that use voip technology to bring high-quality voice communications to people all over the world without the needs of Software installation. You can make free calls around the world only by using your Browser (with adope flash payer), all you need is a connected headset (speaker and microphone), there is requirement of downloading any softphone.

Zakophone is offering Free 60 minutes Pc to phone calls to many countries. (INDIA IS NOT INCLUDED). It means you can't make calls to India, however you can make calls from India to those free calling countries.

Free one hour calls can be made to -:

Andorra, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hong Kong - Mobile, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Luxemburg, Malaysia, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Panama ,Portugal, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Singapore - Mobile, Slovakia, South Korea, Spain Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, United States, United States - Hawaii, US Virgin Islands.

I have tried the Zakophone service to make free calls, it do worked however the voice quality was not very good (it was just average). One should not complain much when they are getting it free.

Though there are many other services offering free calls to these destinations (Poketalk) but trying out others won't hurt (you never know which one may help you at the time of need).

In order to get free 60 calling minutes, one needs to register with Zakophone.
Confirm your eail address by clicking the activation link and you are don'e. You will get free 60 minutes to your account.

I was wondering that since they only require you to verify your email address, one can make multiple accounts and get more free minutes. So, its actually an unlimited free calling deal for you.

For making free calls to India, you need to surf the blog around (you will find many working ways).

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