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Reliance GSM Free Calls, Night Pack Free Calling

Few days back, Reliance launched its 3G service and GSM service. We also blogged about the Reliance being the very first telecom service provider to offer both GSM and CDMA service in India. Check out Reliance GSM Free Calling Night Pack.

Reliance launched its customer experience pack in many states (delhi was not included). Under this pack, Reliance gave away its GSM sim at a very cheap rate (Rs20- Rs50), together with that its giving free talktime each day (Rs5- Rs10/day) and free sms. This pack initiated a war between telecom provders like Airtel, Idea, Reliance etc trying to provide cheaper rates than other.

Reliance has now started this customer experience pack to Delhi people. Lets see what does this pack for Delhi offers - :

SIM MRP - : Rs 49
Validity - Lifetime (This is quite amazing at such price)
Talktime - Rs 10

Now when you first E-recharge with Rs 51 (this makes total cost Rs100)
Talktime (88 days) - Rs 5/day (this means you get Rs 440 talktime)

Reliance GSM Night Calling pack
MRP - Rs 15
Tariff Benefits -- 90 days

Night Calling benefit can be availed as an add-on on 15 Rs Recharge and is valid for 30 days
Night Calling Time - 11 PM - 6 AM

This Reliance talktime can be used to make all local calls and to send all local SMS to any network. All unutilised balance given free will be forfeited at the end of the day.

Well, overall a great plan for Delhi People. I am going to buying this lifetime sim (never mind keeping one more number - say a portable number). Guys, just contact your nearest Reliance dealer about this Customer Experience Pack. Reliance also offers all India Reliance to Reliance free calls.

Tuitalk not working : Tuitalk Call Connection Error Workaround

Few days back we posted about Tuitalk offering free calls to India. Tuitalk offers 10 mins/day to India and other countries in the liue of watching advertisements. It worked for many (I am included in this list) but it didn't worked for a few facing Tuitalk Call Error, Tuitalk Connection Error, Tuitalk Login Problems!

Some people were not able to log into their account on Day 1, some were able to log in and make free calls on first day however, they were not able to log in afterwards. Some people were no able to make a call even after watching 10 advertisements.

So, if were not able to make free calls (Tuitalk not working because of Tuitalk Call/Connection Error, Tuitalk Login Problems) then try this trick. Using this workaround (few points), you should be able to make free calls to India. Thanks to our anonymous reader for informing it about us. Hope your Connection problem get resolved.

1. Visit Tuitalk. Click on forget password.
2. Fill in your email address and click send. (You will get a new password in your email account).
3. Sign in to Tuitalk Website using the password provided. Now go to your account settings and change your password.
4. Now trying sign-into Tuitalker (voip Pc application) using the your new changed password. I guess you should be ale to login now, and make free calls to India.

If you still face any problems with Tuitalk, then do post them in comment section. We will together try to solve all problems and make free international voip phone calls..!!

TrapCall Reveal Caller ID : Unmask Blocked Phone Calls

Are you tired of getting those anonymous calls and want to unmask the blocked phone calls, reveal the caller ID. You don't want anymore of those no caller ID displayed on your mobile, any unknown numbers or blocked calls. This anonymity comes with the use of voip and many voip services offer you call spoofing.

But hey we have found a Unmasking voip service for you, which can help you reveal the actual caller ID. We are talking about TrapCall and the best part is you can try it for free.

Trapcall.Com, is a new service which offers to reveal Caller ID from those anonymous blocked calls or restricted calls. Not many people have experienced the caller spoofing (blocked calls) and the "Who you are" (unmasking blocked calls) has already come to the market.

However there is a small catch, this amazing service by Trapcall is available only to people of USA and Canada. Such great service is required worldwide and I am sure such a thing will soon come to the international maket. Lets figure out how can use Trapcall for free. - Unmask Blocked Calls

How to avail the Trapcall Service ?

1. After you register, you’ll simply key in a few numbers into your phone.
2. When you receive a blocked or restricted call, reject it. You don’t want to answer an unknown number anyway right? In a matter of seconds, the blocked call is sent to Trapcall servers, where it is instantly unmasked and sent back to your phone! All the while the caller hears a normal ring tone, oblivious to the fact that you know exactly who they are.
3. Now if you don't want to pick up his call (no anonymity anymore) then reject it for second time.

TrapCall uses quite a unique way to unmask these calls. Its actually quite interesting to know how does trapcall works. Good thing about this service is that it can work on any phone, be it mobile or a landline phone. However, if you have a smartphone then you can try Trapcall app for iPhone or its android application. We have posted a separate review about its iPhone and Android applications. If interested you can check those out.

TrapCall Android :

TrapCall iPhone :

Well that's not all, Trapcall is full of many other features as well : 
- Unblocks blocked and restricted calls.
- Trapcall works with any cell phone.
- No need to change your current number
- Different plans for different folks
- Check Trapcall on iPhone.

Still Confused ? Check the video below to know more about it. 

Its time you check out and try its amazing service.

Tuitalk to Make Free calls to India | Tuitalker Free Download

Do you know that with Tuitalk (and its new version), you can make Free International Calls (which includes India). Lot's of people have asked about free calling options to India. Well, in past few months, we have already seen the call rates to India dropping to a great extent. A lot many voip providers like Nymgo, Mediaringtalk are now offering very cheap calls to India (in range of 1-2 cents/min). And now we have Tuitalk which is offering free calls to India.

You don't even have to pay a penny for making calls to India. You can make Free Pc to Phone calls to anywhere in India using Tuitalk Software. If you are looking for making free calls to other destinations like USA, Canada, Mexico etc, then also tuitalks works equally great.

Tuitalk is an advertisement based voip provider which is offering free calls to about 40 destinations. Recently Tuitalk included India in its free calling list. You can call both Indian Landline and Mobile Phones.

Ad based voip system is not new, and people prefer this method over others. Tuitalk cashed on this and launched the service, where it offering totally free international calls in lieu of advertisements. You need to download the Tuitalk softphone on your computer. When you place any call, first advertisement will be shown on your softphone which actually pays for your call.

Tuitalk asks for your personal interest, geographical profiles while registration, based on which ads are shown. Tuitalk system has grown big and lot many advertisers are supporting their network. Their service has grown very big in short span of time.

Tuitalk offers about 10 minutes of free calls each day (simple trick being to register with your extended profile). Just download the Tuitalker and start making free calls. You can use these credit to make free 10 minutes of calls to India as well. Please note that your account will automatically credited with 10 min every day.

With the launch of free calls to India, Tuitalk is sure to receive lot of new subscribers. Voice quality of Tuitalk is also good (but yes with increasing load on thier network, you may get some disturbance in your call).

How to Register and Make Free Calls with Tuitalk (aka Tuitalker)

  1. Register at Tuitalk.
  2. Activate your account and remember to fill your extended profile.
  3. Download Tuitalk voip softphone. (Many people call this software as Tuitalker)
  4. Login into Tuitalker. You will see the free minutes.
  5. To make calls to India dial (00+country code+number) : 0091989XXXXXXX.
  6. You will be shown a small advertisement and then your call will be connected.
  7. One more thing, the calling minutes are not even rounded off (no one minute rounding). So you get full 10 minutes talktime. This is indeed very good.
Tuitalk is quite a decent voip service, so please don't abuse the system. If you face any problem do post your comments. We hope that you will be able to make free calls to India and other countries and save big bucks.

Mediaringtalk 1.7 Cents/min to India : Reduced prices

Mediaringtalk, the market leader in Pc to Phone calls has further reduced their calling rates to India. Now using Mediaringtalk, you can call India at just 1.7 cents/minutes.

This calling rate is for calling both Landline and mobile phones in India. Mediaringtalk was earlier offering the calls to India at 1.9 cents but I guess this competition has made the voip company reduce their calling rate.

I remember, only few months back calls to India were costing about 5-6 cents/min but now this competition among voip providers has led to reduction of voip calling rates to India.

Apart from Mediaringtalk, other cheap Pc to Phone calling option is Nymgo. Nymgo offers very cheap calls to India ( 2 cents in Pay as you go plan and more cheap in unlimited plans).

Well these rates clearly show that people show switch to voip for making phone calls. Even people in India can too use voip for making STd calls in India.


Jaxtr FreeConnect : Make Free calls to Non Members

We have by now shared so many ways and offers by which people can make cheap or free calls, so I can assume that all of you are saving a lot on your phone bills. Today we are back again with another similar way however with same old voip service, our favorite Jaxtr. They have made quite a big name in the industry. They started their voip services offering a unique way of calling (click to call method) and offered free credit for making calls. It was a big hit on this blog as well.

Now they have updated their service and started offering another unique way of calling. I would say that they are the most unique and innovate voip provider and probably that is the reason investors don’t hesitate to invest in them.

We are talking about the new Jaxtr service, named “FreeConnect” which allows anyone (yes you don’t even need to register with them) to talk unlimited without paying a penny.

Jaxtr FreeConnect 

Jaxtr FreeConnect Features

-  You don't need to register with them inorder to make free calls. It has expanded its service to include free out-of-network and non-member calling to mobile phones. Neither party is required to be jaxtr member.
- Jaxtr FreeConnect is valid in more than 50 countries and you don't need to pay a penny.
- To my surprise, Jaxtr has included some costly calling destinations like Pakistan. Yes you can now use Jaxtr Freeconnect to make free calls to Pakistan. [Removed now]
- Please note that calls are free only in the these countries, for rest of the countries you will have to shell out some money.

How does Jaxtr FreeConnect Work

- Visit the Jaxtr voice webpage.
- You have to enter your own number
- Enter the number of the person you wish to call
- Jaxtr will then give you a local number to reach that person.
- Once the you (caller) dials that number, jaxtr notifies the person you are calling with a local number to call and get connected. Your friend has to dial that number.
- You both can then talk for as long as they like, free of any charge from jaxtr. These assigned local phone numbers can also be used again on an ongoing basis.
- International leg of the call will be at Jaxtr end, however you have to pay local call charges.

Below is an image showing which explains the FreeConnect method as well.

Jaxtr FreeConnect Countries List

Jaxtr FreeConnect Countries List

You should now try out Jaxtr FreeConnect service and let us know your feedback. If you are looking for sending free sms from your mobile, then you can try their free sms app.

MTNL Launches JADOO : India's first 3G service in Delhi

While referring to Jadoo, I am not talking about any Magic nor does I am referring to alien from Koi Mil gaya (Hrithik Roshan film - our Indian readers must be familiar). I am talking about the newly launched India's first 3G service in Delhi - MTNL Jadoo. In this post, we will be reviewing this 3G services, a quick view at the data rates and some feasibility analysis.

MTNL has launched its 3G service in Delhi and has named it Jadoo. With the launch it has become the first telecom operator in the country to launch third generation (3G) mobile services. But the service is on the expensive side as mobile users in Delhi will have to pay a one-time fee of Rs 500 as activation charges and a monthly rental of Rs 599.

MTNL Jadoo Rates
One Time Fees : Rs 500 activation charges
Monthly Rental : Rs 599

Apart from this monthly rental, mobile users would have to pay for their phone calls. 
For Voice calls -
From MTNL mobile to other network - Rs 1/min.
From MTNL network to MTNL network - Rs .60/min.

For video calls -: MTNL charges vary between Rs 3 and Rs 1.80 a minute.

I guess the calling and video calling rates are almost same as it offers under its voip service plan (which it offered along with its broadband connection).

Customers can also get video streaming applications such as “Live TV”, movie downloads on their mobile handsets. Subscribers will have to pay Rs 5 for each MB download. For using 3G service in your mobile, you only require a 3G enabled handset. (I guess many of you must be having it).

Now talking about the Voip part in the launched 3G service. One will be able to use voip for making cheap international phone calls. MTNL is charging Rs 3/minute from mobiles to more than 100 countries including Europe, the US and Canada. In comparison, international calls on private operators’ network costs about Rs 6 a minute. MTNL is able to offer lower tariffs because it routes the call through the Internet network.

Well the calling rates for both video calls, and international phone calls using voip are not at all cheap. We have blogged about so many voip providers offering free calls to those 100 countries including Europe, the US and Canada.

MTNL Offers Rs 1 per minute to USA

I guess at present, if you are willing to spend this much money then you can opt fo MTNL 3G service but if you can wait for sometime then you would be getting much cheaper services. (When more 3G providers comes to market). Till then better make use of other calling ways (like Pc to Phone) for free international phone calls.

Please post your queries about 3G service or any other, we will be more willing to answer all your problems.

SmartVoip : Betamax Provider offer Free International Calls (Cheap calls to India)


There is one more addition to the list of Betamax voip providers. Smartvoip is the recently launched voip service by Betamax voip company. Smart voip rightly says that voip being the smart way to make phone calls and save on your phone bills.

Much similar to other betamax providers, smartvoip offers free calls to many destinations. I guess calls to USA, Canada, China, Singapore,Taiwan, Russia etc are free subject to a maximum of 5000 minutes. Actually, this is not at all any big deal as many other voip providers are offering the same deal (free calls to these destinations).

Smartvoip is at present offering calls to India at 1.9 cents/min (Landline) and 2.6 cents/min (mobile). Well the rates are comparable to Nymgo and Mediaringtalk. I have never ben in favour of Betamax companies, so I won't suggest you smartvoip (over Nymgo/Mediaringtalk).

However, Betamax companies offer SIP services,Pc to Phone calls and Phone to Phone calls to. Voice quality is also good. For this reason people may try smartvoip as Nymgo and Mediaringtalk offer only Pc to Phone calls.

Below are the SIP settings for Smartvoip. Configure your voip SIP adapter and make free phone to phone calls.

SIP port : 5060
Registrar :
Proxy server :
Outbound proxy server : leave empty
Account name : your SmartVoip username
Password : your SmartVoip password
Display name/number : your SmartVoip username or voipnumber
Stunserver (option) :


G.711 (64 kbps)
G.726 (32 kbps)
G.729 (8 kbps)
G.723 (5.3 & 6.3 kbps)
GSMFR (13.2 kbps)

If you have audio problems:
Use a STUN server (e.g. with port 3478 (if supported by your device)
Use the G.711 codec

Overall, a nice voip calling options. I request my blog readers to post their comments if they liked Smartvoip service.


Cheaper ISD Calls (from India) coming soon..


All of you must be already knowing that voip has already been legally launched in India. If you surf the net (or this blog itself) you will find many voip providers offering their services in India. (By this I mean voip adapters, and cheap calls from India).

The impact of Voip is clearly shown. Calling cost for making ISD and local calls is expected to reduce by 30-50% (ideally this reduction will be very high).

Yesterday many local newspapers in Delhi covered an article on voip and ISD and STD prices slash. International long distance (ILD) telephone service providers such as AT&T, BT, Cable & Wireless and Verizon will soon be allowed to sell calling cards to consumers for making international calls. This will increase competition and may lead to a fall in the prices of international calls.

This may result in a price drop of up to 30 per cent. Some newsapers claimed this reduction to be around (70%), that is actually very high.

If you look at the present price rates, apart from sify offering Rs 3 call to USA, rest telecom provider offers Rs 5 per minute to USA. Now if you look at the voip market, their are many voip providers offering free calls to USA and at maximum this price is (1-1.5 cents/min) to call USA.
With ILD allowed in India, and other voip providers launching their services, one will be able to call USA at just Rs .5/min (a 10 times reduction).

Sometime back, we covered a post on "Is is right time to use Voip for making STD calls in India" where we discussed that making std calls using voip will help you save a lot of money. Simple calculations showed that you will be able to reduce your phone bills by 3 times. And yes that too at this point of time.

Currently, ILD operators are not allowed to sell their voice services directly to end consumers. As a result, a consumer does not have the choice of selecting an ILD operator. Once ILD operators are allowed to sell calling cards directly to customers, all the existing operators will sell their cards aggressively to attract subscribers of other operators.

I guess people should atleast start using voip for their business calls (this will help them save lot of money).

Anyways the day seems no far when India will be a free voip country. And local, STD, ISD calls will be absolutely free.

Cheers to VOIP.

Rebtel Six second billing with Reduced Call Rates

Rebtel has always been a hot topic among bloggers and one of the favorite voip providers for users. It has always provided very cheap competitive rates, excellent voice quality, good customer support and time to time offers like offering free calling voucher to India, Philippines, Domincan Republic etc. From past many months, Rebtel was running double your money promotion. However the promotion ended on 25th January.

This does not mean that you should not use Rebtel. Instead as I said, Rebtel keeps bringing new promotions and reduced calling rates. This time Rebtel has reduced its calling rates to many destinations, and for one of the hot calling destination that is India, Rebtel is offering 1.69 cents/min calls. (Though not the cheapest but one can go for it, I will let you know why).

Rebtel Rates

Apart from reduction in calling rates, it is offering first call free. Yes first call is free to any country in world. (You can make free trial test call to Pakistan, Cuba, India, Bangladesh, USA or any other country). They have not mentioned about the limit or call duration, it would be great if any our reader enlighten us on this.

One more change, I noticed on
Rebtel is that they now charge six seconds billing.
Pay only for the time you talk - Six second billing after the first minute, no contract, no hidden fees.

Now coming back to point, that is why should one go for Rebtel.
- Nymgo, Mediaringtalk though are cheap but offer Pc to Phone calls. Many of us prefer Phone to Phone calls as voice quality is good and yes Rebtel voice quality is good. But if you prefer only PC to Phone, you can use its computer application.
- Apart from good voice quality, calls can be connected from any phone. (Most of destination in world). You enter your number and number you want to call. Rebtel will give you a local access number, dialing which your call will b directly connected to your destination.
- Nice customer support. Few days back, someone posted about customer support problem with Mediaringtalk.
- Price is actually not high compared to what other calling cards and voip providers are offering (compring with Phone to Phone services or calling card services).

You first atleast test the service by Rebtel as the first call is free (free calls to India...) and if you like them, then you may continue with them.
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