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Cheaper ISD Calls (from India) coming soon..


All of you must be already knowing that voip has already been legally launched in India. If you surf the net (or this blog itself) you will find many voip providers offering their services in India. (By this I mean voip adapters, and cheap calls from India).

The impact of Voip is clearly shown. Calling cost for making ISD and local calls is expected to reduce by 30-50% (ideally this reduction will be very high).

Yesterday many local newspapers in Delhi covered an article on voip and ISD and STD prices slash. International long distance (ILD) telephone service providers such as AT&T, BT, Cable & Wireless and Verizon will soon be allowed to sell calling cards to consumers for making international calls. This will increase competition and may lead to a fall in the prices of international calls.

This may result in a price drop of up to 30 per cent. Some newsapers claimed this reduction to be around (70%), that is actually very high.

If you look at the present price rates, apart from sify offering Rs 3 call to USA, rest telecom provider offers Rs 5 per minute to USA. Now if you look at the voip market, their are many voip providers offering free calls to USA and at maximum this price is (1-1.5 cents/min) to call USA.
With ILD allowed in India, and other voip providers launching their services, one will be able to call USA at just Rs .5/min (a 10 times reduction).

Sometime back, we covered a post on "Is is right time to use Voip for making STD calls in India" where we discussed that making std calls using voip will help you save a lot of money. Simple calculations showed that you will be able to reduce your phone bills by 3 times. And yes that too at this point of time.

Currently, ILD operators are not allowed to sell their voice services directly to end consumers. As a result, a consumer does not have the choice of selecting an ILD operator. Once ILD operators are allowed to sell calling cards directly to customers, all the existing operators will sell their cards aggressively to attract subscribers of other operators.

I guess people should atleast start using voip for their business calls (this will help them save lot of money).

Anyways the day seems no far when India will be a free voip country. And local, STD, ISD calls will be absolutely free.

Cheers to VOIP.

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