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Jaxtr FreeConnect : Make Free calls to Non Members

We have by now shared so many ways and offers by which people can make cheap or free calls, so I can assume that all of you are saving a lot on your phone bills. Today we are back again with another similar way however with same old voip service, our favorite Jaxtr. They have made quite a big name in the industry. They started their voip services offering a unique way of calling (click to call method) and offered free credit for making calls. It was a big hit on this blog as well.

Now they have updated their service and started offering another unique way of calling. I would say that they are the most unique and innovate voip provider and probably that is the reason investors don’t hesitate to invest in them.

We are talking about the new Jaxtr service, named “FreeConnect” which allows anyone (yes you don’t even need to register with them) to talk unlimited without paying a penny.

Jaxtr FreeConnect 

Jaxtr FreeConnect Features

-  You don't need to register with them inorder to make free calls. It has expanded its service to include free out-of-network and non-member calling to mobile phones. Neither party is required to be jaxtr member.
- Jaxtr FreeConnect is valid in more than 50 countries and you don't need to pay a penny.
- To my surprise, Jaxtr has included some costly calling destinations like Pakistan. Yes you can now use Jaxtr Freeconnect to make free calls to Pakistan. [Removed now]
- Please note that calls are free only in the these countries, for rest of the countries you will have to shell out some money.

How does Jaxtr FreeConnect Work

- Visit the Jaxtr voice webpage.
- You have to enter your own number
- Enter the number of the person you wish to call
- Jaxtr will then give you a local number to reach that person.
- Once the you (caller) dials that number, jaxtr notifies the person you are calling with a local number to call and get connected. Your friend has to dial that number.
- You both can then talk for as long as they like, free of any charge from jaxtr. These assigned local phone numbers can also be used again on an ongoing basis.
- International leg of the call will be at Jaxtr end, however you have to pay local call charges.

Below is an image showing which explains the FreeConnect method as well.

Jaxtr FreeConnect Countries List

Jaxtr FreeConnect Countries List

You should now try out Jaxtr FreeConnect service and let us know your feedback. If you are looking for sending free sms from your mobile, then you can try their free sms app.

madhur article :

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February 24, 2009 at 11:53 PM

JAXTR is a perfect soltuion for those who want to make free calls from pc to mobile anywhere in the world, however for business customers who usually travels frequently and need phone to phone call service without roaming charges, i think Vopium is the best solution. Along with cheap calling rates and free sms, i am more interested in its Sync service that allows one to easily take the data back up of his/her contacts and calendar events. I am using both Jaxtr and Vopium as per my needs and i am ery comfortable with both of them. Great Services!

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