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MTNL Launches JADOO : India's first 3G service in Delhi

While referring to Jadoo, I am not talking about any Magic nor does I am referring to alien from Koi Mil gaya (Hrithik Roshan film - our Indian readers must be familiar). I am talking about the newly launched India's first 3G service in Delhi - MTNL Jadoo. In this post, we will be reviewing this 3G services, a quick view at the data rates and some feasibility analysis.

MTNL has launched its 3G service in Delhi and has named it Jadoo. With the launch it has become the first telecom operator in the country to launch third generation (3G) mobile services. But the service is on the expensive side as mobile users in Delhi will have to pay a one-time fee of Rs 500 as activation charges and a monthly rental of Rs 599.

MTNL Jadoo Rates
One Time Fees : Rs 500 activation charges
Monthly Rental : Rs 599

Apart from this monthly rental, mobile users would have to pay for their phone calls. 
For Voice calls -
From MTNL mobile to other network - Rs 1/min.
From MTNL network to MTNL network - Rs .60/min.

For video calls -: MTNL charges vary between Rs 3 and Rs 1.80 a minute.

I guess the calling and video calling rates are almost same as it offers under its voip service plan (which it offered along with its broadband connection).

Customers can also get video streaming applications such as “Live TV”, movie downloads on their mobile handsets. Subscribers will have to pay Rs 5 for each MB download. For using 3G service in your mobile, you only require a 3G enabled handset. (I guess many of you must be having it).

Now talking about the Voip part in the launched 3G service. One will be able to use voip for making cheap international phone calls. MTNL is charging Rs 3/minute from mobiles to more than 100 countries including Europe, the US and Canada. In comparison, international calls on private operators’ network costs about Rs 6 a minute. MTNL is able to offer lower tariffs because it routes the call through the Internet network.

Well the calling rates for both video calls, and international phone calls using voip are not at all cheap. We have blogged about so many voip providers offering free calls to those 100 countries including Europe, the US and Canada.

MTNL Offers Rs 1 per minute to USA

I guess at present, if you are willing to spend this much money then you can opt fo MTNL 3G service but if you can wait for sometime then you would be getting much cheaper services. (When more 3G providers comes to market). Till then better make use of other calling ways (like Pc to Phone) for free international phone calls.

Please post your queries about 3G service or any other, we will be more willing to answer all your problems.

madhur article :

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March 24, 2012 at 10:27 AM

MTNL is a sister concern company of BSNL and comes under Central Govt... The customer base of MTNL is nearly 5.92 million. And from past few years the graph is going down even if the Indian Govt. is spending too much of huge amount to uplift the customer base, but still the graph is going down and the main reason is their “GREAT SERVICES”. The MTNL lineman don’t have enough idea to configure even a modem and to solve a single complaint they take nearly 1 month or more because the don’t have enough workforce and the coverage area is very big. And when you see the MTNL exchange you become shocked to see their exchange, made of HUWIA equipments, and when you see the AIRTEL exchange you will find Ericson equipments just because the cost of HUWAI equipments are nearly half then Ericson. I have also file a complaint with Consumer Court and its being more than a Year ( ) but I know all the Govt. agency are same.
Basically they have two type of exchange one is for 256 Kbps and one for above 256Kbps, if you buy plan for above 256 then you may get good response because for that only they use Ericson exchange.
I don’t know why the Govt. change the plan to get more customer and spend a huge amount in ads, the salary of lineman is nearly 15000/-, I think this is a total waste. Customers are very much frustrated from MTNL. If you visit the MTNL exchange you will find many customers shouting on the Area Manager. MY personal experience with MTNL was pathetic and now I switched to another services provider and now I am very much satisfied.

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