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Rebtel Six second billing with Reduced Call Rates

Rebtel has always been a hot topic among bloggers and one of the favorite voip providers for users. It has always provided very cheap competitive rates, excellent voice quality, good customer support and time to time offers like offering free calling voucher to India, Philippines, Domincan Republic etc. From past many months, Rebtel was running double your money promotion. However the promotion ended on 25th January.

This does not mean that you should not use Rebtel. Instead as I said, Rebtel keeps bringing new promotions and reduced calling rates. This time Rebtel has reduced its calling rates to many destinations, and for one of the hot calling destination that is India, Rebtel is offering 1.69 cents/min calls. (Though not the cheapest but one can go for it, I will let you know why).

Rebtel Rates

Apart from reduction in calling rates, it is offering first call free. Yes first call is free to any country in world. (You can make free trial test call to Pakistan, Cuba, India, Bangladesh, USA or any other country). They have not mentioned about the limit or call duration, it would be great if any our reader enlighten us on this.

One more change, I noticed on
Rebtel is that they now charge six seconds billing.
Pay only for the time you talk - Six second billing after the first minute, no contract, no hidden fees.

Now coming back to point, that is why should one go for Rebtel.
- Nymgo, Mediaringtalk though are cheap but offer Pc to Phone calls. Many of us prefer Phone to Phone calls as voice quality is good and yes Rebtel voice quality is good. But if you prefer only PC to Phone, you can use its computer application.
- Apart from good voice quality, calls can be connected from any phone. (Most of destination in world). You enter your number and number you want to call. Rebtel will give you a local access number, dialing which your call will b directly connected to your destination.
- Nice customer support. Few days back, someone posted about customer support problem with Mediaringtalk.
- Price is actually not high compared to what other calling cards and voip providers are offering (compring with Phone to Phone services or calling card services).

You first atleast test the service by Rebtel as the first call is free (free calls to India...) and if you like them, then you may continue with them.

madhur article :

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February 2, 2009 at 2:02 PM


i do agree offers good service. May be you want to look at voice quality is also good and also local no like rebtel. if you are traveling lot between different countries they provide local access for that country and currently their list is quite comprehensive and they are including countries for local access no regualary.

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