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Jaxtr On-The-Go : Free Voice Calls From your Mobile

Jaxtr is one of the most popular voip service, specially among our blog readers. In our view, it is the most innovative voip provider as it offers really new ways to make calls. It all started with offering click to call widget using which anyone would call you for free. We posted one tutorial as well where we explained how to use this widget to make free calls.

Soon Jaxtr started its FreeConnect service where it started offering free international calls. You don't even need to register with them in order to make free calls. Neither party is required to be jaxtr member. Also it is valid in more than 50 countries and you don't need to pay a penny for making free calls. To use this service, it required that you log on to Jaxtr Website and enter your and your destination number (and then only they will offer you local numbers to call). Before proceeding, I recommend that you read that post first.

Jaxtr has taken this one more step ahead by launching the same as On the Go Service. It allows users to make free calls directly from their existing mobile or landline phone without having to go online.

Jaxtr On the go service is targeted towards the people who find it difficult to remain connected to PC (online) all the time. It gives both new and existing customer the flexibility of making cheap calls from their mobile phone.

One need to dial the access numbers in order to make free jaxtr phone calls. Jaxtr On-The-Go is accessible by over 150 local numbers in most major metropolitan areas, which can be dialed by anyone, without the need to register with jaxtr, or buy any calling credits.

Jaxtr On the Go : FreeConnect Mobile

How to use Jaxtr FreeConnect on Mobile

1. Dial the local Jaxtr On-the-go access number.
2. You will be prompted to enter the destination number with country code.
3. Choose "FreeConnect" from the options.
4. Stay on the phone and wait for your friend to call in. Jaxtr texts your friend an SMS notification with a local number to call in and get connected to you while you wait.
5. If your destination is in the list of free 50 countries, then your call will be connected just free of charge, much similar to Freeconnect service.
6. If your destination is not free, then also you need not to worry as tou can make very very cheap phone to phone calls using Jaxtr.

If you are a registered member, use the FreeConnect option by pressing "0" and then "2" after you hear the voice prompt when you call. If you are not a registered member, FreeConnect is automatically chosen for you.

This way Jaxtr Voip will enable you save a lot on your international and domestic phone to phone calls. Jaxtr works with any mobile or landline phone, and no download is required even if calls are initiated from a mobile phone.

Jaxtr has launched its sms application for iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia and Android Mobiles. You can now use this app for sending free sms. This works in India!

ActionVoip lowers call rates to India : Cheapest calls

Few days back we blogged about ActionVoip, the latest launch by betamax. ActionVoip offered the lowest Pc to Phone calls and Phone to Phone calling rates to India.

In very short span of time, ActionVoip gained lot of popularity. As it is quite common for betamax to change its calling rates, but this time ActionVoip has lowered their call rates to India.

Old rate to India (A few days back wehn it was launched) -
To Indian Landline - 0.7 cents/min
To Indian Mobile - 1.3 cents/min

New rates of ActionVoip to Call India -
To Indian Landline - 0.5 cents/min ($ .005) (Half a cent uuuuhhh..!!)
To Indian Mobile - 1.0 cent/min

I have pasted a snippet below showing call rates to India.

cheapest calls to Indian landline
Its really amazing that you can call India at half a cent (way cheaper than local calls in India lolz...). The price is even lower than what voip companies offer for calling USA, Canada.
I was thinking about those people who still are using their normal phones (not voip) for making international and domestic calls. Man they are loosing too much money.

Its high time one should switch to Voip for all their calling needs...!!

ActionVoip : SIP Calls to India

The calling rates to India have reached a rock bottom price. The price war for calling India began when Nymgo, Mediaringtalk lowered their call rates to India. Nymgo offered a price of 1.3cents/min in comparison with Mediaringtalk 1.7 cents/min. And now we talk about even lower calling rate to India by ActionVoip. ActionVoip rates are way lower offering Sip Calls, Pc to Phone Calls.

ActionVoip Cheapest calls to India

Betamax has entered this Price war for India calling, launching their newest service named ActionVoip. As the name suggest it has surely brought a Action in this voip industry. Betamax has always been known to provide some of the cheapest rates, good voice quality but they sometimes increase their calling rates without any notice. Anyways a lot many people prefer Betamax service for their calling needs, and if you are among them then ActionVoip is worth trying.

ActionVoip is now the cheapest voip provider to offer calls to India. Action Voip is offering 0.07 cents/min to Indian landline...!! Yeah its even lower than 1 cent. ActionVoip calling rate to Indian mobile is 1.3 cents/min.

Who imagined that voip price to India will reach below a cent, but this is reality now. Apart from those free calling options (limited calling like Tuitalk), I am not able to think of any cheaper service than ActionVoip. I am sure this price will force other voip providers to lower their call rates to India. Its time for voip providers like Nymgo, Pingo, Mediaringtalk, Rebtel to give a thought on their call rates to India. ActionVoip is giving a run to these voip providers.

Days are gone when you were forced to cut short your calls because of higher rates. At just .07 cents you can talk for as long as you like.

This price is even lower than what we pay for making local calls in India... (I pay about Rs 1 for local calls.. I guess Idea, vodafone, Airtel are making too much money). And this ActionVoip is offering .07 cents (35 paisa - Rs 0.35). I guess it is high time people should start using Voip for making phone calls. Its even time for people in India to use Voip for making local and STD calls (man my STD calls rates are even higher - I am paying Rs 1 extra for every call as compared to those offered by Voip).

Regarding the voice quality, Betamax voice quality has always been good (I have never experienced problems regarding voice quality offered by ActionVoip).

You can make either PC to Phone calls using ActionVoip. Just download their Voip application (softphone). You can also use your SIP phone/SIP settings in your Mobile for making voip phone calls.

SIP settings of ActionVoip : SIP Settings

SIP port : 5060
Registrar :
Proxy server :
Outbound proxy server : leave empty
Account name : your Actionvoip username
Password : your Actionvoip password
Display name/number : your Actionvoip username or voipnumber
Stunserver (option) :

In my opinion, ActionVoip is surely worth trying. Just buy the minimum credit and test ActionVoip service (voice quality n all..). So what's your opinions about ActionVoip, please share your feedback.

Dial91 Cheap Virtual Calling Card to India

Calling card is one of the major way used by people for making calls to India. We have already covered about lot many calling card provider which offer cheap calls to India.

Though the Pc to Phone calling rates to India are very cheap these days so for them Virtual Calling card is a good option (for making Phone to Phone calls).

Dial91 was earlier offering calls to India at 3.9cents/min but the competition has made them to lower their price to just 2.8cents/min.

You can buy as low as a $2 calling card and you will be receiving 72 minutes. Dial91 can also prove to be a good calling option for making cheap calls to Pakistan, there rate being just 10cents/min to Pakistan.

Some features of Dial91 are -:
Instant Sign Up
Recharge Instantly
PIN-FREE Dialing
Speed Dial/Address Book
Superior Quality
No Connection Fee
Call any numbers In India
Pulse rounding is of 60 seconds.
Best Rates To Most of the Countries

I would suggest you to try out their service buying this minimum $2 credit and if you like then you may continue with them.

Google Voip Service : Google Voice to grandcentral users.

A good news to all voip users. Google Voice, a voip service by Google has been launched though its in beta phase. Actually Google made many improvements to Grandcentral voip service and have relaunched this service in the name of Google Voice.

However this service is not available to all, but Google Voice can be used by Grandcentral users. So, if you are customer of Grandcentral then you can try Google Voice. Apart from Grandcentral default features like One number, screening etc Google Voice has added many other features like SMS support, Conference Calls, low cost calling, Block calls, GOOG-411, Manage groups, Forwarding phones, Voicemail transcripts, Listen to voicemail, Notifications, Personalize greeting and many more.

All Grandcentral users will receive mail about upgrading your voip service to Google Voice. I guess with the launch of Voip service by Google, it will lead to more competition among voip providers. I am sure this will lead to more cheaper calls and voip calls will be free to many countries.

Google has though not mentioned anything about Google Talk service. It is still a confusion, what will happen to Google Talk. Will Google Talk merge with Google Voice or will it remain a seperate service. It may be possible that Google Voice feature be added to Gtalk (Google Talk is already very popular an used by millions).

Anyways, I see the growth of Voip and its surely good for all. Cheers...!!

Reliance India Call : Holi and EID offer , Cheap calls to India Pakistan

Festival of Holi and EID are near and call volumes to India and Pakistan have increased. Voip providers have also geared up to bring Holi and EID offer, offering cheap calls to India and Pakistan.

Reliance India call has started Holi and EID promotion, bringing its exclusive festival rates so that you can wish your loved ones back home.

First lets look at the price for making voip calls to India from USA.

If you buy a calling card worth $5 then you will get 111 minutes, with effective rate being 4.5cents/min. You get more benefit on purchasing $50 credit making effective rate of 3.5cents/min and you get 1430 minutes.

Similarlt Reliance India call is offering cheap calls to Pakistan (call rates to Pakistan has increased in the recent past) from USA.

If you buy a calling card worth $5 you will get at 8.30 cents/min 60 minutes. Effective rates goes as low as 6.45cents/min on purchasing calling credit of $50 (you get 774 minutes).

Though voip providers like Mediaringtalk and Nymgo offer cheap calls but some people prefer using Phone to Phone calling service offered by calling cards. Reliance India Call is a good option for them as voice quality offered is good, good customer support and the associated Reliance name.

I guess its now turn for other calling card providers like AirtelCallhome, Trueroots to follow Reliance with some Holi offers and offer cheap calls.

Unblock Voip in UAE Get behind hotspot shield

A lot of our readers from Middle East specially UAE (Dubai) have complained that they are not able to use voip softwares. Somedays back, we blogged about Tuitalk and how can it be used to make free calls to India.

Many people have been now successfully using Tuitalk for making free calls to India (I am one among them), however some are not able to Tuitalk even after trying various tricks.

For people of UAE, it might be possible that Tuitalk is blocked by your ISP. Our regular reader Mr. VijayKumar also pointed it out and told us about running Hotspotshield.

Its simply provides a VPN network (Virtual Private network), basically kind of coming between your ISP and the voip software (in this case). You will be assigned a USA IP address and your ISP will not be able to block those voip softwares (Tuitalk, nonoh, etc).

Just follow these simple steps.

1. Download Hotspot Shield.
2. Run Hotspot shield (the one you downloaded).
3. It will auto search and connect.

I hope after Running Hotspot shield you will be able to make free calls using Tuitalk.
Again I do not guarantee that this method will unblock all your voip providers (Tuitalk etc) to make free calls and I know many people have already got frustrated trying Tuitalk, but hey just give one more try to this one. (If it works, then you will be able to make unlimited free calls).
After all you can stop using Hotspot Shield at any point of time and uninstall it.

Do let us know if you are successful in making free calls.

Nymgo Call Rates to India : Cheap International Calling

Nymgo is a  very famous voip provider. It has gained lots of attention after it started offering every day cheapest calling offer (where they trawl the web to find the lowest rates and offers the same). The good thing is that they keep on reducing their international calling rates. We have two news updates from Nymgo (one is really good and one bad) for our voip readers. Thanks to our regular reader Mr. Vijay chand for informing about this news to us.

First let me put the bad news to you -: Nymgo monthly unlimited calling package has expired. Under this monthly package, Nymgo was offering calls to India (1750 minutes at monthly price of $20 thereby making effective rate to India as 1.14 cents/min).

I know a lot of people all over the world (many of our blog readers too) applied to this package and were using it each day for making cheap call to India. This news means you won't be able to use this plan any further. So from now on you wont be able to enjoy the unlimited nymgo calling rates.
If you have any queries, do contact Nymgo Customer customer support. (Nymgo has most probably mailed its customers about this information).

Nymgo India Calling

Its time to check out the good news about Nymgo Call rates, as it is in no mood to disappoint its users. Here is the good news from Nymgo -:

Nymgo has slashed its already cheap rates to India further more. Nymgo has decreased the calling rates to India for their Pay As You Go service. Below are the Nymgo new Call rates:

Nymgo Calling Rates to India

DestinationOld RatesNew Rates
Mobile BSNL0.0250.016
New Delhi0.0240.018

Earlier we saw that Mediaringtalk lowering its rates to India at 1.7cents/min and now Nymgo has further lowered this price (to 1.3 cents per min) offering lowest price in Pc to Phone calling market (Are you aware of any voip provider offering even lower rates ?)

Nymgo has also promised that it will further lower its calling rate to India. Well we have already seen voip providers have started giving limited free talktime to India (tuitalk), I guess this has led to a price war among voip providers to offer cheaper rates to India (and the winner of this war is inedeed the customer). Cheers to Nymgo Calling cards and cheap voip calling..!!

Nymgo has stopped offering any monthly plans and simply offer pay as you go plan (where you can buy minimum credit of $5). So we thought to a compile a table of Nymgo international calling rates which include its calling rates to other countries apart from India.

Destination Nymgo Calls Rates (US Cents per min)
Sri Lanka10.8

If you see any rate is outdated, please inform to us in comment section.

Free calls to and from Pakistan : Connect2Pk

A lot has been discussed about making Free calls to India (tuitalk), however we have seen that rates to Pakistan have fluctuated (actually increased) in the past one year.

At present, call rates to Pakistan are very high (many voip providers offering rates greater than 10 cents). But we have found a solution so that one can make Free calls from Pakistan and yes by following some steps "Free calls to Pakistan" (actually you can connect to your friends in Pakistan). offers Free calls from Pakistan. Its a 'Phone to PC' & 'PC to PC' call solution. Connect2Pk offers local Pakistan phone numbers (Karachi, Islamabad etc) dialing which you can connect to the person on PC application. So, if you register with Pakistan phone number (your loved one) and ask them to dial the Pakistan local phone number (Connect2pk number) then this call will be forwarded to your PC application. (So your loved one is on Phone and you on your PC).

I know the above discussion seems very complicated, but let me try to put this in simple steps.

  • Assuming that you are living in USA and you want to talk to your Parents living in Pakistan.
  • Assuming that your Parents have either a landline phone or a mobile phone. And you have a PC with broadband phone.

Steps for free calls to Pakistan -:

1. Register with

Enter Your name, email address (correct) and password.
Now in the Mapped number field (enter your Parents Pakistan number).

2. Download their PC application (it is nothing but x-lite). You can also configure fring to receive calls directly on your mobile phone. You will get SIP settings in your email.

SIP settings -:
Display Name - Connect2Pk
USername -: Your username
Password -: Your password
Domain -:

3. Now ask your parents to call local Pakistan Connect2pk numbers. Any one of the local access numbers which is cheap or free for your parents in Pakistan. Any of following numbers.

• 021-7016586 (Karachi)
• 041-5529224 (Faisalabad)
• 042-2008625 (Lahore)
• 051-7185152 (Islamabad) new!

4. Now the question is how will your parents know to call this number. (Hey you have to tell them...!! either fix daily time or adjust accordingly, I am sure this you can manage).

5. You will receive a phone call directly to x-lite configured phone or your mobile (if you configures fring).

Few more points to be noticed here are -:
  • 20min/call, round the clock!
  • 4-10am, 45min/call
So, this way you can connect to your loved ones in Pakistan for free. The only cost being your friends/relatives(living in Pakistan) calling to Pakistan local number (this charge will most probably very cheap or it may be free (mobile cap minutes)).

For more info, you may refer to Connect2pk (do check their FAQ section). You may also post their queries in comment section of this blog.

PS: The above calling procedure ain't mentioned on their website, however the one I mentioned should work good for you. If anyone of you have used connect2pk before, then please post your reviews and correct me if I am wrong in giving calling procedure details.
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