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Google Voip Service : Google Voice to grandcentral users.

A good news to all voip users. Google Voice, a voip service by Google has been launched though its in beta phase. Actually Google made many improvements to Grandcentral voip service and have relaunched this service in the name of Google Voice.

However this service is not available to all, but Google Voice can be used by Grandcentral users. So, if you are customer of Grandcentral then you can try Google Voice. Apart from Grandcentral default features like One number, screening etc Google Voice has added many other features like SMS support, Conference Calls, low cost calling, Block calls, GOOG-411, Manage groups, Forwarding phones, Voicemail transcripts, Listen to voicemail, Notifications, Personalize greeting and many more.

All Grandcentral users will receive mail about upgrading your voip service to Google Voice. I guess with the launch of Voip service by Google, it will lead to more competition among voip providers. I am sure this will lead to more cheaper calls and voip calls will be free to many countries.

Google has though not mentioned anything about Google Talk service. It is still a confusion, what will happen to Google Talk. Will Google Talk merge with Google Voice or will it remain a seperate service. It may be possible that Google Voice feature be added to Gtalk (Google Talk is already very popular an used by millions).

Anyways, I see the growth of Voip and its surely good for all. Cheers...!!

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March 14, 2009 at 12:13 AM

Dear All,

Till last month i was able to recharge my using my paypal account. but this month the option is not appearing. Though i gave AUstralia address.

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