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Jaxtr On-The-Go : Free Voice Calls From your Mobile

Jaxtr is one of the most popular voip service, specially among our blog readers. In our view, it is the most innovative voip provider as it offers really new ways to make calls. It all started with offering click to call widget using which anyone would call you for free. We posted one tutorial as well where we explained how to use this widget to make free calls.

Soon Jaxtr started its FreeConnect service where it started offering free international calls. You don't even need to register with them in order to make free calls. Neither party is required to be jaxtr member. Also it is valid in more than 50 countries and you don't need to pay a penny for making free calls. To use this service, it required that you log on to Jaxtr Website and enter your and your destination number (and then only they will offer you local numbers to call). Before proceeding, I recommend that you read that post first.

Jaxtr has taken this one more step ahead by launching the same as On the Go Service. It allows users to make free calls directly from their existing mobile or landline phone without having to go online.

Jaxtr On the go service is targeted towards the people who find it difficult to remain connected to PC (online) all the time. It gives both new and existing customer the flexibility of making cheap calls from their mobile phone.

One need to dial the access numbers in order to make free jaxtr phone calls. Jaxtr On-The-Go is accessible by over 150 local numbers in most major metropolitan areas, which can be dialed by anyone, without the need to register with jaxtr, or buy any calling credits.

Jaxtr On the Go : FreeConnect Mobile

How to use Jaxtr FreeConnect on Mobile

1. Dial the local Jaxtr On-the-go access number.
2. You will be prompted to enter the destination number with country code.
3. Choose "FreeConnect" from the options.
4. Stay on the phone and wait for your friend to call in. Jaxtr texts your friend an SMS notification with a local number to call in and get connected to you while you wait.
5. If your destination is in the list of free 50 countries, then your call will be connected just free of charge, much similar to Freeconnect service.
6. If your destination is not free, then also you need not to worry as tou can make very very cheap phone to phone calls using Jaxtr.

If you are a registered member, use the FreeConnect option by pressing "0" and then "2" after you hear the voice prompt when you call. If you are not a registered member, FreeConnect is automatically chosen for you.

This way Jaxtr Voip will enable you save a lot on your international and domestic phone to phone calls. Jaxtr works with any mobile or landline phone, and no download is required even if calls are initiated from a mobile phone.

Jaxtr has launched its sms application for iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia and Android Mobiles. You can now use this app for sending free sms. This works in India!

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March 27, 2009 at 1:45 PM

Some how i am unable use freeconnect service. everytime it says wait for other person to connect. when other side person is dialing to connect. both the countries r in freeconnect zone.

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