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ZeroZero Calling cards : Mobile Add-on that cut international call cost

UK Company Vectone has launched its new service called the ZeroZero Calling card.

ZeroZero is been called the future of the mobile industry. ZeroZero comes with a new call routing gadget that gives users the option to make calling card rate, cheap international calls from their mobile. Its simply a mobile add-on that cut the cost of international phone calls.

This device
simply fits between a user's mobile phone and the existing SIM card and recognizes when the user dials an international number. In simple language, whenever you dial a local number or a national number then your call is routed via your normal telecom provider but when you dial a International number, ZeroZero recognizes it and the number is routed via ZeroZero thus bypassing your telecom provider (what it does is dial a local access number and then connect to international number via ZeroZero). Vectone is banking on the service to attract contract users with free minutes in their bundle to use them in conjunction with ZeroZero to get low rate international calls.

This way you simple save a lot of your international phone bills as you are charged by ZeroZero and the call cost are very cheap.

  • Your Zerozero card automatically activates as soon as you make an international call.
    provided you have topped-up your ZeroZero SIM. To top-up, call #123 and
    following the instructions. You can also top online.
  • ZeroZero reduces costs for international voice calls only, not SMS. ZeroZero will only work on your home network - you should disable it when calling from abroad.
ZeroZero is compatible with

N95, N70, E61, E66, 6300, 1208


KE970, KP100, KP500

SGH-E820, SGH-400, F210

K720i, T280i

Now talking about the call rates of ZeroZero calling card by Vectone. The call rates are very cheap compared to other calling options. The call rate to India is just 1 pence per min.

To make calls to Pakistan you have to spend just 5 pence per minute. Too many other countries call rates is 1 pence per min.

You can buy ZeroZero online now: For just £10.99 you will get
£10 of ZeroZero calling credit
1 x free ZeroZero SIM (worth £4.99)
Postage and packaging @ £0.99

Well according to me a great deal for people who make international calls, and prefer phone to phone dialing. This device removes the need for dialing access numbers, very easy to install and very easy to use. Overall a great mobile add-on.

Reliable calling offers 1 cent per minute to India

Though betamax companies are increasing their call rates to India, however we have found some alternatives for you. We promise you won't have to pay much for making voip calls to India.

Just like AirtelCallhome and Reliance India Call, Reliable Calling is offering 1 cent per minute calls to India. Reliable calling works just like other calling card providers like Airtel, Reliance, Trueroots. These are Phone to Phone calls which can be made dialing the toll free access number or the local access numbers.

Lets talk about the Calling plans offered by Reliable Calling.

Monthly Plan

The Monthly Plan is an exclusive offer where you can enjoy great Talk time for a period of 30 days. Subscribe to this plan with $9.99 which includes rental charges of $3.99, for the remaining $ 6, you get 600 mins at 1cent/min using local access number and 260 mins using Toll Free access number. Effective rate comes down to just 1.6 cents per minute (and this is Phone to Phone calling rates).

Refunds: No refund of talk time value, rental or plan value will be entertained under any circumstances.

Any talk time value left after expiry of validity will be automatically forfeited.

FortNight Plan

The Fortnight Plan is an exclusive offer where you can enjoy great Talk time for a period of 14 days. Subscribe to this plan with $7.99 which includes rental charges of $3.99, for the remaining $ 4, you get 400 mins at 1cent/min using local access number and 200 mins using Toll Free access number.

The calling rate to India in both the plans is 1 cent per minute however the effective calling rate is bit high (though the effective rate is also not much).

Some other features of Reliable Calling.
  • Your Call is routed to India using ILD providers.
  • Your caller id will be passed to the destination phone in India.
  • Lowest calling rate in the Industry
  • Quality calling at most competitive rates with no hidden cost
  • 60 seconds rounding
  • No Connection Fees

SmartVoip, ActionVoip increases call rates to India

Few days back we blogged about ActionVoip and SmartVoip the betamax, companies offering cheapest calls to India.

These voip companies brought a kind of revolution in India calling plans with offering call rates as low as .7cent per minute to India. But the betamax is known for the rate fluctuations and that is the reason many people don't prefer these services. Again the betamax has done same thing.

SmartVoip and ActionVoip have increased their calling rates to India. However the calling rate is still lower than 1 cent, and still these companies hold the title of cheapest voip provider to India.

Let me put forward the latest calling rates to India.

India (Landline) $0.009 (that's .9 cent per minute)
India (Mobile) $0.009 (that's .9 cent per minute).

India (Landline) $0.009 (that's .9 cent per minute)
India (Mobile) $0.013 (1.3 cents per min).

The calling procedure remain the same, you can either make Pc to Phone calls or Phone to Phone calls using SIP. But the question arises whether you should continue with betamax or look for some other option.

In my opinion it depends, if you make less calls then better stay with betamax (buy the minimum amount, so if you loose the loss is less). But if you make lot of calls to India then choose other cheap voip providers like Nymgo for making cheap calls to India.

Nymgo offers cheap voip calls to Pakistan : Check Call Rates

Few months back, a voip provider came to the market named Nymgo. It promised to offer the cheapest voip call rates in the whole industry. It also offered some very attractive unlimited calling plans to countries like India and Pakistan. Their promotional package for Pakistan was a great hit among users (this was a monthly calling package). Turns out that this plan has expired and people are looking for some alternatives for cheap calls to Pakistan.

Even if Nymgo no longer offers the unlimited monthly packages, but the calling rates offered by them makes it quite attractive. It is giving some great competition to Mediaringtalk (its counterpart in field of Pc to Phone calls). As we discussed earlier Nymgo has lowered its calling rate to India (Pay as you go) to just 1.3 cents/minute.

Nymgo Pakistan Calling

Talking about calls to Pakistan and the rates, these have been always a topic for discussion. Few months back Pakistan was a very low calling rate destination, even few voip provider offering free calls to Pakistan. But rules and regulation have changed which let to costly calls to Pakistan. We no longer see ANY voip provider offering free calls to Pakistan and infact many voip providers now offer really costly calls. In simple words, calling Pakistan ain't cheap now.

But Nymgo still proves to be a good option for calling Pakistan. I would not say it is offering cheap calls, but then again it is the lowest in the industry (don't trying comparing to betamax as they offer poor quality). Infact Nymgo has recently slashed its  Pay as you go rate to Pakistan (guess to compensate for the closing of unlimited plan to Pakistan).

Nymgo is presently offering just 8.9 cents/minute to Pakistan. This rate is flat for calling both Pakistan landlines and mobile phones.

Using Nymgo

- Pc to Phone Calls using Nymgo
- Nymgo offers voip client for Android, iPhone and  Windows Mobiles. 
- Make SIP Calls with Nymgo

I will also search for a cheaper calling option to Pakistan and post it on this blog. Guys, I would like to know if you are using any cheaper voip provider. Please let us know about this.

There have been many fluctuations in the calling rates to Pakistan. The current rate offered to Pakistan by Nymgo is 9.5 cents per minute (which is higher than what it was when we blogged about this). May be Nymgo is not the best option for calling Pakistan (as many other voip providers now offer cheaper calls)

Skype Call Rates : Skype India 300 Callng Plan

Skype has always been a leader in the Voip market and the main reason for this is not its calling rates but simply it being quite an old voip service. It is widely used by so many people around the globe. It not only offers good voice quality and customer support but it also offers timely promotions. Infact it keeps coming with new voucher codes and promotions time to time. Another interesting this about Skype is availability of both pay as you go plan and unlimited calls monthly package.

The calling rates of Skype have always been on higher side but still a lot of people use Skype. Skype Call rates are not that low but I would say that these are still competitive and some of Skype Calling Plans are worth trying. Skype even also offers free calls to some countries. Many of you must be using a Skype phone for your calling needs. And many of you just want to continue with Skype. So for those NRI who want to call India, Skype has got a deal for them.


Skype India 300 Calling Plan

Lets see what does Skype India 300 monthly subscription plans offers to you.

What do you have to pay -: €9.95/month (€11.44 incl. VAT)
You will get 300 minutes of talktime to landlines in India. Effective rate gets to around 5.9 cents/minute (0.059 USD). I know the Skype Calling rate is very high. Call any time of the day, any day of the week. No long-term contract.

The 300 minutes of Skype talk time run from the first to the last day of each calendar month. If you use up all of your minutes within one calendar month your next subscription purchase will be active from the first day of the following month.

Other unlimited monthly subscription plan which Skype offers
Skype : World 300 - €11.95/month (€13.74 incl. VAT)
300 minutes of calls to landlines in India and over 40 countries per month.

Skype : Unlimited World - €8.95/month (€10.29 incl. VAT)
Unlimited calls to landlines in over 40 countries worldwide (excluding India).

If you prefer voice quality over call rates (Skype Call rates being high), want uninterrupted voice calls, own a Skype Phone then this Skype India 300 plan is surely for you!

Try : Use Skype on Facebook or vice versa.

Updated Calling Rates and Plans

With time and competition around, call rates do come down. So is the case with Skype. Its calling rates and plans have changed. Find below the calling rates and subscription plans for calling India.

Skype Pay as you go rate to India is 6.9 cents per minute. It is way higher than what other voip companies offer.

Subscription plans are like you can get 800 minutes for 11 GBP. Check the image below for updated rates. Or visit this Skype page to check its call rates to other countries.

Skype Call India

Good thing is you can use Skype on any device you have. It works on mobile, laptop, tablet, Television and even playstation.

Telbo : Unlimited Voip Phone calls : Free Internet Calls

One more entry to this list of Voip providers in this Voip world. A betamax launch, offers some good unlimited voip calling plans.

Telbo, is the latest release of Voip provider by the voip giant Betamax. I know many people face lot of problems with betamax companies (bad customer support, unexpected price hike etc). I am one among them, not in favor of Betamax but still a lot many people use betamax services simple because of the luring voip deals, cheap calls and good voice quality.

As we have always blogged about various voip services, we thought to review this one (Telbo) too. Telbo is one such voip provider which claim to provide Free internet calls and best value calls. Telbo offers unlimited phone calls for paying just $1/month. Man the effective rates just comes almost to zero...lolz..!!

Telbo offers two unlimited calling plans.
Unlimited calls to US & Canada for just $1/month.
Unlmited calls to


Puerto Rico


The 3 and 12 months subscriptions also include a little credit so you can reach people outside of your subscription.

A Fair usage policy applies, there is a limit of 10,000 minutes per user per month, with a maximum of 6 hours per day
No more than 50 different numbers in total can be called per day.

Another plan offered by Telbo is
Unlimited World for just $5.95/Month.
You can make unlimited calls to landlines in 36 countries. Many european countries, Australia, Singapore, China are included but India, Pakistan are not included in the country list.
Along with unlimited calls it also includes a number you can use to call contacts abroad from any landline or mobile phone.

Now talking about the method to make calls. You can download their Voip softphone (PC application) to make Pc to Phone calls or you can use access numbers for making Phone to Phone calls.

Overall, for those who don't mind trying new things and are comfortable with Betamax services, Telbo is worth trying. A nice voip calling offer by Telbo Voip.

Reliance India Call offering 1 cent/min to India : Try Reliance India Call

Reliance India Call is a major voip provider, a Reliance initiative. Reliance India Call offers some of the best voip plans. If you have not tried Reliance India Call before, then its a must try for you.

The Voip has grown really big and this is easily shown by the decreasing call rates to India. Firstly Nymgo, Mediaringtalk started the price war. This was then led by the betamax companies like SmartVoip, ActionVoip. These betamax company SmartVoip is offering less than a cent per minute to India. And now its time for Reliance India Call to join it !

AirtelCallHome first offered 1 cent per call to India. It was obvious that other telecom providers will follow up and this is what has happened.

Reliance India Call, a global calling card provider ( a voip provider) is offering just 1 cent/min to call India.

Reliance India Call obviously needs no introduction, a major Indian MNC (a major telecom provider in India). So you need not to worry that your money is in wrong hands. You will not loose any calling credit by Reliance India Call.

Lets talk about the plan which Reliance India Call is offering to its customers.

Reliance India Call Calling Plans :

  • A seven day package. The pack is valid for 7 days only from the date and time of registration.
  • Call india at 1 cent/min.
You pay $6.99. (Pack Value)
Admistration Cost - $ 3.49
TalkValue - USD 3.50

Talk minutes offered - Local access (350 minutes)
Toll free access (150 minutes)

The catch in this plan offered by Reliance India Call is that effective rate is not 1 cent per minute. You actually have to pay $6.49 for getting 350 minutes. So the effective rate is 1.8 cents/min. The calling cost is still very low as you are getting associated with big voip provider (Reliance India Call), will get good voice quality etc.

One more thing is the pack validity - you get only 7 days to use 350 calling minutes. So better register cautiously so as to get talktime on right time. (Mothers day approaching).

Reliance India Call works like other calling card provider, you have to dial access number to connect to your destination.

Overall a great deal for making Cheap calls to India, cheers to Reliance India Call.

PS: After trying Reliance India Call voip service, please share your reviews about it. It is highly important to us.

Cheap Phone Calls to Nigeria offered by Rebtel : Rates Comparison

If you have to make international calls to African destinations then its quite a pain as far as calling rates are concerned. I have checked my local telecom provider international rates to African countries (and to my surprise, these were way too high : more than Rs 100 per minute). Thanks to voip and the calling cards, the burdened is reduced a bit and the call rates come down. Still many of the voip providers and calling card companies charge quite high for countries like Nigeria.

We thought to explore a bit more to find a good calling option for Nigeria. Finally found that with Rebtel, you won't have to pay much. Rebtel has always been hot favorites among voip users and bloggers. In the past, Rebtel has brought many working codes like offering cheap calls to India, free calls to Philippines, Dominican Republic etc. Some of its past promotions have been quite a big hit on this blog.

So today we will be discussing how it is useful for making calls to Nigeria. Infact it currently offers lowest calling rates to Nigeria. And it has further slashed its calling rates to Nigeria to half. Nigerians living abroad can call their loved ones at home for just 6.9 cents per minute. Calling rates offered by Rebtel to other African destinations.

Nigeria - 6.9 cents/minute.
Ethiopia - 24.9 cents/min.
Ghana - 9.9 cents/min
Kenya - 11.0 cents/min
Senegal - 19.1 cents/min.

Now apart from the 50% reduction in calling rate, Rebtel is also offering another nice offer.

Rebtel is offering First 30 minutes free on your first payment. After you have purchased credit for first time, you will get first 30 minutes of talktime absolutely free. All new Rebtel customers who use the voucher code "NigeriaApril" when they sign up this month and purchase at least US$10 of calling time will receive 30 minutes of free calls to Nigeria (that's like extra credit worth $3)

What else.. Some other features of Rebtel are -:

- Pay only for the time you talk
Six second billing after the first minute, no contract, no hidden fees.

- Great call quality
Reliable lines with clear voice quality.

- Any phone, any network
Works with your current carrier.

- No calling cards, no downloads
PIN-less dialing. Use it instantly.

So you have any queries about Rebtel or its offers just leave a message, I will be most happy to answer them all.

PennyTel Voip reduces call rates to India

The voip war to offer cheap calls to India led by Nymgo, Mediaringtalk and triggered by betamax companies has taken a new turn.

Now every other voip provider is offering very cheap calls to India. Yesterday, we blogged about the cheapest voip provider offering cheap calls to India. Today, we will discuss about PennyTel, a Australian voip provider quite famous for offering unlimited voip calling plan.

A large part of Indians live in Australia. Its always good to use a voip provider of your own country. PennyTel is quite widely used by Indians living in Australia to call India. The popularity of this voip provider can be judged bythe fact that PennyTel has been discussed many a times on this viop blog.

PennyTel offers a wide range of calling plans but the main point to be mentioned here is that PennyTel is now offering very cheap calls to India. Under all the calling plans, now one can call India at just 0.02 AUD (approx equal to 1.44 cents ($0.0144) per minute). The calling rate holds good for all the calling plan.

Plans offered by PennyTel are -:
Free Access (timed)
Free Access (untimed)
Talk till U drop
Crazy Talk
Penny SIM

If you are already a customer of PennyTel than better continue with the service, for all new users I would suggest you to buy minimum credit may be of (5 AUD), you will get 250 minutes of talktime.

Now everyone is waiting for some voip provider to offer free calls to India (may be limited only), and I am sure that day is not very far.

SmartVoip : Lowest call rates to India by

Betamax is really taking the lead in this voip race to provide cheap calls to India. Betamax understand the potential trapped in the Indian Voip market (the large number of phone calls made to Indian numbers) and does not want to loose any chance to cash on this. And that is the reason, Betamax has launched another Voip provider : SmartVoip !

Few days back, Betamax launched its ActionVoip service which offered very cheap calls to India. Yeah the price offered was the cheapest in the voip market. Their calling price to India landline is just $0.007 (that is .7 cents) and to Indian mobiles as 1.3 cents/minute. A large number of people subscribed to this plan offered by ActionVoip and have been their satisfactory customers.

Now to capture more of the market share, another betamax named SmartVoip (this voip provider too gained lot of popularity in short time) has further lowered the calling rates to call India.

Calling Rates Offered by SmartVoip

SmartVoip is offering flat .7 cents per minute to Indian landline and mobiles. (man this is lower than one cent, less than 50 paisa lol.).

I remember the day when we discussed that voip rates to India will be less than 1 cent and day is a reality now with voip providers started to offering such cheap calls to India.

And best of all, you can call several popular destinations for FREE! (check the list on their website to find which destination you can make free calls to). You can also call all your friends who have also download SmartVoip for free, using PC to PC calls!

So whats the latest cheapest rate to call India. Its .7 cents per minute ($0.007) to both Indian mobiles and landlines offered by SmartVoip.

Now with betamax you can either Download SmartVoip softphone (PC application to make Pc to Phone calls) or you can use SIP to make Phone to Phone calls. You can now also try SmartVoip on your iPhone, SmartVoip Android Application or SmartVoip Mac app for your Mac!

Again : SmartVoip rates are very cheap, so if you are looking for cheapest voip provider then SmartVoip is worth trying.

SmartVoip SIP Settings :

SIP port : 5060
Registrar :
Proxy server :
Outbound proxy server : leave empty
Account name : your SmartVoip username
Password : your SmartVoip password
Display name/number : your SmartVoip username or voipnumber
Stunserver (option) :

SmartVoip also offers local access numbers. You can choose your country, get a local access number. Now dial this number and the international number and your call will get connected. This way it works similar to a calling card. Another good option if you prefer to make Phone to Phone calls thus eliminating the need to remain connected to a PC.

Its time to checkout SmartVoip Calling Service (aka SmartVoip Calling Card ). Please share your views and feedback on SmartVoip. If you face any problems regarding SmartVoip, please let us know : may be we can help out!

AirtelCallhome : India One product (1cent per minute to India)

Few months back, it was Mediaringtalk which offered cheapest calls to India of 1.7 cents/minute. It was soon followed by Nymgo which then offered the lowest rate of just 1.3 cents per minute to call Indian mobile.

Then came the betamax with its ActionVoip service. It brought a kind of new game with offering less than a cent call to India. At present ActionVoip still holds the name of cheapest voip provier to India, their calling rate to India being just $0.007 per minute to India. (Less then 1 cent per minute).

All these voip provider have forced other calling cards providers and voip providers to decrease their calling rate to India. Many of you must be already using Airtel Call Home, a bharti Airtel product. We all are known to Bharti group (Airtel being a very old telecom provider in India).

AirtelCallHome 1cent per minute to India
A lot many people use Airtel Call Home calling cards only because of the good voice quality, cheap rates, good customer support etc.

Airtelcallhome has launched its India One product which allows you to call India at just 1 cent per minute.

The $ 9.99 pack of India One has a rental of $ 3.99, for the balance $ 6 you get the rate of 1 cent / min rate on local access.
This is applicable on any call terminating on either landline or mobile phone in India. i.e. you get an amazing 600 mins in just $10 on local access. You need to use the minutes within 30 days of buying the product.

The only thing to be noticed here is that this rate is applicable for local access numbers not for toll free access. If you call using the toll free number the rate is still an attractive 3 c/min.

There is one more catch in the tag line "Offering 1 cent/min to India". What about the rental money of $4. Its better to include this while calculating the effective rate. So you pay $10 and you get $6 credit that is 600 minutes. So your effective calling rate is 1.4 cents/minute. Well now I won't call this rate high, instead the rate is very very cheap as compared to other calling card providers.

Can existing customers buy this plan?
Existing customers can login and buy India One product on the Recharge page.

What about Refunds?
No refund of talk time value, rental or plan value will be entertained

I am very much convinced by what Airtel Call home is offering and would suggest people to atleast try their service. I know Free calls to India is possible now (but they are limited) so for all those who use Calling cards, AirtelCallHome is a very good option for them.

RingtoIndia : Cheap calls to India from anywhere in UK

We have found you another voip provider which is offering cheap calls to India. This voip provider is specially for people living in UK and want to call India. RingtoIndia offers very cheap calls to India from anywhere in United Kingdom.

RingtoIndia can be used to make calls to other countries too, their rate being quite low. For making calls to India you will have to spend about 1.5 pence per min. Their calling rate to Pakistan is 9 pence.

Now the question arises that when voip providers like Nymgo, Mediaringtalk, ActionVoip are offering cheaper calls than why will you use RingtoIndia. The point here is that all the above said voip providers offer Pc to Phone calls and to remain connected to your PC is always not possible. Many a times you require to make Phone to Phone calls, this is where voip providers like RingtoIndia can help.

Ring to India understands your need for keeping in touch with your family and friends so their UK to India calling plans works similar to that of a monthly cell phone plan but no contracts and commitments. But if you think you still like to use a calling card to make international calls keep this in mind it offers a same service too with full call details. Ring and sign up to become a ringtoindia customer enjoy the benefits of cheapest calling charges to India on this very planet.

You can use RingtoIndia by using their local Access numbers. This way make cheap calls to India directly from your mobile.

Lets see other features and benefits of RingtoIndia.

PIN-less Service
Save While Travelling
Use From Any Phone
Auto Recharge
Check your account online
24X7 customer service
No Hidden Charges
No Switching Necessary
Refer a friend offer
No expiry date
Crystal clear call quality.

TruPhone Unlimited Calling Plans : Calling Rates Review

As the calling rates to various countries are decreasing, voip companies are coming with new plans and offers to attract customers. It is no longer a standard calling rates (as offered by calling cards), however it is a complete blend and suite of plans. The most popular and accepted plans by these companies is some unlimited calling deal. Interesting thing is Mobile Voip is no longer behind.

Mobile voip companies have also started offering unlimited calling plans. In layman terms, Mobile Voip is just using internet calling directly from your Mobile phone. You just need to download some voip software to your mobile phone, you need internet connection (wifi, gprs, edge etc) and then you will be able to make cheap voip calls directly from your mobile. Good thing is that you can even make free calls. This removes the need to be attached to a computer for making internet calls. Its simply phone to phone calling similar to your telecom provider but with lot cheaper rates.

One of the highly popular mobile voip service is TruPhone and in this post we will be looking at its calling rates, unlimited calling packages and other interesting plans.

Though you can read our review on TruPhone on this page, however a brief update on its usage. In order to use Truphone you need to download their Voip application. It works great with Wifi and SIP. So, if your country have many hotspots (free wifi zone like USA, Canada) then this application is great for you. With Gprs it works but as the internet speed is poor, you will experience poor voice quality. Most of the smartphone including iPhone, Android, Blackberry are supported. Even the tablets like iPad and Android Tablet are also supported.

Update : TruPhone without Internet
When you cannot connect to Wi-Fi or 3 or 4G, you can still make low-cost international calls in your home country. The Truphone Anywhere feature connects your call to Truphone via your local network.

TruPhone Rates

TruStandard Package

It is the basic and simple package, you are not paying anything monthy and standard pay as you go rates apply here. For example, Calls to India at 2p per min, Calls to Pakistan at 15p per minute.
I would not recommend this pay as you go service by TruPhone as it surely costly.

TruUnlimited : TruPhone Unlimited Plan

With TruUnlimited you can:
  • Make unlimited calls to landlines in over 35 countries, including the UK, USA, Australia, South Africa and Spain
  • Make unlimited calls to mobiles in the USA, Canada, China and 6 other countries
  • Use it wherever you are in the world (you don't need to be home to use it)
  • Avoid hefty commitments - there’s no contract so you can just pay a month at a time and stop whenever you want to
TruUnlimited is available to all Truphone App users for just £7.99 a month. You can use TruPhone app from anywhere in the world as long as you are connected to internet.

TruPhone Unlimited Plan

If you are regularly making calls to above countries, then this unlimited plan is highly recommended.

TruPhone Free International Calls

The Truphone App lets you call other Truphone App users anywhere in the world for free.
To make a free call just make sure that you and the person you're calling are both connected to Wi-Fi, then make the call for as long as you want. From wherever to wherever!

TruPhone Call forwarding

Link your mobile number to your Tru App
You can link a mobile number to your account, so you can still receive calls from other Truphone users when you are offline:
- Calls from other Truphone users are free to answer when you are online
- If another Truphone user calls you when you are offline, they are presented with the option to leave a free voicemail or pay our standard rates to be forwarded to the mobile number linked with your account.
- Calls made by non-Truphone users, to your mobile number, will be received via your standard operator as normal.

Voipian 1cent per Call : Cheap international Calls.

Another Voip provider has entered the market with a bang. Named Voipian, interface much similar to other betamax providers is a launch by Voipax and Freebuzzer.

The best part about this voip provider is the offer which it is giving to its customers. Voipian is offering 1 cent per call to large number of destinations. Let me put it again, it is not 1cent/min but it is 1cent/call.
Voipian 1cent per call
So, once you have initiated a call you can talk for as long as you like and you will be charged just 1 cent. However a Fair usage policy do apply, it states "Voipian resevers the right to limit the number of calls, duration of calls and/or amount of minutes per account to prevent excessive usage on its network. Voipian may charge the regular rate for calls if excessive usage is detected."

Now lets talk about the countries which you can make such cheap calls to. Voipian offers these cheap 1cent calls to following destinations.

* Andorra
* Argentina
* Australia
* Austria
* Bahamas
* Belgium
* Brazil
* Brazil Rio De Janeiro
* Brazil Sao Paolo
* Brunei Darussalam
* Bulgaria
* Canada (+mobile)
* Chile
* China
* Croatia
* Cyprus
* Czech Republic
* Denmark
* Estonia
* Finland
* France
* Germany
* Greece
* Guadeloupe
* Hong Kong (+mobile)
* Hungary
* Iceland
* Ireland
* Israel
* Italy
* Japan
* Jordan
* Korea South
* Latvia
* Liechtenstein
* Lithuania
* Luxembourg
* Macao
* Malaysia
* Martinique
* Monaco
* Netherlands
* New Zealand
* Norway
* Panama
* Peru
* Peru Lima
* Poland
* Portugal
* Puerto Rico (+mobile)
* Romania
* Russia
* Russia Moscow
* Russia St.Petersburg
* Singapore
* Slovakia
* Slovenia
* Spain
* Sweden
* Switzerland
* Taiwan
* Thailand
* United Kingdom
* United States (+mobile)
* Venezuela

As seen from above list, India is not included. I know some people are too lazy to check the country list on voip provider website, so I have pasted the country list here itself.

You can also make free calls to all your online friends (Voipian to Voipan calls). In order to make such free and cheap calls, you can either use the Pc to Phone option. Just download the Voipian Voip application, register and start calling. You can also use your SIP phone or any other SIP device (or SIP in your mobile itself) to make Phone to Phone calls.

SIP configuration of Voipian.
  • Phone Number: Enter your (home) phone number.
  • User name: Enter your Voipian username here.
  • Password: Enter your Voipian password here.
  • Registrar:
  • Proxy:

Overall a good service Voipian for those who make long duration phone calls to above said destination. I would suggest you to buy minimum credit (you now know that $5 is actually 500 calls). Great power of Voip enabling Free and Cheap Phone calls. Still are you waiting for switching to Voip for your calling needs.
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