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TruPhone Unlimited Calling Plans : Calling Rates Review

As the calling rates to various countries are decreasing, voip companies are coming with new plans and offers to attract customers. It is no longer a standard calling rates (as offered by calling cards), however it is a complete blend and suite of plans. The most popular and accepted plans by these companies is some unlimited calling deal. Interesting thing is Mobile Voip is no longer behind.

Mobile voip companies have also started offering unlimited calling plans. In layman terms, Mobile Voip is just using internet calling directly from your Mobile phone. You just need to download some voip software to your mobile phone, you need internet connection (wifi, gprs, edge etc) and then you will be able to make cheap voip calls directly from your mobile. Good thing is that you can even make free calls. This removes the need to be attached to a computer for making internet calls. Its simply phone to phone calling similar to your telecom provider but with lot cheaper rates.

One of the highly popular mobile voip service is TruPhone and in this post we will be looking at its calling rates, unlimited calling packages and other interesting plans.

Though you can read our review on TruPhone on this page, however a brief update on its usage. In order to use Truphone you need to download their Voip application. It works great with Wifi and SIP. So, if your country have many hotspots (free wifi zone like USA, Canada) then this application is great for you. With Gprs it works but as the internet speed is poor, you will experience poor voice quality. Most of the smartphone including iPhone, Android, Blackberry are supported. Even the tablets like iPad and Android Tablet are also supported.

Update : TruPhone without Internet
When you cannot connect to Wi-Fi or 3 or 4G, you can still make low-cost international calls in your home country. The Truphone Anywhere feature connects your call to Truphone via your local network.

TruPhone Rates

TruStandard Package

It is the basic and simple package, you are not paying anything monthy and standard pay as you go rates apply here. For example, Calls to India at 2p per min, Calls to Pakistan at 15p per minute.
I would not recommend this pay as you go service by TruPhone as it surely costly.

TruUnlimited : TruPhone Unlimited Plan

With TruUnlimited you can:
  • Make unlimited calls to landlines in over 35 countries, including the UK, USA, Australia, South Africa and Spain
  • Make unlimited calls to mobiles in the USA, Canada, China and 6 other countries
  • Use it wherever you are in the world (you don't need to be home to use it)
  • Avoid hefty commitments - there’s no contract so you can just pay a month at a time and stop whenever you want to
TruUnlimited is available to all Truphone App users for just £7.99 a month. You can use TruPhone app from anywhere in the world as long as you are connected to internet.

TruPhone Unlimited Plan

If you are regularly making calls to above countries, then this unlimited plan is highly recommended.

TruPhone Free International Calls

The Truphone App lets you call other Truphone App users anywhere in the world for free.
To make a free call just make sure that you and the person you're calling are both connected to Wi-Fi, then make the call for as long as you want. From wherever to wherever!

TruPhone Call forwarding

Link your mobile number to your Tru App
You can link a mobile number to your account, so you can still receive calls from other Truphone users when you are offline:
- Calls from other Truphone users are free to answer when you are online
- If another Truphone user calls you when you are offline, they are presented with the option to leave a free voicemail or pay our standard rates to be forwarded to the mobile number linked with your account.
- Calls made by non-Truphone users, to your mobile number, will be received via your standard operator as normal.

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