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ZeroZero Calling cards : Mobile Add-on that cut international call cost

UK Company Vectone has launched its new service called the ZeroZero Calling card.

ZeroZero is been called the future of the mobile industry. ZeroZero comes with a new call routing gadget that gives users the option to make calling card rate, cheap international calls from their mobile. Its simply a mobile add-on that cut the cost of international phone calls.

This device
simply fits between a user's mobile phone and the existing SIM card and recognizes when the user dials an international number. In simple language, whenever you dial a local number or a national number then your call is routed via your normal telecom provider but when you dial a International number, ZeroZero recognizes it and the number is routed via ZeroZero thus bypassing your telecom provider (what it does is dial a local access number and then connect to international number via ZeroZero). Vectone is banking on the service to attract contract users with free minutes in their bundle to use them in conjunction with ZeroZero to get low rate international calls.

This way you simple save a lot of your international phone bills as you are charged by ZeroZero and the call cost are very cheap.

  • Your Zerozero card automatically activates as soon as you make an international call.
    provided you have topped-up your ZeroZero SIM. To top-up, call #123 and
    following the instructions. You can also top online.
  • ZeroZero reduces costs for international voice calls only, not SMS. ZeroZero will only work on your home network - you should disable it when calling from abroad.
ZeroZero is compatible with

N95, N70, E61, E66, 6300, 1208


KE970, KP100, KP500

SGH-E820, SGH-400, F210

K720i, T280i

Now talking about the call rates of ZeroZero calling card by Vectone. The call rates are very cheap compared to other calling options. The call rate to India is just 1 pence per min.

To make calls to Pakistan you have to spend just 5 pence per minute. Too many other countries call rates is 1 pence per min.

You can buy ZeroZero online now: For just £10.99 you will get
£10 of ZeroZero calling credit
1 x free ZeroZero SIM (worth £4.99)
Postage and packaging @ £0.99

Well according to me a great deal for people who make international calls, and prefer phone to phone dialing. This device removes the need for dialing access numbers, very easy to install and very easy to use. Overall a great mobile add-on.

madhur article :

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May 2, 2009 at 10:20 PM




May 7, 2009 at 5:13 AM

You also need to pay local charge.. then it will be more expensive calling india 11 pence per min... then it is better to use lebara which just charge u 5 pence/min

June 25, 2009 at 4:40 PM

Actually I have batter option rather then zerozero, if you have unlimited text messages, you need to send your home post code to one number and automatically you get your international minutes in your account, and for that you don't even need to pay £10.00,

Make sure, before you buy zerozero, please check other option.

October 3, 2009 at 10:57 AM

hello.. plz tell me if i can use zero zero wid nokia 5530..

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