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Pingo Call India at cheap rates : less than 3 cent per min

Pingo Calling cards is not at all new to regular readers of this blog. It is one among the most wiedely used calligng cards by NRI's to call India. It is simply because of the cheap calling rates, good voice quality, good customer support and time to time nice offers.

Another good thing about Pingo is that apart from offering local access number, it also offers a softphone for those who don't find a local access number for them. This way people from all over the world can use Pingo softphone for making voip calls (call quality is also satisfactory).

Pingo Call India cheap
As we know the current rates to India are very low about 1-2 cents per minute. However, these rates are for Pc to Phone calls, the phone to phone calling rates still being about 2.5-3 cents per minute. Here Pingo proves to be a good choice as it also offers cheap rates apart from above said benefits.

Talking about the deal Pingo is offerig. Under its May'09 plan, Pingo is offering

$5 bonus on $10 sign up
$10 bonus on $20 sign up
50% off calls on Wed
for the next two months.

This means that if you buy credit worth 10$ then, additional 5$ will be added to your account. It takes about 5-10 days for additional credit to be added to your account. If you buy $20 credit then you will get Free 10$ extra.
This simply means that effectively you get 33% discount or in other words your effective call rate to India will be just 3 cent per minute.

Now as it is also offering 50% off on Wednesday (for next two months), this means your effective call rate to India on wednesdays will be just 1.5 cent per minute (hey man..this is cheapest I guess...leave those betamax comp..).

Speed dial up to 25 of your friends.

100% call quality satisfaction guarantee.

Easy online account management.

Earn $5.00 with refer a friend.

50% off calls on Wednesday promotion will be available starting 2nd month from your sign up. Example: If you signed up in May, your 50% off calls on Wednesday promotion would be applied for June & July months.

Overall a very good offer by Pingo Calling cards.

Nymgo Bangladesh, Sri Lanka Unlimited Calling plan expried

Nymgo is the world's leading voip provider offering unlimited calling plan. It is also highly known fact that it also offers cheapest voip calls in the whole industry (and to many destinations). Many people are using Nymgo for making calls to India (as it offers calls for as low as 1.3 cents per minute). Less known fact is that many people were using Nymgo for calling Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

Sometime back, Nymgo stopped its unlimited plan for India, Pakistan. However it slashed its Pay as you go rates so that people can still enjoy cheap rates to these destinations. It has started offering calls to Pakistan at 8.5 cents per minute and India at just 1.3 cents per minute.

Nymgo's unlimited plan for Bangladesh and Sri Lanka has also expired. It does not want to loose its customers and has kept its promise to offer cheap rates. Infact Nymgo has lowered its calling rates for both Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

Present Nymgo Call Rates

Calling Bangladesh : 4.9 cents per minute.
Calling Sri Lanka : 7.4 cents per minute.

But I guess Nymgo is not offering a good deal for these countries. Specially for calling Bangladesh. With the recent changes in Bangladesh voip rules, many other voip companies are offering highly cheap rates. Recently Voipian decreased its rate to just 2.1 cents per minute. SmartVoip Calls to Bangladesh are being offered for as low as 2 cents per minute.

So we would like to give Nymgo a message here, that guys you are no longer offering cheapest calls to Bangladesh (As you promised earlier). Please listen to this and lower your calling rates a bit further so that people keep using your services.

We also request our readers that if you are aware of a better deal for calling these countries ( Bangladesh and Sri Lanka) then do let us know, so that we all can make cheap voip phone calls.

Get a Free US Phone number and receive calls


Voip is growing and so are the calling rates falling. Apart from cheaper calling rates, what does it offer...? Lets today talk about getting a free incoming number from another country. Suppose if you are living in India and doing your business in USA, what number will you give to your customers (a Indian ways..). Its better to give them a number of their country so that they can connect to you free...!!

Apart from that, many a times while registering at some websites you require to give your phone number. Then too, its better to give them your virtual phone number (just give them your free incoming phone number). Now comes the major point, many trial voip offers can be completed with this number. I mean you can receive the verification call on this number, and get the free voip credit. I guess many voip websites are offering such voip trial offers (surf this blog and you will find many).

Bueno Social networking has recently stared offering Free USA incoming phone numbers. You can choose from a varied range of phone numbers.

Just Visit
Enter your details. Choose a number.
Verify your email address.

Your account interface will open. You will be asked to download a plugin for both IE and Firefox. After that your a Web based dailer will load. Now if someone calls you on your incoming number, you will receive the call on this dialer. (Calls received on your PC).

I have checked it, and it works great. A good deal for many. Power of Voip.

Hey if you want to receive such post updates directly in your mail, then its better to subscribe to the service. You will always be updated with latest in voip best deals.

RingoMax : Working Voip in UAE, Offers cheap calls to India

A large part of Free Pc to Phone calls readers are from UAE. And because not many voip providers work from UAE, peopl from UAE pay a lot of money for making international calls.

Voip is blocked in UAE, so people aint able to make cheap voip calls. Some people do use VPN like Hotspotshield but there were complaints that it is not legal to use it in UAE.

So, while searching for a voip solution to work from UAE and let people make cheap calls to India, Pakistan and other countries we came across

What Ringomax offers -:

The Killer application to bypass ISP blockage -: Ringomax offers you a Pc application that is the Dialer or softphone. Ringomax Dialer will not work on any VPN connection or on Hotspot Shield. Its designed to work without VPN connection & Hotspot Shield. Only use Ringomax Dialer on a Normal internet Connection.

Money back garunteed to work in UAE: Ringomax promises that their Voip software work in UAE, and they offer money back garuntee for voice quality.

Download the dialer and register a user name and password. Recharge your account through credit card or by a Reseller.

Now talking about the call rates offered by Ringomax. (Now you already know that these are Pc to Phone rates as the service is Pc to Phone calling).

Ringomax is charging 1.7 cents per minute to India. Considering that if it works from UAE, it will save you lot of bucks.

The only problem is that Ringomax is in beta stage, the website is not preperly updated, no Contact phone number etc. Another thing being the legal issues. Its better to confirm it first with these guys that their service is legal, if it aint then better use it at your own risk. It will be better to buy less credit first (buy minimum), test Ringomax service and if it works for you then you can buy more credit.


Tuitalk Login Problems : Tuitalker Not Configured

In the month of February '09 we posted about making absolutely free calls to India using Tuitalk. This was the first free calling offer to India (i mean the unlimited one) and we were the first to blog about it.

A lot of people from all over the world made free calls to India, and the blogpost was a big hit. However within a month, the Tuitalk service started giving problems such as "incorrect username/password", some people were not able to login into their Tuitalk account, and many other similar problems : like Tuitalk Login Problems, Tuitalker Could not be configured error.

Tuitalk still worked for many but the call duration (tuitalk offers free talktime minutes every day varied for some). Recently some of my friends in US told me that they are again able to make free calls to India using Tuitalk. Well, I visited the tuitalk website and saw some change in their country list (policy you can say), which answers many of our questions.

To remind people about Tuitalk, it is an advertisement based Voip provider. You need to download their Voip PC application (softphone), watch some ads after which you can call your destination for free.

People from all over the world except (India and Turkey) can use Tuitalk for making free calls. This means you can make free calls from UK, USA to India but you cannot make free calls from India to India. (I guess Tuitalk tracks your IP address to know that you are using Tuitalk software from India).

Apart from India, you can use Tuitalk for maing free calls to other 40 countries.

Please fill your extened profile to get more limit of free talktime. With extented profile I guess you should get about 10 free minutes daily.

Well this is totally free calling offer to India, and should work for you guys. So, please let us know if you are able to make free calls to India or not. If not, please post the problem you are facing so that we can help you correct it. Enjoy the power of Voip. We have already discussed the login problem, tuitalker not configured error, Tuitalk Call error, connection error in our previous posts!

Free calls from UK (BT landlines) to India and worldwide

A large part of Free Pc to Phone calls blog readers are from UK (actually a large part of indians are settled in UK). Telecom companies earn a good money when these NRI's connect to their loved ones in India. But we have found some solution using which people from UK can connect to India for free (they can make free calls to India).

Firstl lets see how can you make free calls to India and other countries. (No need to register, no credit cards required. )

1. Simply dial the access number 0870 494 52522.
2. When connected, at the dial tone, dial the international number you want to call
3 E.g. for a call to Delhi India, you dial: 0870 494 5252 wait for dial tone and then dial 0091 11 2731 XXXX … it’s that easy!

Now where the catch...?
hmmn..this service is quite similar to what many Australian companies offer. (They also give a local mobil access number dialing which you can connect to India for free).
Now you only pay for connecting to this local UK number (0870 494 5252 ). BT announced that from 16th January calls to numbers starting 0870 will be included in Calling Plans and therefore free to dial from BT landlines at certain times. So, if you are using BT landlines then you can make free calls to India (first just check with BT if you can call this local UK number for free, you may end up paying high if it aint free, so better to check the call rate first).

Others, too may check with their respective telecom provider if this number of eligible for free cap minutes. If its include then voilla, you can make free calls to India, Pakistan or just any other country.

However, if dialing this number aint free for you, just check the call rate to this number and make cheap calls.

For international users, I was wondering if we can found some way to connect to this number for free (using VOIP), then we too can make free calls to anywhere in world. I am too finding a solution.

Not only India, Pakistan, USA, Canada, Nepal, African countries, using this way you can call mist arts of the world for free. I guess this works only on weekdays and not on weekends ( I am not too sure of it, so better to check this too.)

PS: I found this local number and this method posted in some forum, so thought of sharing on this blog. It may no work but still worth trying. So, are you able to make free calls to India using this way..? Have to confirmed the rates to this local number with BT. Please share your views in the comment section...!
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