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Get a Free US Phone number and receive calls


Voip is growing and so are the calling rates falling. Apart from cheaper calling rates, what does it offer...? Lets today talk about getting a free incoming number from another country. Suppose if you are living in India and doing your business in USA, what number will you give to your customers (a Indian ways..). Its better to give them a number of their country so that they can connect to you free...!!

Apart from that, many a times while registering at some websites you require to give your phone number. Then too, its better to give them your virtual phone number (just give them your free incoming phone number). Now comes the major point, many trial voip offers can be completed with this number. I mean you can receive the verification call on this number, and get the free voip credit. I guess many voip websites are offering such voip trial offers (surf this blog and you will find many).

Bueno Social networking has recently stared offering Free USA incoming phone numbers. You can choose from a varied range of phone numbers.

Just Visit
Enter your details. Choose a number.
Verify your email address.

Your account interface will open. You will be asked to download a plugin for both IE and Firefox. After that your a Web based dailer will load. Now if someone calls you on your incoming number, you will receive the call on this dialer. (Calls received on your PC).

I have checked it, and it works great. A good deal for many. Power of Voip.

Hey if you want to receive such post updates directly in your mail, then its better to subscribe to the service. You will always be updated with latest in voip best deals.

madhur article :

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May 20, 2009 at 10:02 PM

bueno is great however you can only use it with IE. It is not compatible with chrome or firefox

May 24, 2009 at 12:41 PM

Great!! it works.. i got a number of my choice.. yippee.....
and it works to.. i called from other VOIP service (we get 3 min free for US & Canada Landlines) and guess what I received a call on my Bueno number from iCall...

For how long we can talk on Bueno? How many calls we can attend per day?
I used all three minutes of iCall and was working for three minutes. but not sure whats next?

Thanks a lot brother.....

July 9, 2009 at 9:26 AM

guys can i call india from this?

i tried it its gud its basically just a free no.we can call the no but it just works only when ur online to receive calls.

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