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Pingo Call India at cheap rates : less than 3 cent per min

Pingo Calling cards is not at all new to regular readers of this blog. It is one among the most wiedely used calligng cards by NRI's to call India. It is simply because of the cheap calling rates, good voice quality, good customer support and time to time nice offers.

Another good thing about Pingo is that apart from offering local access number, it also offers a softphone for those who don't find a local access number for them. This way people from all over the world can use Pingo softphone for making voip calls (call quality is also satisfactory).

Pingo Call India cheap
As we know the current rates to India are very low about 1-2 cents per minute. However, these rates are for Pc to Phone calls, the phone to phone calling rates still being about 2.5-3 cents per minute. Here Pingo proves to be a good choice as it also offers cheap rates apart from above said benefits.

Talking about the deal Pingo is offerig. Under its May'09 plan, Pingo is offering

$5 bonus on $10 sign up
$10 bonus on $20 sign up
50% off calls on Wed
for the next two months.

This means that if you buy credit worth 10$ then, additional 5$ will be added to your account. It takes about 5-10 days for additional credit to be added to your account. If you buy $20 credit then you will get Free 10$ extra.
This simply means that effectively you get 33% discount or in other words your effective call rate to India will be just 3 cent per minute.

Now as it is also offering 50% off on Wednesday (for next two months), this means your effective call rate to India on wednesdays will be just 1.5 cent per minute (hey man..this is cheapest I guess...leave those betamax comp..).

Speed dial up to 25 of your friends.

100% call quality satisfaction guarantee.

Easy online account management.

Earn $5.00 with refer a friend.

50% off calls on Wednesday promotion will be available starting 2nd month from your sign up. Example: If you signed up in May, your 50% off calls on Wednesday promotion would be applied for June & July months.

Overall a very good offer by Pingo Calling cards.

madhur article :

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June 1, 2009 at 12:17 PM

Pingo does have a really free card offer as well to test it out. just fill out the form at

Also big news that Pingo changed its rate from 4.5 cents to 2.95 cents

check out this new page that I see went live today

July 31, 2009 at 8:21 AM

use this one:
andthen make na account at:
works for years for thousands people from dubai ;-)

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