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Free calls to Pakistan from your Nokia phone

I know the call rates to Pakistan are very high these days. We have found you many solutions to make free calls to India, however there are very less ways to make free calls to Pakistan.

You remember, few months back we posted about Connect2pk and how can it be used to make absolutely free calls to Pakistan. It just requires few steps to setup and bingo you can talk to your parents in Pakistan for free. You can use Connect2pk service from anywhere in world as long you are having internet connection. You an always refer back to our post on Connect2pk to know more about the free voip calling service.

Recently Connect2pk upgraded themselves so that their service can be used from Nokia phones having built in SIP feature. If your Nokia handset support SIP, then its just great, as Connect2Pk now supports Nokia built-in SIP feature that will allow users to receive phone calls right from their handsets - without installing any third party applications!

1. Open settings >> connection settings >> SIP settings.
2. Create a SIP Profile and then enter the SIP account info in the new SIP profile.

Profile Name: Profile
Service Profile (should be IETF)
Default Access Point
Public User Name:
Use Compression (set this to No)
Registration (set to Always On)
Use Security (No)

Proxy Server Address:
Realm: asterisk
User Name: (Connect2Pk user)
Password: (Connect2Pk password)
Allow Loose Routing (set this to Yes)
Transport Type (set this to Auto)
Port: 5065

In the Registrar server enter following details -:
Registrar Server Address :
Realm : asterisk
User Name: (Connect2Pk user)
Password: (Connect2Pk password)
Transport Type (AUTO)
Port: 5065

3. Hit back, you should see connected to connect2pk.
4. Go back to the Connection setup menu in the Settings menu >> Internet Tel.
Click on that to create a new Internet Telephone profile. It is here that you will select your default SIP profile and specify how it will connect.
5. Once done, back out and go to the "Communication" menu and then select Options, Settings..
For default Call type select "Internet Call". So, once you are connected to your wi-fi network, your connect2pk will be ready.

This way you can use Connect2Pk service directly in your SIP compatible Nokia phones to make free calls to Pakistan. I am sure this will save you a lot of bucks.

Is anyone of you using Connect2pk for making free calls to Pakistan..? Do you like their service..?? You faced any difficulty in setting things up..? What about the call quality..??

madhur article :

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June 8, 2009 at 10:55 AM

HI there...
I am using Nokia E66 .and i did all steps after last step when i press bakc it gives me error.REGISTRATION FAILED..
Can you guide me more how i can do it after this step....?

July 3, 2009 at 12:39 PM

download fring from directly on your mobile and then add sip account
It works fantastic trust me
for mere details you may email me at
good luck

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