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SipGate One : Free Voip service in USA (Free Calls)

Sipgate, a well known provider in Europe has launched its free voip service in USA. This will surely led many people to switch from normal landline telephone service to Voip. Sipgate one is basically a fully featured phone for your broadband service.

Sipgate one comes with a free phone number, free voicemail and free fax capabilities. Best part is, sipgate works on real phones – no need for a computer to call with sipgate.

What you need is just broadband and a phone (a SIP compatible phone, as it uses SIP for making calls). There is no monthly charge, no monthly minimum and no set-up fee. Calls between Sipgate users are free and you will be charged only for calls on mobiles and landlines (Calls to the U.S. and Canada are only 1.9ct per minute. ).

Sipgate is also offering 200 minutes of free calls (first month) when you first sign up. Another good thing about SIPgate One service is that it is giving you a real phone number (US based) which can be called from any phone worldwide. Unlike other VoIP service providers or mobile carriers Sipgate won’t charge you for the calls you receive.

Its very easy to set up, and a tempting deal for those who are still using their old landlines phone service.

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