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Tuitalk free calling to India option : Minutes officially declared

Tuitalk was one of the very first voip service which started offering free calls to India. At the time it India was included in the free calling country list, we informed our blog readers. I was a big hit with large number of people all over world making free calls to India.

For those who are unaware of this service, Tuitalk offers free voip calls to about 55 countries (India included) in return of watching advertisement. You need to register with Tuitalk, fill your extended profile, download their softphone. Using the Pc application, you could make free pc to phone calls.

After few months, Tuitalk stopped offering its service from India (people can't use Tuitalk in India to make free voip calls), however still free calls to India can be made. Many people reported that Tuitalk offers the free minutes depending on the country you call. For India it was earlier 10 min per call, then it got reduced to 2 min per call.

Now Tuitalk have officially declared the free minutes call duration it offers to different countries. To India, each call will last for just 2 min with a max of just 3 calls per day. (that makes 6 minutes per day)

Well I guess this makes Tuitalk not worth for making free calls to India (2 min is too less man..). But yeah you can use Tuitalk for making calls to other countries like Sweden, USA, Turkey etc where your call would lasts for 6 min (18 min a day).

PS: You can use Tuitalk for making free calls to Australian landlines then forward your calls to India uing Freedomcalls. Check out this post on Freedomcalls to make free calls to India.

AirtelCallhome one cent offer is back : Longer Validity

AirtelCallhome one cent offer came into market some months back (actually the call rate ain't exactly one cent but still..). The offer was not able to attract that many customers as it was expected. This was all because of the better deals other voip providers were offering.

Soon the offer expired but now the Airtel One cent offer has revived and this time with longer validity. This time too the call rate ain't effectively one cent but its about 1.67cent/min. You can call India at just effective rate of 1.67 cent/min with extended validity, superior connectivity.

First lets talk about the plans which AirtelCallhome is offering at this point of time.

India One plan : The $9.99 pack of IndiaOne has a rental of $ 3.99, on the balance $ 6 you get the rate of 1 cent /min on Local Access. Effective rate of 1.67 cent/min. This is applicable on calls terminating on any phone in India. i.e. you get an amazing 600 mins in just $ 9.99 on local access. With the extended validity , you can enjoy the talktime for 45 days. Any talk time value left after expiry of validity will be automatically forfeited.

AirtelCallhome also offers some other plans named "India Magic", "India one Max, India one Neo", "Aapno Gujrat Plan", "Airtel to Airtel Plan". Well these plan aint that attractive and I won't suggest you these plans.

Though the calling rate offerd by India one plan is not cheapest in the market, but if you like to go with a known provider then the reputation of Airtel is good. Some advantages with Airtel is that you are using a calling card so no problems of sticking with Pc while making calls. (Airtel gives local access numbers).

Are you using AirtelCallhome..? Are you satisfied with Airtel..or would like to switch..? Would you suggest AirtelCallhome to others..? Do share your views with us.

Make Voip Calls from UAE using Flaphone

UAE is one of the countries where voip is very popular. Many NRI's are living in UAE and regularly make calls to India, offcourse they understand the importance of Voip and thus use it for saving on their phone bills.

But the point is almost all voip providers are blocked in UAE. A lot many people from UAE have asked me about some way to make voip calls from UAE. In the past too, we have covered post on using Voip in UAE. Today we will discuss a similar thing.

I know betamax companies are very popular in UAE because of cheap rates. Similarly many other SIP providers are offering cheap calls to India and other destinations but all these SIP calls are blocked in UAE. So how to make it work. Well you can use Flaphone (it was earlier Flashphone)

Flaphone is a free web-based softphone which allows you to make calls from the Internet page. You don't need to download, install or configure anything. Flaphone users can call each other, to SIP phones and to any phone numbers, using SIP providers. I hope this clears the point. Since it is Flash based phone, this Flaphone website aint blocked in UAE.

So since you can access Flaphone website, you can access Flaphone softphone (on their website itself). Now you can configure your SIP settings in Flaphone interface. If you are having say a betamax account may be with Smartvoip, webcalldirect etc then they offer you with SIP settings. Just configure these SIP settings into Flaphone and this enables you to make voip calls.

A few points to be considered here are : Firstly your betamax (SIP) providers credit is consumed. I would suggest you to buy minimum credit from betamax as they don't have any good reputation. Secondly you need to have a
Adobe Flash Player version 9 or higher to use flaphone.

It is very easy to setup SIP on Flaphone. But if you still face any problems then better see the Flaphone help.

If you check the Flaphone blog then you will see that second most hits of Flaphone is from UAE only. So that means already large number of people from UAE are using Flaphone. Are you..? Do share your views.

Google Voice for Blackberry and Android Powered phnes

What's the next big thing in the voip world. Everyones talking about Google Voice, it not only because that its a voip service by the intenet gaint Google but also because of the nice features Google Voice voip service is offering.

This post is to inform you about the latest development on Google Voice. Google Voice has launhed its mobile voip service application for Blackberry and Android-powered phones. This mobile application for your phones makes use of Google voice service by placing your calls and sms messages directly from your Google voice number.

The best part is you can display the caller ID as your Google voice number. You can make calls directly from your address book. Check out the Video below to know more about it.

Hey check out the official Google Voice blog fo latest updates on voip service, though we will always keep you updates. Cheers to Google Voice.

MyonlineCall offering free calling credit

Yesterday we posted about Zenofon offering free calling credit. It was a big hit with large number of people using the service. However the only restriction is that people can use this service from USA only. What about people from rest parts to world who wanna make free international calls.

Actually there are many other services offering such free credit deal, we just need to explore them up. Myonlinecall is a german voip provider which is offering similar deal, that is free calling credit. Myonlinecall is offering 50 eurocents of free credit to try its service.

In order to get the free credit, you just need to register with them. Just provide a valid email address so that you can receive a confirmation email. You also need to verify your email address. Once through you will get free calling credit to make free international calls.

Myonlinecall service can be used via softphone that means you can make free pc to phone calls. Yes you can make free calls to India. The calling rate to India is also cheap, so if you like the service then you may buy some credit. But for now, its atleast better to test the service for free. (hey you are getting free voip calls).

Zenofon back with offering free $2 trial credit

Few days back, Zenofone (a voip provider) came into the voip market with a bang. Within few days of its launch more than 5000 people joined Zenofon calling service. All this was due to the free credit Zenofon was offering to all its new users.

At the time of launch, Zenofon offered $2 trial credit, then after few days decreased this credit amount to $1. But good news for all, Zenofon has again started offering Free $2 trial credit.

You can join Zenofon using referal link, then only you will get free calling credit. This offer is valid for only new users, so if you have not yet tried the Zenofon service then its high time to do so. It may be possible that Zenofon once again lower the free credit amount, so its better to join asap (now you will get $2 free credit).

You can use Zenofon for making calls to anywhere in world. I read somewhere that most of Zenofon users are Indians (NRI). A lot of NRI are using Zenofon for making calls to India. Because of free trial offer and cheap rates to India, Zenofon is a good choice.

Enough said, its now time to join Zenofon.

Mig33 : Free calls from South Africa to India, Pakistan and USA

Mig33 is a very old mobile voip provider. I remember using mig33 a year back (they offer some free credit when you join them). Alongwith that it also offers free credit to you when you refer a friend and he/she joins mig33.

Now mig33 has another very interesting offer for the people of South Africa. Mig33 is effectively offering free calls to India, Pakistan and USA for whole month of july. Yes you heard it right, you can make free calls from South africa in the month of july to these three destinations.

Where's the catch..? Yes the offer aint that straight forward (still the offer aint bad either).

The cost of calls in July, from South Africa calling India, US and Pakistan only will be refunded back in credits, on 1 August 2009.
Rates are for calling landline destinations. Calls are completed by dialing a local number. A connection fee to this local number may apply.

What does that mean now, it means that you have to pay initially for making these phone calls. But you will be refunded this amount as mig33 credit on Aug 1. I guess its a nice way to attract new paying users.

Joining mig33 is very simple, you can use mig33 in your mobile (it being a well known mobile Voip provider).

How to make a call?
On your phone, go to
Create a username, password, mobile phone number and register
Download the recommended application
Open the application on your phone
Enter the authentication code, which you will have received by SMS
Click menu on the home screen, and then select call

You can use the Callback feature from your mobile phone.
Then you can call via a local access number.
You can also use the Web connect from mig33 Website.

In my opinion, if you are from South Africa then the offer by Mig33 is worth trying.

Free calls to India by calling Australian landline

A lot of Australian and UK voip provider offers free voip calls by dialing their access number. What you have to do is call their access number (local phone number) and then dial your destination international number, they will route your call to your destination for free.

This way free calls can be made to all over world, to even countries like India and Pakistan. But the catch here is that you have to dial those phone numbers (access numbers) which itself are costly. Many people use mobile cap minutes to make calls to these numbers. Anyways Freedomcall was offering such a deal but you were asked to make calls to Australian mobile numbers.

But now Freedomcalls has included Australian landline numbers in their access number list.
The access number list is as below:

1. Melbourne – 03 9095 7222
2. Sydney – 02 9086 9222
3. Brisbane – 07 3166 8111
4. Perth – 08 6363 5111
5. Adelaide - 08 7221 2444
6. Canberra - 02 6223 2622

Now the best part is since a lot of voip providers offer free calls to Australian landlines, so you can first make free calls to these landline numbers using any voip software (guess mediaringtalk is offering free calls to Australia). Now once you are connected to these landlines, then you can call your destination number: 011 + Country Code + Destination number .

This was free calls to India, free calls to Pakistan and other 70 countries can be made easily.
Do let us know if you were able to place free voip calls. Do share your experience with us..!!


LocalPhone Review : LocalPhone User Review

Yesterday we posted about LocalPhone offering free International calls to USA and Canada from anywhere in the world. I am sure many of you must have made use of the offer to make free calls on 4th July, the Independance Day. LocalPhone is one of the most trusted and most widely used voip provider.

Many of our blog readers may already be using LocalPhone for their international and national calling needs. Specially, many NRI use LocalPhone for calling India. There are lots of reasons for that. I am myself using for quite a long time now and have been quite satisfied with LocalPhone Voip service.

Update (Feb 2011): Now you can also use the following Localphone voucher code and get free bonus credit. When you join Localphone, you will get first call free and some bonus credit.
Your first call is free and you’ll get a $10 bonus when you top up by $15 using the voucher code NEWUSER11. New Call rate to India is just 1.59 cent per min. After bonus it will cost you effective rate of just 1 cent per min.

Mr Hitesh, one of the regular readers of Free Pc to Phone calls, shares his experience of using LocalPhone. He regularly uses localphone for calling India from USA. Below is his review about LocalPhone.

"I am using localphone for like last 18 months. It's a Uk based VOIP provider which offer phone calls to various destinations.

First thing which I like about LocalPhone is its quality. The call quality (voice quality) is really excellent. There is no busy signal, no call drop or any voice drop sort of problem, indeed a complete peace of mind.

Second thing is its easy to use service. Only one time set up is required. I am using it to call India form USA. For each Indian number they give me one local USA number. So I just dial that number and my call get forwarded to my Indian destination number. They also have local access number, so I can even call any unregistered number. Another great thing about LocalPhone is that it also give local number from other 45 countries.

Third thing is that their rates are very reasonable. For e.g. to call India it is just 2.9 cent per minute. And they also reduce it periodically, when I was calling 18 months back, the rate was 6 cent per minute. Now it is just 2.9 cent per minute. So we do not have to find another cheap and better service provider.

Last but not least is there are no confusing plans and fees like monthly fees, service fees, expiration date of credit, so I do not have to worry about expiring minutes or unused credit.

In my opinion those who really looking for quality service at reasonable rate
LocalPhone is the answer for you. "

Cheers to Hitesh for such a nice review..!!

PS: If you also want to share your calling experiences with us, then you are most welcomed to do so. Write me at .

Update : Localphone is running a promotional offer. When you sigh up with $1 credit, you will get $2.5 credit. That's additional $1.5 credit as bonus.
$1.5 credit is worth 100 minutes to India. This makes cheapest voip provider to India with effective rate of just 0.6 cents per minute. This offer can be used to call other countries as well. What are you waiting for. Just try Localphone.
(No expiry of credit, good voice quality, and sign up for free - 1st call also free. Add credit as low as $1 plus get $1.5 bonus).
Coupon Code : FPBONUS


DialSimple calling plan to India review

There are plenty of voip providers in this market, each one of them boasting about its calling plan. You really be careful while choosing your voip provider and the calling plan. You might end up paying high or to the wrong one. One example is with betamax, some people just buy too much credit from betamax and when beamax increases their call rates (or they face any other problems), their money effectively is wasted.

Today, we talk about the voip provider named Dialsimple. It has launched its new calling plan for India. Depending upon the credit you buy from them, your call rate will vary. Dialsimple is offering lowest call rate to India at 1.9 cents per minute.

But your call rate to India will be 1.9 cent/min only when you buy credit worth $30. If you buy for $20, you get 800minutes with effective calling rate of 2.5c/min. The call rate further rises if you buy less credit.

The only good point about the offer is that credit never expires. But there is a catch. These call rates are only for a month. Suppose, you buy credit worth $30 on 1st july, during one month that is till 1st August, your call rate to India will be 1.9 cents per minute. Now durin this month say you used only $10 credit, then remaining $20 credit will carry forward but now your call rate to India will not be 1.9 cents per minute but 4.9 cents per minute.

Firstly, their is nothing great about Dialsimple that people should go for it. Secondly the plan aint exciting at all. Who will buy $30 credit in a month, people tend to buy credit in small chunks and it should be so. It aint worth buying so much credit at one go, suppose you don't like the service then all your credit gets wasted. Neither it is offering such cheap calls. We have already discussed cheaper plans to India.

I guess, Dialsimple needs to rethink about the plan it is offering to India. In my opinion calling plans to India offered by voip providers like YupeePhone are better...!!
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