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AirtelCallhome one cent offer is back : Longer Validity

AirtelCallhome one cent offer came into market some months back (actually the call rate ain't exactly one cent but still..). The offer was not able to attract that many customers as it was expected. This was all because of the better deals other voip providers were offering.

Soon the offer expired but now the Airtel One cent offer has revived and this time with longer validity. This time too the call rate ain't effectively one cent but its about 1.67cent/min. You can call India at just effective rate of 1.67 cent/min with extended validity, superior connectivity.

First lets talk about the plans which AirtelCallhome is offering at this point of time.

India One plan : The $9.99 pack of IndiaOne has a rental of $ 3.99, on the balance $ 6 you get the rate of 1 cent /min on Local Access. Effective rate of 1.67 cent/min. This is applicable on calls terminating on any phone in India. i.e. you get an amazing 600 mins in just $ 9.99 on local access. With the extended validity , you can enjoy the talktime for 45 days. Any talk time value left after expiry of validity will be automatically forfeited.

AirtelCallhome also offers some other plans named "India Magic", "India one Max, India one Neo", "Aapno Gujrat Plan", "Airtel to Airtel Plan". Well these plan aint that attractive and I won't suggest you these plans.

Though the calling rate offerd by India one plan is not cheapest in the market, but if you like to go with a known provider then the reputation of Airtel is good. Some advantages with Airtel is that you are using a calling card so no problems of sticking with Pc while making calls. (Airtel gives local access numbers).

Are you using AirtelCallhome..? Are you satisfied with Airtel..or would like to switch..? Would you suggest AirtelCallhome to others..? Do share your views with us.

madhur article :

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July 28, 2009 at 3:16 AM

They have revised the plan. But even after revision there are so cheap voip providers still in the market. By having a mere brand name of Airtel wont boost their sale in this recession period because peopel are going after cheap and free phone calls

July 31, 2009 at 9:43 AM

Can i use Google voice number to call Airtel access number to place call to India? My home plan does not have unlimited plan. And Airtel Access numbers are very much limited to my place.Please Leave a comment. Thanks.

November 9, 2009 at 6:53 PM

Madhur, I think you should do features on Ringplus and 1800free411. Both of them force you to waste your time listening to their stupid ads and only after which they tell you the circuits are busy! I have never ever been able to get through! I think these two are simply schemes to get you to listen to their ads, after which they pull the carpet from under you! I have stopped bothering with these two as of now.

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