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DialSimple calling plan to India review

There are plenty of voip providers in this market, each one of them boasting about its calling plan. You really be careful while choosing your voip provider and the calling plan. You might end up paying high or to the wrong one. One example is with betamax, some people just buy too much credit from betamax and when beamax increases their call rates (or they face any other problems), their money effectively is wasted.

Today, we talk about the voip provider named Dialsimple. It has launched its new calling plan for India. Depending upon the credit you buy from them, your call rate will vary. Dialsimple is offering lowest call rate to India at 1.9 cents per minute.

But your call rate to India will be 1.9 cent/min only when you buy credit worth $30. If you buy for $20, you get 800minutes with effective calling rate of 2.5c/min. The call rate further rises if you buy less credit.

The only good point about the offer is that credit never expires. But there is a catch. These call rates are only for a month. Suppose, you buy credit worth $30 on 1st july, during one month that is till 1st August, your call rate to India will be 1.9 cents per minute. Now durin this month say you used only $10 credit, then remaining $20 credit will carry forward but now your call rate to India will not be 1.9 cents per minute but 4.9 cents per minute.

Firstly, their is nothing great about Dialsimple that people should go for it. Secondly the plan aint exciting at all. Who will buy $30 credit in a month, people tend to buy credit in small chunks and it should be so. It aint worth buying so much credit at one go, suppose you don't like the service then all your credit gets wasted. Neither it is offering such cheap calls. We have already discussed cheaper plans to India.

I guess, Dialsimple needs to rethink about the plan it is offering to India. In my opinion calling plans to India offered by voip providers like YupeePhone are better...!!

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July 1, 2009 at 10:05 PM

Obviously, Dialsimple thinks all of us are made of chopped liver and a bunch of fools!!! This is certainly one of THE worst offers I have ever seen! I think the only ones foolish enough to go for this scam would be the relatives of the Dialsimple CEO!!!

July 8, 2011 at 1:25 PM

I did not see anything about call rates changing, so I have no idea if that is still the case. But this service is absolute CRAP! I just purchased a $10 credit, but I cannot use it right away because there are "security concerns" that they have to clear up. On the website, they say to click a button so that they can call me to verify the account. I clicked the button, but no phone call and I still can't use my account. Of course you can call them directly on their 800 number, but that costs 1.5 cents/minute! Total scam. Learn from my experience and don't waste your money!

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