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Mig33 : Free calls from South Africa to India, Pakistan and USA

Mig33 is a very old mobile voip provider. I remember using mig33 a year back (they offer some free credit when you join them). Alongwith that it also offers free credit to you when you refer a friend and he/she joins mig33.

Now mig33 has another very interesting offer for the people of South Africa. Mig33 is effectively offering free calls to India, Pakistan and USA for whole month of july. Yes you heard it right, you can make free calls from South africa in the month of july to these three destinations.

Where's the catch..? Yes the offer aint that straight forward (still the offer aint bad either).

The cost of calls in July, from South Africa calling India, US and Pakistan only will be refunded back in credits, on 1 August 2009.
Rates are for calling landline destinations. Calls are completed by dialing a local number. A connection fee to this local number may apply.

What does that mean now, it means that you have to pay initially for making these phone calls. But you will be refunded this amount as mig33 credit on Aug 1. I guess its a nice way to attract new paying users.

Joining mig33 is very simple, you can use mig33 in your mobile (it being a well known mobile Voip provider).

How to make a call?
On your phone, go to
Create a username, password, mobile phone number and register
Download the recommended application
Open the application on your phone
Enter the authentication code, which you will have received by SMS
Click menu on the home screen, and then select call

You can use the Callback feature from your mobile phone.
Then you can call via a local access number.
You can also use the Web connect from mig33 Website.

In my opinion, if you are from South Africa then the offer by Mig33 is worth trying.

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