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Vonage Unlimited calls to India Package

Now every other telecom provider and Voip provider in USA is offering so much low rate calls to India. Calling India from USA is proving to be cheaper deal than calling India to India.

A lot many voip providers are now offering unlimited calling packages to India. Vonage, a well know voip provider in USA has also started offering unlimited calls to India package. Thanks to our regular reader "evilbrick1414" for informing about this plan.

Vonage is offering a world package in just $24.99/month, in this plan you can make unlimited free calls to about 60 countries. The best part India is included in these 60 countries list. Let me put forward the free country list here itself.

Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bahamas*, Bahrain, Belgium, Brazil, Brunei*, Bulgaria, Canada*, Chile, China*, Colombia, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Guadeloupe, Guam*, Hong Kong*, Hungary, Iceland, India*, Iraq, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Kenya, Latvia, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Macau*, Malaysia*, Malta, Mexico, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico*, Romania, Russia, Saipan*, San Marino*, Singapore*, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand*, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States*, U.S. Virgin Islands*, Venezuela, Zambia

Actually Vonage is offering many other unlimited/limited calling offers. Just find the right deal for you on

One of another good features about Vonage is that it is offering 30 days money back Guarantee.

Other features-:
Keep Your Existing Phone Number
No access codes , pin codes, calling card
No Setup Fee, Equipment or shipping Fee (with one year agreement)

You first need to confirm about the long term contract (One year I guess, and other terms and conditions).

Well the offer is nice, it is good for all those you makes a lot of phone calls to India. The plan is also good for small business. But if you not usually spending $25 in making phone calls, then this Vonage plan aint for you. You should try other voip providers like ActionVoip, Nymgo, AirtelCallhome, Mediaringtalk etc.

Dial91 : Cheap calling card to India

Calling India from USA is a very cheap deal now. You will be amazed to know that calling India from USA is cheaper than what we have to pay making local calls in India. Voip has made all this possible.

Calling cards market is USA is quite huge. Specially there are many calling card providers offering best deals for making calls to India. The reason for this is these calling card target the Student community (India students in USA) and others NRI's who have been working in USA.

Few months back, I posted about Dial91. That point of time, it was offering calling rate of about 2.8 cents/minute to India. Many of my friends in USA have been using Dial91 Indian calling card. Actually Dial91 has lowered their call rates to India. They have reduced the price to just 2.5 cents/min. I came to know from one of my friend that Dial91 is charging him just 1.3 cents/minute if he buys a the plan worth $10 (validity one month). This thing is not mentioned on their website, but I have contacted them about this thing (will post as soon as I get some answer). offers a full range of user option features designed to make long-distance and international calls as convenient and economical as possible.

With Dial91 you can dial India with no connection fee. Here are some of the easy-to-use features of our virtual calling card:

  • Instant sign up
  • Recharge instantly
  • PIN-FREE dialing
  • Speed dial/Address book
  • Superior quality
  • No connection fee
  • Call any numbers In India
  • Pulse rounding to 60 seconds
  • Best rates to most countries

Dial91 also offers cheap rates to Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. I guess Dial91 understand the scope in Asian Calling market and is targetting it. Other nice feature about Dial91 is that it offers as low as $2 credit. So you can test their service for that low.

Atleast someone giving competition to Nymgo, ActionVoip.


VoipBlast Review and Rates : Free International Calls

One more voip service by the Voip company dellmont Sarl : VoipBlast. Many voip blogs and websites have been stating that Betamax and Dellmont Sarl are one and the same, so may be VoipBlast is one of another betamax voip provider! Just like other betamax services you can use VoipBlast on your iPhone, Android Mobile, Windows mobile or on your PC to make Pc to Phone Calls.

Most of the betamax voip providers offer very cheap calling rates but a lot of people don't favor Betamax because of their 'NO' customer support, fluctuations in calling rates, loss of credit etc etc (the list is so long that I can cover one post on this thing only). Lets see if VoipBlast also prove to be the same or it can change the face of betamax.

But trust me, using voip will help you save a lot of money. Voip is an efficient and cost effective alternate of landlines phones. Switch to voip and start saving on your phone bills!

A lot other people go for Betamax and find no problems with them. So, I guess if you are in favor of betamax then you can also try this new voip provider "Voipblast", but if you have not tested betamax then I would suggest not to try this new betamax.

Coming back to the new voip service, Voipblast and its features. You can use the free VoipBlast software (Download Voipblast PC application) to make free calls to regular phones in various popular destinations. The free destinations include USA, Canada, Sweden, UK, Belgium, Brazil etc (check the voipblast website to find other free destinations). VoipBlast rates are also cheap for other destinations, specially India.

Now talking about the calling rate which VoipBlast offers for making calls to India. Well Voipblast offers a very cheap rate of just 0.7 cents/min to India (yeah..less than one cent), but hey hold on -- this voip service (voipblast) has a connection fee for every Pc to Phone call and Phone to Phone calls which is 3.9 cents/call.

I guess the connection fees of VoipBlast is way too high (approx 5 times the calling rate to India). If you make longer duration phone calls then the connection fees wont hurt you and your effective calling rate will be still less than a cent. But if you make calls of just 1-2 minutes, then I wont suggest you VoipBlast.

VoipBlast SIP Settings :
  • SIP port : 5060
  • Registrar :
  • Proxy server :
  • Outbound proxy server : leave empty
  • Account name : your VoipBlast username
  • Password : your VoipBlast password
  • Display name/number : your VoipBlast username or voipnumber
  • Stunserver (option) :

A lot of other calling cards (phone to phone) charge you about 5 cent connection fees, so atleast Voipblast is better option from them. Another good thing about Voipblast is that minimum recharge Amount is only 1Euro, so you try this service with minimum amount (then if you like the service you may buy more credit).

You can use VoipBlast on iPhone, VoipBlast on PC (Download Voipblast), Voipblast on iPod Touch, VoipBlast on Android Mobile, VoipBlast on Mac!

So, its time now to try VoipBlast.

Mo-Call Unlimited Free Calls - Mobile to Mobile (using Wifi)

After the PC voip (using Voip in your computer), its time now to explore Mobile voip as well. With lots and lots of new features added to your mobile phone each day, using internet in your mobile is quite common. A lot of people all over world use Internet facilities in mobil phone.

You know using this internet in your mobile, you can make voip calls which can help you save on your phone bills By using Voip you will be able to make mobile to mobile calls (cutting down your telecom provider).

Today we discuss one such mobile voip provider. Mo-call is a mobile voip provider whih offers a Mobie application using which you can make voip phone calls. They have made a new version of MO-Call software that let's you make cheap and free international calls whenever and wherever you have Wi-Fi access on your mobile.

MO-Calls made over Wi-Fi to other connected MO-Callers are completely free. So, say if you and your friend (in any other part of world) is using Mo-Call and both of you are connected to Wifi then you both can talk for free endlessly.

The new MO-Call software works on some Nokia N and E series mobiles. The list is as follows -:
Nokia E66, Nokia E71, Nokia E51, Nokia 63, Nokia E90, Nokia N82, Nokia N95, Nokia N81.

Mo-Call is also developing a application for Windows based phone and iPhone. Time to switch to mobile voip and star exploring its new options.

Matrix Sim Cards : Use them when going abroad

A lot of students and business people make visit to international places. So, when you are say going to US, UK or Canada or some other destnation from India, what do you use to connect to ones living in India. How to make Cheap international calls : Well use Matrix International Sim Cards!

Don't you activate your international roaming and pay heavily to these telecom provider in India. That's the most obvious choice and the most expensive one. provides you international sim cards when you go abroad. These sim cards are way cheaper then what you pay to telecom providers. Apart from cheap rates, is Matrix has various offers for students, professionals etc. Matrix International Sim Cards are far better than your local telecom provider roaming charges.

Benefits of a Matrix SIM card

Local post-paid mobile number of the country you are traveling to.
Offers up to 60% savings on international roaming bills.
Free incoming calls in most countries.
Free itemised bills or view your bills online.
Convenience of carrying a local number before you travel abroad.
Billing in Indian rupees.
Delivery anywhere in India.

You can roam free with Matrix international roaming SIM cards in the following countries - Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Holland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mauritius, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, U.A.E., U.K. and U.S.A.

You can lower down your international mobile expenses by almost 60% with a country-specific mobile connection from Matrix.

As I have already mentioned that Matrix Sim Cards offers a good number of offers, so if you are planning to go abroad and was worried about phone bills, then Matrix Sim Cards is the answer for you.

Google Voice + Gizmo5 : Gizmo Voice (Free Voip Calls)

A few days back Google Voice added SIP connectivity via Gizmo5. This has led to free inbound and outbound calls. Now with the help on Gizmo5 to Google service you can connect any SIP device or SIP Phone for making free calls anywhere in USA.

One of the best part is that Google Voice offers DID numbers in almost every part of USA, and due to this feature people can very easily make calls to anywhere in USA without paying anything.

Gizmo5 has launched its beta program called Gizmo Voice which ebales you to combine the two services to get full featured US telephone without paying penny.

Free US calling (All calls are routed through Gizmo5's high quality PSTN network)
Free inbound calls on Wi-Fi phone, smart phone, ATA or software of your choosing
Receive/Make Google Voice calls right from your browser on your Google Voice page
No monthly fees! No annual fees! No long term commitment!

Answer calls from your Google Voice US number on any device or software
Callees automatically see your Google Voice telephone number as Caller ID
Integration with Google Voice voicemail using transcription
Use sophisticated Google Voice answer features like 'listen in voicemail' from your PC or handset
The catch is call is limited to 3 minutes, however you can sign up with the service for longer calls (it cost $10). Its a very nice deal.

PS : The whole step by step procedure is given on Gizmo Voice website. Please refer to it for configuring Gzmo5 with Google Voice.

Useful tips for using Google Voice

Google Voice is the next big thing in the voip market. Just after few days of its launch, the internet is flooded with discussions on Google Voice. I hope by now, most of our USA blog readers must have got an invite and joined Google Voice service. So apart from already known famous features of Google Voice, what other additional benefits can you get using Google Voice.

Today we discuss two of the most useful tips of Google Voice.

First making free calls from your mobile phone : I guess most of you have mobile phones like iPhone, blackberry etc. Most of these phones comes with plans of AT&T, T-mobile etc. Now these service providers offer a limited amount of monthly minutes. Some operators offer 'unlimited free minutes' to certain numbers and these numbers are not counted monthly minutes. If you are making calls to Google Voice number (include this in your free calling list) and we know Google voice allows you to call other USA numbers for free, then effectively you got unlimited calls free.
This tip is simple based on fact that Google bears the call charges from Google Voice to other USA phone numbers.

Calling USA phone number directly from browser : Calling using Google voice from Firefox.
This I guess should also work for using Google Voice on MAC.
A free Google Voice addon is provided by thatsmith for firefox. Here is the link for Google Voice Add-on for Firefox.
Click a phone number on any page to place a call using Google Voice. Displays your number in the status bar and lists your most recent call when hovered. Select text to send as a text message or dial and text from the status bar.

I hope these two tips prove helpful to you. Do share your views about it.

Betamax Rate Comparison for calling India

Few days back, we posted about betamax companies offering cheap calls to Indonesia. I have been getting emails from blog readers about various betamax companies like Jumblo, smartvoip etc offering very cheap calls to India.

So, I thought to once again look at the prices offered by various betamax providers so that people can choose the cheapest one. Below is just the rate comparison, to know more about these betamax providers just visit the respective blogpost.

Jumblo : It is offering very cheap rates to India and I guess the cheapest these days.
1 Euro cent to Indian landlines and .7 cent (less than one cent) to call Indian mobiles. SIP support is also there.

SmartVoip : It is offering the same rate of one eurocent to both Indian mobiles and landlines. So if you call landlines most then SmartVoip is equally good.

ActionVoip : It is offering 1 eurocent to Indian mobile but for lanlines it is cheaper than above two. Actiovoip charge .9 cent/min to call Indian landlines.

Webcalldirect: And many others are offering about 2eurocent/min to call India. I guess above three are a good options. If you have no other problems in using betamax then prefer Jumblo, Actionvoip over others.

Cheers to Voip !!

Cheap calls to Indonesia by Betamax

Indonesia is again such a destination where lots of people make voip calls to. While I was just going through my blog post, to my surprise we have not actually covered a dedicated post for making cheap calls to Indonesia.

A large number of people use calling cards for making voip calls to Indonesia, but if you will check various calling cards websites, then you will see that call rates ain't cheap. I checked the website of Pingo calling cards (famous to provide cheap rates to India), and it was offering call rate of 7.5 cents/minute. Similarly other calling cards and voip providers are offering calling rates in range of 4-15 cents per minute.

Then I moved onto check the rates of Betamax companies, and voila I found a good deal for you. Coincidentally many betamax companies were flashing about their cheap rates to Indonesia.

Jumblo is offering 2.1 cents per in (1.5 euro cents) to make calls to both Indonesia landlines and mobile phones. Other betamax companies are not too far behind. SmartVoip and ActionVoip are offering the same deal and the price (2.1 cents/minute).

Though betamax has not always been among the favorites but still considering the price difference, I would suggest you guys to use Betamax for making calls to Indonesia. The only thing to consider while choosing betamax is that you should buy the credit in small chunks (min at one go), so even if you loose this because of some reason (its normal with betamax) then you would have lost small amount.

I just hope as the prices have reduced for calling India, similarly it should happen for Indonesia. The price war begun by Betamax should lead to make all other voip providers offer cheap calls to Indonesia.
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