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Cheap calls to Indonesia by Betamax

Indonesia is again such a destination where lots of people make voip calls to. While I was just going through my blog post, to my surprise we have not actually covered a dedicated post for making cheap calls to Indonesia.

A large number of people use calling cards for making voip calls to Indonesia, but if you will check various calling cards websites, then you will see that call rates ain't cheap. I checked the website of Pingo calling cards (famous to provide cheap rates to India), and it was offering call rate of 7.5 cents/minute. Similarly other calling cards and voip providers are offering calling rates in range of 4-15 cents per minute.

Then I moved onto check the rates of Betamax companies, and voila I found a good deal for you. Coincidentally many betamax companies were flashing about their cheap rates to Indonesia.

Jumblo is offering 2.1 cents per in (1.5 euro cents) to make calls to both Indonesia landlines and mobile phones. Other betamax companies are not too far behind. SmartVoip and ActionVoip are offering the same deal and the price (2.1 cents/minute).

Though betamax has not always been among the favorites but still considering the price difference, I would suggest you guys to use Betamax for making calls to Indonesia. The only thing to consider while choosing betamax is that you should buy the credit in small chunks (min at one go), so even if you loose this because of some reason (its normal with betamax) then you would have lost small amount.

I just hope as the prices have reduced for calling India, similarly it should happen for Indonesia. The price war begun by Betamax should lead to make all other voip providers offer cheap calls to Indonesia.

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September 20, 2011 at 3:49 AM

I can't believe you can make international calls with a betamax - didn't they die out years ago?!

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