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Google Voice + Gizmo5 : Gizmo Voice (Free Voip Calls)

A few days back Google Voice added SIP connectivity via Gizmo5. This has led to free inbound and outbound calls. Now with the help on Gizmo5 to Google service you can connect any SIP device or SIP Phone for making free calls anywhere in USA.

One of the best part is that Google Voice offers DID numbers in almost every part of USA, and due to this feature people can very easily make calls to anywhere in USA without paying anything.

Gizmo5 has launched its beta program called Gizmo Voice which ebales you to combine the two services to get full featured US telephone without paying penny.

Free US calling (All calls are routed through Gizmo5's high quality PSTN network)
Free inbound calls on Wi-Fi phone, smart phone, ATA or software of your choosing
Receive/Make Google Voice calls right from your browser on your Google Voice page
No monthly fees! No annual fees! No long term commitment!

Answer calls from your Google Voice US number on any device or software
Callees automatically see your Google Voice telephone number as Caller ID
Integration with Google Voice voicemail using transcription
Use sophisticated Google Voice answer features like 'listen in voicemail' from your PC or handset
The catch is call is limited to 3 minutes, however you can sign up with the service for longer calls (it cost $10). Its a very nice deal.

PS : The whole step by step procedure is given on Gizmo Voice website. Please refer to it for configuring Gzmo5 with Google Voice.

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