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Free International Calls from South Africa :freecall087

If you are following Free Pc to Phone calls, then I am sure you are saving a lot on your phone bills. I hope you are now calling India free, using the ways we have blogged about in this past.

In our last post about freecall2india, I mentioned about the popularity of access dailing method and so many more voip provider coming up with idea of offering free international calls when you dial there access number. For Australia, Freedomcalls is the answer. For USA, UK, Brazil Freecalls2india is the voip provider for you.

And for making free international calls from South Africa, is the answer. Yes, freecall087 offers a local South African access number dialing which you can call many countries for free. The best part, India is included in the free calling list which allows you to call India free.

The free calling destination list is soo long that it would be better if you check website. The countries vary from USA,India, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Vietnam, UK, Turkey, Portugal, South Africa etc etc etc.

So how to use freecall087 service to make free international calls :
1. Dial the access number 087-805-5762 from your mobile phone/landline. You can use your FREE minutes on your contract, or standard network charges apply if you've run out of free minutes.
2. The voice prompt will ask you to enter your destination number followed by #, in the following format:
00 + Country Code + City Code + Phone Number #
E.g.For UK you would dial: 00 44 207 032 1234 #

Another good thing, you need not to register with freecall087 to make free calls using them. Other features of freecall087:
Call from any mobile or landline
Easy to use service – Just dial and save!
No contract
No commitments
No set up fee
No pre-payments
No account to open
No Extra Bills
No Credit Cards
No Hassle.
Suported on Vodacom, CellC, MTN, Telkom, Neotel

Time to make free calls to India and other countries from South Africa.

madhur article :

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September 14, 2009 at 2:36 PM

I have tested the service and the call quality is good. But while dialing no need to dial 00 infront of country code.

For ex. if you need to dial India, 91-123456789# it will allow u only once to enter the number. If u enter it wrongly then most probably u need to dial the access number again.

September 15, 2009 at 2:55 PM

Is this a landline or mobile access number in South Africa?

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