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Free UK Virtual Phone Number : IndiaLD

IndiaLD is quite famous and used by large number of people for making cheap voip calls to India. Here is another great voip service by IndiaLD, which allows users from UK to connect to your loved ones living in India.

Actually IndiaLD latest Virtual phone number service not only allow people to connect to India but also other 27 countries.

What you get after registering with IndiaLD virtual phone number service is a Free UK Virtual Phone Number. With this Free UK 0843 Phone Number That Can Call Your Phone In India or 27 Other Countries.

Confusing huh..? Let me clear the procedure to you. IndiaLD offers a UK Virtual phone number. It simply means that you get a UK phone number calls on which can be forwarded (directed) to a phone in India (or other 27 countries).

This way you save time and money by setting up your very own UK phone number. IndiaLD will forward it directly to you wherever you are. Its like making a local call from the other side of the world, and it's free for you. It will cost people in the United Kingdom 2 pence per minute to call you. The call will be charged directly to their phone bill. There is no need for them to create accounts, buy credits, or call access numbers. It's simple, and the cheapest way to call India from the U.K.

Now suppose you are living in UK and want to connect to your Parents in UK (cheap voip calls).
Register with IndiaLD virtual UK Phone number service. Register with your Parents number in India (or other 27 countries).
IndiaLD map your phone number to a UK 0843 number instantly, and email you with a new phone number.
Now you are living in UK and you have got a local UK phone number for your parents in India. Dial this UK number (use your UK phone), call will be forwarded to your parents in India. You will be billed at 2 pence per minute. The charge will appear directly on their phone bill.

List of countries where the calls can be directed.
* Countries that offer virtual number forwarding to mobiles and landlines. All other countries will only forward to landlines.
Australia Austria Belgium Canada* China* Denmark France Germany Hong Kong* India* Israel Italy Japan Luxembourg Malaysia Netherlands New Zealand Norway Poland Portugal Singapore* Spain Sweden Switzerland Taiwan Thailand United States*

A very nice voip service for making calls to India and other 27 countries from UK.

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