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Jaxtr Number Service : Use it like a Free Calling Card

This is not the first time I am saying this that in my view, Jaxtr is the most innovative voip service. There are lot of services (which includes voip) which take feedback from customers but that go waste and is never implemented. Jaxtr actually listens to its users and make changes. People were already very satisfied with Jaxtr FreeConnect service, by which people are using it to make free calls to more than 50 countries. Similarly Jaxtr On the Go is also very popular for making calls straight from your mobile (without involving computer).

For making calls with Jaxtr, you were provided with a local Jaxtr number for each of the destination number which you want to dial. Thus if you want to make calls to 10 numbers then you were provided with 10 local Jaxtr numbers. Nothing's wrong in the above method but its difficult to manage so many numbers, each time either consult Jaxtr account or store this information somewhere. As I said, Jaxtr listens to its customers so they have made the calling procedure more easy.

How to make Calls with Jaxtr

It works more like a calling card now.
- You simple dial one local access numbers.
- You are prompted to dial the destination number
- You are connected to your destination

This means depending on your location, you got to store just one number (local access number). Another important benefit is that you can use this service anywhere, even if you are traveling to other city/state (your local access number will get changed).

Jaxtr Number Service

This does not change the calling rate or call quality you are used to, it has just slightly changed how you use jaxtr. The free countries list still remains the same.

Other benefits of Jaxtr

Talk free - Free calls in over 50 countries
Send SMS - Free global SMS (Text) messages for Premium members
Make calls - Super low calling rates worldwide.
Click to call - Connect without dialing when you're online
Jaxtr On-The-Go - Get local access wherever you go
Jaxtr link - Lets people worldwide contact you locally via calls and SMS
Online voicemail - Listen to voice messages from global callers online
SMS updates - Get voice and text message notifications via SMS
Forward calls - Forward incoming jaxtr calls to any phone
PrivacyShield - Send unknown callers to voicemail
Block callers - Block unwanted callers at any time
"Call Me" widgets - Get voice comments and calls anywhere online

Jaxtr India
Jaxtr local numbers in India have been disabled by one of their telco partners. That means no more Jaxtr local numbers in Mumbai. However please note that you can still make calls to anywhere in India (from anywhere in world).

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