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Make Free international calls by sending SMS : Australia

You must be aware of Freedomcalls which offers free calls to large number of countries (yes free calls to India) by dialing Australian mobile number. Are you aware of SMS top up service by

Named, "SMS Top UP" - it offers you to make free international calls using the credit which you earn by sending SMS/Text message to a regular Australian phone number.

You can use SMS top up service in simple steps:
1. Send a text message with the word –“Topup” to Access Number 0424215599.

2. For every successful text message sent you collect credit to call overseas free depending upon your destination. For example, for 10 sms you get 5 minutes to call India.

3. To make free overseas calls simply dial their landline access number from the same mobile or landline. -
Sydney 02 9004 2024
Melbourne 03 8416 7024
then for E.g. to call India dial– 0011 + 91 + 9829227700 + #

This SMS Top up service is really very good for people who enjoy the unlimited sms service from their telecom provider. Also if your SMS rates are cheap, then too its worth a deal.

Another good feature added by SMS Top up is Group SMS. SMStopup offers quite a number of phone numbers on which you can send SMS. Just save those phone numbers in a group and send the SMS in one go. You would collect good credits to make free international phone calls.

PS: Please also note that the free minutes/credit is different for different countries. Just check on to know how many minutes you would get sending sms's.

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