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NuEraTelecom Voip service Review : Should you use it.

Lately there have been lot of new entries into this voip market. Not all make big, some are proper fraud services. Some dont have customer support, some take your money and you are not able to make voip phone calls. You need to be very careful while choosing these voip services.

In the morning, I got a mail from one of our regular blog reader (wont be ethical to disclose his name). He wanted to know more about this voip provider named NuEraTelecom.

First let me give you brief details what this service is offering. A person from NuEraTelecom calls you up and offers you a very good deal. He ask you to try thier post paid service and ask for around $39 refundable security deposit.

Nueratelecom offers you :
1. 1.5 c to India.
2. 180 minutes free to a country (Your choice) eg. Bahrain
3. 180 minutes free to UAE (again your choice).
4. 3.9 c connection charge per call.

Now the thing is. Is the deal offered by NuEratelecom worth, is the service legitimate.

Well, the calling rate to India is good but not the cheapest. (Airtelcallhome is also offering the same even less). The connection charges also have to be taken into account. Effectively Nueratelecom is not the cheapest and their are more better options in the market.

Regarding free minutes offered (to UAE etc), these are just one time and for one day. This also does not make any sense.

This service is a postpaid service, and I honestly like Prepaid voip services. To check if service is not a fraud one, I googled about them. (Also observed that site is not even SSL secured). On contact info, a PO box

Below are some of the reviews which I recollected from other websites and blogs.

One person said "I paid 39 dollars deposit which they promised to return in case I cancel their service. Now when I tried calling India using this service, I always get a message saying the number is invalid. I could not make any calls and finally after frustration, when I tell them to cancel, they say they can't refund any money".
One more guy review "I tried calling Pakistan and India for 4 days and never got through. And I found out I was charged $34.95 on a monthly basis.Then i called Nuera Telecom customer service line and all of the sudden THEY DONT SPEAK ENGLISH!".

Well, I guess above reviews says it all. My vote is also against them. I wont suggest people to register with Nueratelecom.

madhur article :

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September 30, 2009 at 10:39 PM

I read your blog from top to bottom, you are saying right and i am also like prepaid Voip services. But i think company can't refund money after taking a voip plan.

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