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If you are still paying high for making international calls, then you certainly needs change. Change to Voip or your vop provider. We have already discussed about so many voip provider which offer cheap and free international calls. Specially to India, the calling rate is now in the range of 1-2 cents/min.

Today we will talk about another voip provider, we are not very sure but heard that this even works from UAE. So all the UAE people who are looking for working voip provider, can try for making calls to India.

The calling rate offered by to call India is 1.3 cents/minute, calling rate to other countries are also very cheap.

Softcall provides Mobile voip service, it also provider SIP support so you it from any SIP phone. SoftCall can also be used from your PC for making PC to Phone calls, as it provides PC voip application. Some features of its Softphone are :
Address Book
Call History
Credit Balance Display
Call To, Calling Destination Display
Cost Per Minute Display
Call Duration Display
Check CDRs
Speed Dial, Redial

Softcall also provides 10,000 free minutes to USA, Canada at price of just $4.99/month. For more info, Visit

Going for Vacation : Wowtel International Prepaid Sim Cards

We have discussed a lot on making cheap international phone calls, but have not really discussed about making cheap phone calls whn you are going abroad for a vacation.

A lot of Indians go abroad for business trip, leisure, students go for higher studies. Now offcourse since you are going for few days, you wont be buying a phone connection in your destination country. Ultimately you end up having no phone connection when you are travelling abroad, not able to talk to your loved ones in your home country.

A simple option which most people choose is to get their International roaming activated, and you know the call charges in international roaming are so high that you end up spending a lot of money. (Call charges in International roaming to India are in range of Rs 50-100. More than $1.)

So what all options do you have and how can we help you save on your phone bills. A good option is to get an international prepaid sim cards. These sim cards are normal sim cards which will work in your destination country and best part is that call charges are less than half of what you pay when in International roaming.

We have already discussed about one, Matrix Sim cards (which is already very popular). Lets now talk about other such services. One such service is WowTel International Prepaid Sim cards.

Wowtel offers International Prepaid Sim cards in five countries which includes USA, UK, Belgium, Thailnd, Switzerland.

The initial cost of Sim Card is Rs 1499, and you dont even need to return the card when you get back to India. Initially you will get some free calling minutes and free sms plus wowtel to wowtel local calls are free. The local call rates and call rates to India are also very cheap. When you have used your free minutes, you can easily topup your sim to talk more.

Using Wowtel (USA sim) to call India will cost you 15 cents per minute (approx Rs8) but you know on International roaming you may need to pay more than Rs 100/min. So this clearly shows you how much you can save if you take International prepaid sim cards with you while travelling abroad.

SimpleCall Free and cheap calls to India

Firstly wishing all my blog readers a very Happy Diwali. I hope you will enjoy this festival to the fullest. To all my NRI readers, just go through the blog and you will find many post regarding making cheap and free calls to India, one of them being Rynga Voip service. This Diwali just call all your relatives and friends in India and wish them up. I guess with Voip you will be able to do so with very low cost.

Lets now discuss about another voip provider, SimpleCall. Thanks again to Mr. Harry for informing us about it.

SimpleCall is offering all new users free 1USD to try their service for free. You can make use of this free credit to make free calls to India. The calling rate offered by SimpleCall to India is also just 1.6 cents per minute. So this free credit will enable you to make approx. 62 minutes of free call.

Since the calling rate being so cheap, I guess you can continue with SimpleCall as Harry gave good reviews about the service.

Using SimpleCall is lot more easy with many ways to use it. You can either use local access number service, dial local access number followed by international number and connect to ones living in India. You can also use SimpleCall Pc application (softphone) for making cheap Pc to Phone calls.

Apart from cheap rates to India, SimpleCall also provides very cheap rates to other Asian countries like Bangladesh and Pakistan.

So, go for SimpleCall. Try the service for free and please do post your reviews as it will help others know about the Simplecall service.

Pinless World Calling Card : India Bulk rate 1.6c per minute

Thanks to Mr. Harry for informing us PinlessWorld Calling card. Its one of the cheapest calling card to India in the market widely used by many.

PinlessWorld Calling card offer calling rate of 1.6 cents per minute to call India. Unlike other calling card companies that offer low rates with an expiration date, PinlessWorld offers its low rates without any fees or expiration date. This is indeed good as they is no validity and you can use your credit at your pace.
Use your minutes when ever you need to and never be afraid of being charged any fees or having to use your minutes within a certain period of time.

Speed Dial: Enter your destination numbers and assign them to a quick dial number. At the balance prompt just dial the Speed dial number followed by #.

PIN Recharge: Instantly recharge your existing pin online via your PIN Manager.

Rounding: There is one minute rounding when using any one of our calling plans.

Call History: You can view all the calls you made from your PIN online in your Pin Manager. Get the Date and Time of each call you make as well as the number you called from and called to. Also view the duration of each call made online.

Dialing Instructions: To place a call to India you need to follow these steps
1) Dial Access number
2) Enter Pin Number (If Pinless Dialing is set up, please skip step 2)
3) Enter your destination number in the following format 011+Country code+City Code+Number

PinlessWorld calling card offers many local access numbers. So, this Diwali you have one more option. Try PinlessWorld Calling card.

Free Calls to Mexico Mobiles Using Rebtel Application

Mexico is one of the most called destination in the world (apart from Asian countries like India, Pakistan). And because of this reason we started exploring the cheap and free options for calling Mexico. It was no surprise that lots of voip provider offer very cheap calls rates to this country. Infact many calling cards also offer highly cheap calls to Mexico. But this does not mean that you start using any random calling card or voip service (only considering the rates). We have to choose a voip provider which not only offers cheap rates but good voice quality and great customer support.

Rebtel (one of the biggest voip provider) is also offering very cheap calls to Mexico. It is now offering just 1 cent a min so that all the Mexicans living in USA can connect to their loved ones in Mexico. Its actually result of the war between prepaid calling card industry and voip industry that has prompted Rebtel to slash their calling rates to Mexico.

A Rebtel survey this month showed that 79 percent of participants believe they had consistently received fewer minutes than promised by calling card providers. With Rebtel there is no charge to set up a Rebtel account. No monthly fees. No connection fees. No hidden costs. Rebtel works with any phone – even the most simple, cheap mobile phone – without modification, software downloads or changes to the user’s calling plan with their cell phone provider.

Rebtel Calls to Mexico

From calling USA to Mexico, Rebtel offers 1.9 cent per minute to call Mexico landline phones and 9.9 cents/min to call mobile phones.

You can also use Rebtel app on your android mobiles, iPhones or Blackberry mobiles for cheap calling to Mexico. It also offers a PC application for making calls. The usual method of calling (local access) is still valid and works great.

Free International Calls to Mexico Using Rebtel

To bring to your notice Mexico is one of the 50 Countries (Rebtel Supported). In the 50+ countries listed below, you can also use Rebtel's local numbers to call your loved ones abroad. You use your regular operator for the local call, but the international part is connected by Rebtel over the internet! Best of all, you can use any mobile or landline when calling with local numbers. When you use our new Rebtel 2.0 applications, you can even switch from a WiFi or 3G data call to a local number in the middle of a conversation.

For Free Call, simply call your friend using the local number you got from Rebtel. When they pick up, ask them to hang up and call you back while you stay on the line. You see, when you call a friend in one of the 50 countries where Rebtel is available, a number that is local to your friend is displayed on their phone. When they call you back up, the call is instantly connected and you can talk for as long as you like without paying anything. Do you know that you can also use Rebtel service for sending free or cheap sms.

This free calling procedure is also explained in the video below :

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