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Going for Vacation : Wowtel International Prepaid Sim Cards

We have discussed a lot on making cheap international phone calls, but have not really discussed about making cheap phone calls whn you are going abroad for a vacation.

A lot of Indians go abroad for business trip, leisure, students go for higher studies. Now offcourse since you are going for few days, you wont be buying a phone connection in your destination country. Ultimately you end up having no phone connection when you are travelling abroad, not able to talk to your loved ones in your home country.

A simple option which most people choose is to get their International roaming activated, and you know the call charges in international roaming are so high that you end up spending a lot of money. (Call charges in International roaming to India are in range of Rs 50-100. More than $1.)

So what all options do you have and how can we help you save on your phone bills. A good option is to get an international prepaid sim cards. These sim cards are normal sim cards which will work in your destination country and best part is that call charges are less than half of what you pay when in International roaming.

We have already discussed about one, Matrix Sim cards (which is already very popular). Lets now talk about other such services. One such service is WowTel International Prepaid Sim cards.

Wowtel offers International Prepaid Sim cards in five countries which includes USA, UK, Belgium, Thailnd, Switzerland.

The initial cost of Sim Card is Rs 1499, and you dont even need to return the card when you get back to India. Initially you will get some free calling minutes and free sms plus wowtel to wowtel local calls are free. The local call rates and call rates to India are also very cheap. When you have used your free minutes, you can easily topup your sim to talk more.

Using Wowtel (USA sim) to call India will cost you 15 cents per minute (approx Rs8) but you know on International roaming you may need to pay more than Rs 100/min. So this clearly shows you how much you can save if you take International prepaid sim cards with you while travelling abroad.

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March 24, 2011 at 9:29 PM

International Sim Card

International sim card are the most effective way to get in touch with your loved once while u are not in your country

April 28, 2011 at 2:31 AM

International Sim Card will provide you to call your loved ones from the every corner of the world.

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