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SimpleCall Free and cheap calls to India

Firstly wishing all my blog readers a very Happy Diwali. I hope you will enjoy this festival to the fullest. To all my NRI readers, just go through the blog and you will find many post regarding making cheap and free calls to India, one of them being Rynga Voip service. This Diwali just call all your relatives and friends in India and wish them up. I guess with Voip you will be able to do so with very low cost.

Lets now discuss about another voip provider, SimpleCall. Thanks again to Mr. Harry for informing us about it.

SimpleCall is offering all new users free 1USD to try their service for free. You can make use of this free credit to make free calls to India. The calling rate offered by SimpleCall to India is also just 1.6 cents per minute. So this free credit will enable you to make approx. 62 minutes of free call.

Since the calling rate being so cheap, I guess you can continue with SimpleCall as Harry gave good reviews about the service.

Using SimpleCall is lot more easy with many ways to use it. You can either use local access number service, dial local access number followed by international number and connect to ones living in India. You can also use SimpleCall Pc application (softphone) for making cheap Pc to Phone calls.

Apart from cheap rates to India, SimpleCall also provides very cheap rates to other Asian countries like Bangladesh and Pakistan.

So, go for SimpleCall. Try the service for free and please do post your reviews as it will help others know about the Simplecall service.

madhur article :

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October 16, 2009 at 4:42 AM

Its nt allowing to register from india
getting following error
"Your phone number not supported by us. Please contact Simplecall"

getting this error with all numbers

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