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Free International calls from New Zealand to India and other countries

Voip is really growing. Now a lot of people have started using Voip, making free international calls. Calls to India are very cheap now with many voip providers even offering free calls to India. is a very famous voip provider offering free calls to India and other 70 destinations from Australia. It is widely used by many in Australia to make free international calls. How about a similar service from New Zealand.

Yes the owners of Freedomcalls have launched their voip service in New Zealand. is new service launched in New Zealand. It is access number based service using which you can make free calls to India and other destinations frm New Zealand.

The calling procedure (lets assume you want to make free calls to India):
1. Call access number : Any of :
028 3000 011
028 3000 022
028 3000 033

2. Follow the prompt and then dial destination number.
Format– Prefix 00 + Country code + Destination No. + # e.g. to call India free dial - 00 +91+ 98123XXXXX

Please note that you will be charged for the local leg of the call (mobile call charge), but if your local calls in New zealand are free then your total call cost to India will be effectively free.

Other countries where you can make free calls :
Argentina + mobile Hong Kong + mobile Puerto Rico Australia Hungary Paraguay-Asuncion Albania Iceland Romania Andorra India + mobile Russia Austria-Vienna Ireland San Marino + mobile Azores Israel Singapore + mobile Bahamas Italy South Africa Bangladesh + mobile Indonesia-Jakarta Spain Belgium Iraq-Baghdad Sweden Brazil Japan Switzerland Bulgaria Jordan Satellite 1-Ellipso
Brunei Kazakhstan-Almaty Slovakia Canada + mobile Kenya-Nairobi Slovenia
Chile Korea South-Seoul Trinidad & Tobago China + mobile Latvia Taiwan
Colombia Luxembourg Thailand + mobile Costa Rica Macau + mobile Turkey Croatia Malaysia + mobile United Kingdom Cyprus + mobile Mariana + mobile U.S.A. + mobile
Czech Rep Mexico US Virgin Islands Denmark Macedonia-Cosmofon Venezuela Dominican Rep. Malta Vietnam (Ho Chi Min City only)Estonia Martinique France Monaco
French Antilles Netherlands Georgia New Zealand Germany Norway Gibraltar Northern Marianas Greece Peru Guam Poland Guadeloupe Portugal.

So try this free service, make free internationl calls from New Zealand, and give your feedback.

Tpad offers free calls to and from Pakistan.

Tpad is a big name in this voip industry. Tpad is most widely used voip solution for business purposes. For home calling needs, Tpad is a good option. Few months, back Tpad was offering free $2 credit to all readers of Free PC to Phone calls.

Now here is the latest from Tpad. Tpad is now offering Free calls to and from Pakistan. This clearly means that you can connect to your loved ones in Pakistan. It seems that the attention of voip companies has now shifted to other Asian countries specially Pakistan after the lowering calling rates to India. The Asian market has a big potention and now voip companies have started to focus on it.

With so many providers already offering free calls to India and cheap calls to India, we also thought to discuss about making international calls to other destinations.

Tpad Break-In Numbers (sometimes called Local Access Numbers) allow callers to use the Tpad network from a normal landline or mobile phone for just the price of a local call. You can dial this number at the cost of a local call. This Tpad break in number method is very useful if your friend living in Pakistan dont have access to internet.

Lets talk about this method to make free calls to Pakistan. Let me show it to you in simple steps.
Lets suppose you want to talk to your parents living in Pakistan and you live in USA.

1. First you need to register with Tpad. You will get a Tpad number. So basically you can receive calls on his number. You can receive calls on Voip softphone or you can configure your SIP device or you can forward the calls o your mobile or landline phone.

2. Ask your parents to dial Pakistan local access number from their local phone (landline or mobile). You can get this local access number once you register with Tpad. They will be charged local rates for calling this Pakistan phone number.

3. Wait for automated message then they press 1 on the telephone pad.

4. Then they dial YOUR Personal Tpad Number. (e.g. 1125139)

5. The Call will then be connected and you can answer using the Softphone or VoIP Device (ATA / IP Phone / Softphone / WiFi Mobile).

Your parents need not to be a Tpad user neither they require any internet connection. So this way you can call Pakistan for free. Do share your views and let us know if you face any difficulty.

VoipGain : Cheap international calls to Pakistan

Voip has changed the calling ways so much. Now people have started using Voip for making international and national phone calls and saved a lot of money. Specially if you now talk about calling India, then there are so many cheap voip providers.

Here is another new entry in the voip market. Betamax has launched another voip provider names VoipGain. Apart from offering cheap calls to India, VoipGain offers very cheap calls to Pakistan. We discussed about Rebtel offering free calls to Pakistan, and now betamax is offering cheap calls to Pakistan.

VoipGain offers 2.2 cents per minute to call Pakistan landline and 4.5 cents to call Pakistan mobile. VoipGain also offers cheap calls to many other destinations apart from Pakistan. Its a good option for maing cheap international phone calls.

VoipGain allows you to make Pc to Phone calls, SIP calls and phone to phone calls.
Voipgain SIP setting

SIP port : 5060
Registrar :
Proxy server :
Outbound proxy server : leave empty
Account name : your VoipGain username
Password : your VoipGain password
Display name/number : your VoipGain username or voipnumber
Stunserver (option) :

What I suggest to you is buy minimum credit with VoipGain, and try it. Continue with VoipGain service if you like it.
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