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FAQ : Making free calls using Pennytel

First Wishing all my blog readers a very very Happy New Year. This time of year, almost everyone wish their friends and family, the call volumes increasing to a great extent.

Well, Few days back we posted about PennyTel voip service and their new year offer in which it offered unlimited free voip calls to India and other 5 destinations. Many people have been sucessful in using this PennyTel voip service and have been making more than 3 Hrs of phone calls each day.

To bring to your notice that the PennyTel voip service is still working good, and you will be able to make free calls to India and wish everyone a happy new year. For those who were not able to make calls using PennyTel, just check the few points below and check where you were wrong.

1. You registered on the website "PennyTel" and received email confirmation with login details. Now you are able to login properly.

2. You filled your email address on the xmaspromo page on the pennytel website - Link.
Only this will entitle you to get free 10 M minutes of free calls.

3. You received confirmation mail regarding free 10 M minutes - that is SIP details. Now when you login to your account you can see the plan type as "Free access Plan (10 M Minutes Free) [ON your home page - when you login to your account ]

4. You have successfully launched PennyTel softphone : and it shows Registered (after it has loaded). (Check the Pin I posted in the earlier post).

5. To dial the number you dial : 919891XXXXXX (India Mobile) or (00919891XXXXXX)
India Landline as - 91 11 XXXXXXXX or (00 91 11 XXXXXXXX).

Your call should get connected now. But if you miss any of above said steps and probably you should correct it to make free calls.

Dial91 : Dial India, India Calling Card : 1.5 Cents/Min

This holiday season, a large number of voip providers have lowered their call rates to India. If you are paying more than 1.5-2 cents per minute to call India, then you are definitely losing money.

We have so many options now to make calls to India. Free Calls to India is offered by Pennytel this holiday season (till 2nd Jan2010), it also offers free voip calls to other countries. If you talk of calling cards Pingo is obviously a good option, but you can explore others too.

Due to the every growing competition, many voip providers are forced to lower call rates. Dial91 has reduced its call rates to India. Dial91 is now offering 1.5 cents/minute to call India. One of my friend is using Dial91 to make calls from USA to India, and he is very much satisfied with the call quality.

Another good thing about Dial91 is that you can buy as low as a $2 calling card, which will give you 134 calling minutes to India with effective calling rate just 1.5 cents/minute. So I guess you can try it by buying a $2 card, and continue with the voip service if you like it. Soon you will be able t access Dial91 from Skype, another cool thing !!

FriendCaller Calling Guide: Get Free Calls Credit

Yesterday I posted about FriendCaller and about its giving free voip credit to make free voip calls. FriendCaller is giving 10 Eurocents credit, so that you can make free calls. The call rates to India is around 2 eurocent so your trial call will lasts for 5 minutes.

However, a lot of people complained that they were not able to register properly, and did not got free calling credit. I have checked again and yes FriendCaller is still offering free voip credit.
free calls friendcaller

Follow the steps below :

1. Visit Friendcaller (Its a Java applet so you may need to install some program depending on your browser).

2. Click on Register (left sidebar).

3. Enter Details (Name, Last Name, Email Address, Password).

4. Do note that enter a valid Email address (as each unique user is tracked via email address, and you will get free credit only when you verify your email address.

5. Submit the form.

6. You will be automatically be logged in (without credit- you wont be able to place calls as you still have no credit.). So Logout.

7. Visit your mail and check mail by FriendCaller, verify your mail address using the link Friendcaller mailed you.

8. Login again. Now you should see 10 eurocents credit in your accoun. I have pasted a Printscreen image showing the free credit.

9. To make calls, click on phone sign below your name (homepage). Enter the number and enjoy free calls.

If you like the FriendCaller voip service then you can continue with them by buying voip credit as the call rates offered by FriendCaller are also cheap.

FriendCaller : Webphone : Free Voip Calls (Browser based calling)

Making calls directly from your web browser has been very popular. You dont need to download any softphone (Pc application) to make Pc to Phone calls, neither you have to dial any access numbers.

Now with FriendCaller make FREE Internet calls and cheap phone calls straight from your browser. If you have internet connection, PC, Headset and mic bingo, you can make free voip calls. With FriendCaller, no software installation required. It's a Java-based temporary browser applet that is loaded onto your browser when you log-in.

The best part about FriendCaller is that it is offering free voip credit to test their service using which you can call India or any other country for free. The test credit lasts for about 5 min-7min call to India. Register with FriendCaller, and make free calls using the its Java applet.

If you have iPhone, then you can also use FriendCaller on your iPhone.

If you like FriendCaller Voip service and wanna talk for long then you purchase credit from Friendcaller and make free voip calls.

PS: To make unlimited free calls to India during these holidays (till 2nd Jan 2010) try Pennytel.

Airtel Call India : Airtel Call Home No Rental Plan

Airtel Call Home is used by many, many calling India from USA (famous among NRI's). The service by Airtel call home is indeed good, and that's the reason people favor it.

When Airtel Call home launched its 1 cent plan to call India (Airtel call India) people did not registered for it because of the rental thing. Actually Airtel Call Home was charging some rental for India Calling Plans. Now Airtel Call home has launched another plan with Zero Rental. With thins Airtel Call India, you can make very cheap calls to India.

Airtel Call Home (Airtel Call India) Zero Rental Plan :
Plan Value : $15
Talktime : 938 Mins
Duration or Validity : 60 Days

Plan Value : $25
Talktime : 1563 Mins
Duration or Validity : 90 Days

Effective call rates to India by AirtelCallHome was 1.6 cents per minute (which is same as its 1 cent per minute plan). Good things about this plan is validity is long, good for the ones who don't talk too much and spend about $10/month for calling India. Airtel Call Home is worth trying voip provider if your calling minutes don't exceed 1000.

PS: This holiday season don't spend any money for making calls to India. Check out PennyTel for making free calls to India. It is offering 10 Million free till 2nd Jan 2010 to make free voip calls to India, Australia, UK, USA etc.

PennyTel : Unlimited Free Calls to India, International using Pennytel

This is about making Free international calls using Pennytel. Its the new Pennytel promotional offer, a Christmas and New year promotion by voip major PennyTel. When you avail this Pennytel offer, you will get entitled to 10 Million free minutes of calling to India, Australia, Canada, China, UK and USA.

Pennytel promotion is during the holiday season and it wont last for long. Let me put this in detail.

To help you talk to your friends and family this holiday season Pennytel is offering unlimited free calls to above said countries (India included) ( 10,000,000 minutes of FREE calls ).

free calls to india

Pennytel Free International Calls : 10M Minutes Free Promotion

This Pennytel offer is available to all new customers as well as old customers. So, if you have not signed up with PennyTel earlier then you can sign up now and make use of the offer. Again : Pennytel offer is for limited time, so make most use of it now.

PennyTel 10 Million free minutes offer will run till 2nd Jan 2010, or when you have used all your minutes (whichever is earlier).

Now Pennytel offers a variety of ways to use their service, use SIP or you can even use PC to Phone calling (Use softphone directly from their website).

I have myself registered for the service and have been using Pennytel softphone to make calls. The call quality (using the softphone is very good) and call lasts for as long as yo talk.

UPDATE : Please refer to the youtube video below to make free calls using Pennytel. Simply use Pennytel SIP settings in Nimbuzz to make Free PC to Phone Calls.

My review is very positive (considering it is unlimited free calls). So I would recommend Pennytel to everyone. This will indeed help you save all your money which you would have otherwise spent on wishing your friends and family "Happy New year".

Make most of it now, Share your reviews and please post your comments if you face any difficulty (We will help you out as we have been using it for making free calls). Signup with Pennytel now !!


Vopium Call India , Call Pakistan , Call Bangladesh Plans

First wishing all my blog readers Merry Christmas. Hope Santa brings you lots of gifts !!

Yesterday we talked about Vopium Christmas and new year offer. Vopium is very popular as a mobile voip provider, so if you want to make calls from your mobile phone and club that with the benefit of using voip then Vopium suits your needs.

Vopium offers quite attractive packages to call India, Call Bangldesh and to call Pakistan. We thought to discuss these calling packages with you.

Vopium Call India : Call India for EUR 0.01/min only.
Buy the "Call India" package and receive 750 min for only EUR 9.95 to call any landline and mobile in India. You also get 100 free international SMS on top. The package is valid for 30 days

Vopium Call Pakistan : "Call Pakistan" package allows you to call Pakistan for EUR 0.04/min only!
Buy the "Call Pakistan" package and receive 350 min for only EUR 12.95 to call any landline and mobile in Pakistan. You also get 100 free international SMS on top.The package is valid for 30 days.

Vopium Call Bangladesh : "Call Bangladesh" package allows you to call Bangladesh for EUR 0.02/min only!
Buy the "Call Bangladesh" package and receive 750 min for only EUR 12.95 to call any landline and mobile in Bangladesh. You also get 100 free international SMS on top.The package is valid for 30 days.

PS: If you are looking for a calling card to India, then you must try Pingo Calling cards (offering less than half a cent per min to India).

IndiaLD : India Calling card : Call India for 0.7Cents/minute

IndiaLD Cheapest calls to Call India This holiday season with Christmas and new year around, we assure you that you will not spend much on your phone calls. Thanks to the latest new year promotions and offers by various voip providers offering cheap and free voip calls.

Yesterday we posted about Pingo Calling cards which is offering very cheap calls to India clubbed with some great offers (offering effective rate of less than one cent). Today we will discuss another such offer by well known IndiaLD.

Already very popular IndiaLD is celebrating its 1st anniversary with some very good promotions to call India. Lets talk about these promotions and benifits in details.

1. 5000 Mins for $35.00 plus tax with effective calling rate of .007 Deal :
Call India Land & Mobile For $.007/min.
45 Day Validity. Recharge Allowed.
No Fees. No Hidden Charges.
Pinless Dial Per Account.
The sad part - USA ACCESS NUMBER ONLY! (California access number (949) 259-9907.)

2. 1.5¢ India Calling Card, NEW From IndiaLD :
Call India Land & Mobile For 1.5¢/min.
90 Day Validity. Pay As You Go.
No Fees. No Hidden Charges.
Send Free SMS to India.
Call From 11 Countries.

According to me, if you are from USA and making a lot of calls to India then $35 plan is good for you. It is not for the people who make less call to India and are not sure that they will be able to consume 5000 minutes in 45 days.

Pay as you go plan is good by IndiaLD, the calling rate to India is very competitive. I guess Pingo Calling card is equally good or a better option for those who want to make calls to India. So I would suggest you to check both and then make a choice.

Pingo Calling Cards Reduces Call rates to India : Free Credit

Its been long we have posted about Pingo. Pingo Calling cards is one of the most widely used calling cards to make calls to India. The call quality is good, cutomer support is good and method to call is also easy.

In the past too, we have posted about Pingo Calling cards and all the new offers it has launched in the market. Lately, Pingo has come up with new offers and the best part is that Pingo has reduced its normal calling rates to India.

Without any offer : The calling rate offered by Pingo Caling card is 1.95 Cents/min.
Now lets talk about the offers Pingo is offering. If you sign up for 5$ you will get $10 (that is $5 bonus). If you sign up for $10 you will get $20. That is like 50% bonus. This makes your effective calling rate to India to just .9 cents (that is less than one cent -- once again its approx 1 cent per minute).

50% off calls on Wednesday : Promotion will be available starting 2nd month from your sign up. Example: If you signed up in month one, your 50% off calls on Wednesday promotion would be applied starting your 2nd & 3rd month of service.

That means, your calling rate to India on Wednesday gets to - half a cent per minute (0.5 cent or $0.005 per minute).

One more good thing about Pingo Calling cards is that it is now offering a softphone (so unlike other calling cards, you can use Pingo from anywhere in world if you ar connected to Internet). You can use Pingo softphone to make calls to India.

If you are having a smartphone then you can even use Pingo in your mobile phone, now the best part-- You will get $5 free voip credit to try Pingo in your mobile phone.

For more info, and to sign up Visit Pingo.

Poketalk : free credit and cheap voip calls : Poketalk Pro

Poketalk is already a very famous and widely used voip provider, rated as no 1 free calls provider by many voip blogs. We have also posted about Poketalk, and the post was a big hit.

Poketalk has introduced some new exciting offers and also changed some of the plans. Earlier Poketalk was limited to offering free calls from few countries to about 60 countries. Now Poketalk offers web initiated calling, this means you can now use Poketalk from anywhere in the world (not everywhere but many countries -- most included).

Now Poketalk doesnot offer unlimited free calls but when you sign up for free service then you are being offered 5 free calls each of 10 minutes (phone to phone calls using web initiated calling method). You can also try Pin access, local numbr method or the SMS method to make calls. More information about this is available on the Poketalk website (with videos explaing the method of making calls).

If you enjoy the service you can then upgrade to PokeTALK Pro for the best valued calls at the highest quality.
You will get then get free calls upgrading to Pro. Yes of course. With each purchase you receive bonus calls, and the more credit you add the more bonuses you receive.

What is PokeTALK Pro?
Pro offers you the best valued calls at the highest quality. PokeTALK offers multiple services including web callback, sms call back, dial in numbers, and more, all of which are accessible with Pro credits. PokeTALK pro saves you up to 95% on you long distance bills by offering calls at local rates.

Lets get to the point : Free credit to make free international calls.
Poketalk is offering free calling credit in the month of December. For the FULL month of December, every invite that you send your friends will have a coupon with free Pro credits to call anywhere they want! You can login to share and invite all your family and friends to call free these holidays!

Each invite will have a different amount of credit between $1-$10, so your friends will be able to call you for hours. Once your friend receives the coupon and registers, they enter it in the ‘Got a coupon’ link. If you want to invite multiple friends quickly you also have the option to import your full email contacts.

Free Calls to India from worldwide (different countries)

Access based number dialing is getting very popular now. Lots and lots of new access based number services are coming up which offer free international phone calls. Earlier, there was only Freedomcalls which offered a Australian access number dialing which you can connect to 60 countries for free.

Today, local access numbers are offered from various parts of world. You can use mobile cap minutes to dial these numbers for free and then dial your international number (international part is covered by these voip providers).

Below is the access number and calling procedure from various countries. Note that you need to check with your telecom provider if they offer free/cheap calls to these local access numbers.

1. Free calls to India from Australia :
Dial access number 0424 21 5054 .
Press 1 to make calls.
Dial Destination Number
Dial the international number (destination number). Prefix 0011 + Country code + Destination Number + #
e.g. To Make a call To India Dial 0011 91 (destination number) # Get connected straight away in the cost of local mobile call.

2. Free calls to India from New Zealand :
Dial our access number 028 3000 010/020/030
When prompted, dial the international number starting with the country code.
e.g. To Make a call To India Dial 0091 (destination number) #
+91 (destination number)#
Get connected straight away in the cost of local mobile call.

3. Free calls to India from South Africa:
Dial access number 087 5102 035
Dial Destination Number
When prompted, dial the international number starting with the country code.
e.g. To Make a call To India Dial 0091 (destination number) #
+91 (destination number)#

4. Free calls to India from UK:
Dial access number :08430180011
Dial the number you wish to call, including 00 and the country code.

Note :: I am again repeating that you may be charged too much by your telecom provider to call these local number. So first check with your telecom provider, if its free or the calling rate is very cheap then you can easily enjoy free international calls. (Some even offer free calls to Pakistan).

BDPhoneOnline Review: Unlimited calls to India Bangladesh Worldwide

Its the new year time, the call volumes increase during this time of year. We thought to explore some more voip provider which offer cheap International phone calls. We found a voip provider names BDPhoneOnline which is offering unlimted worldwide calling at cheap rates.

Bdphoneonline is offering unlimited phone calls to about 60 countries which include India and Bangladesh. Yes this means, that its unlimited phone calls to India.

It also includes low international rates & free "in-network" calling
Free phone adapter.-- Linksys Phone adapter to make phone calls from your normal phone.
Includes features such as Call Waiting, Forwarding, Voicemail and more!

First let me tell you the price, the price mentioned at the homepage says - $20.99 per month. (Thats actually not the exact price). You will have to pay ($20.99+$7.00 tax/fees + $2.00) $29.99 every month.

You initial order will cost you (1st mo $20.99+ setup $10.00 + Tax $7 + Shipping & Handling $8.95 + $2.00) $48.94. After that only $29.99 every month.

One more thing to has to be noticed is the calling limit -:
Average 2 hrs daily or 60 hrs/month for FREE international call. No Limit for calls to USA, CANADA, incoming call and call between BdPhone to BdPhone. Over the limit Free International call will be charge at 3 cents per minute.

Now in terms of money, the call cost comes to be less than a cent per minute, but the thing is, offer by BDphone is useful only if you are spending $30 per month with your other voip provider. The deal is useful for the ones who talk more than 3000 minutes to India or these 60 countries.

If you have already used BDphoneonline then your review (comments) will be very useful for others. Please share your views.

Rebtel Computer Calls : Make Phone Calls from Laptop

If you talk about voip then what comes to our mind is Skype. But do you know that Rebtel is also liked by large number of people and it has become world's second largest voip provider. It has been very popular on this blog. Last year, Rebtel launched many promotions offering very cheap international calls. It time to time offers new voucher codes like double money where you can get twice the credit you buy.

The general method of calling it offers is that it offers a local number for each of your contact, dialing which you can connect to your friends and family. Now suppose, you don't have a Mobile, landline phone and still want to make calls using Rebtel. (This situation is quite common with Indian students living in USA and not having any mobile or landline). The only option you have is making calls using your laptop (which I suppose everyone has).

Rebtel has recently launched computer calls, using which you can make cheap international calls without the need of a mobile phone. The good thing is this service can also be used from the countries where Rebtel does not provide local phone numbers (like UAE, India etc).

Rebtel Computer Laptop App

Currently Rebtel does NOT itself offer any PC application, so they provide a sort of workaround method. With Computer Calls you’re able to call your Rebtel contacts from anywhere in the world using your regular Skype™ client. You initiate the call on the Rebtel website and use your Skype client to talk. As you’re calling directly over the Internet with Rebtel, you don’t have to pay a single cent for connection fees or high per-minute rates to Skype. Only the Rebtel rate. Computer Calls also allow you to get a local number for your friends Skype Name and call them on it from your regular phone.

Using Computer Calls To Call Rebtel Friends

1. Go to your contact list on the Rebtel website, click on the local number of the friend you want to call and choose the new “Call from your computer” option.
2. Your Skype client is launched and you will be connected to your friend. You only pay the Rebtel rate.

So, the people who were not using Rebtel just because they wanted to make Pc to Phone calls can now go ahead and start using Rebtel Voip service.

Rebtel has understood that they need to provide more ways to make calls. It has started offering voip client for all the smartphones (be it Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry).
Rebtel has launched its official PC Application (its just a softphone which gets installed on your computer/laptop). We recommend using this application instead of the computer calling method we described earlier. 

VoipPRO offers wholesale voip cheap rates

Another voip provider by Delmont Sarl. And this is a wholesale voip provider, which is good for heavy users, small and medium businesses and call centres. Cheap calls are offered by many voip providers like Rynga, ActionVoip but a very few offers wholesale rates.

Voippro is the voip provider for small and medium businesses. VoipPro provide prepaid VoIP termination at top quality and rates, thanks to interconnections with more than 100 carriers worldwide. Whether you are a carrier, reseller, VoIP service provider or run a small busines, callcenter or callshop, you don't need any minimum volume to benefit from the cheapest wholesale rates on the market!

Calls to India are at 1.13 cents per minute to landlines and 1 cent to Indian mobiles, calls to Bangladesh are also cheap 1.4 cents. Another good thing is calls are billed in 1 second increments except Mexico fix and mobile which are billed in 60 seconds increment. Only bad thing is that you need to buy minimum credit worth 100 Euros.

Calls are also offered via SIP. Use following settings :
Username: Your VoipPro username
Password: Your password
SIP/Proxy registrar:
Domain/Realm (optional):
STUN server:
If you would only like to connect using fixed IP addresses, you can insert your fixed IP addresses in your myaccount area.
After that, you can connect by using the following VoipPro-IP address:
SIP en H323:

Please share your feedback on VoipPRO.
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