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Dial91 : Dial India, India Calling Card : 1.5 Cents/Min

This holiday season, a large number of voip providers have lowered their call rates to India. If you are paying more than 1.5-2 cents per minute to call India, then you are definitely losing money.

We have so many options now to make calls to India. Free Calls to India is offered by Pennytel this holiday season (till 2nd Jan2010), it also offers free voip calls to other countries. If you talk of calling cards Pingo is obviously a good option, but you can explore others too.

Due to the every growing competition, many voip providers are forced to lower call rates. Dial91 has reduced its call rates to India. Dial91 is now offering 1.5 cents/minute to call India. One of my friend is using Dial91 to make calls from USA to India, and he is very much satisfied with the call quality.

Another good thing about Dial91 is that you can buy as low as a $2 calling card, which will give you 134 calling minutes to India with effective calling rate just 1.5 cents/minute. So I guess you can try it by buying a $2 card, and continue with the voip service if you like it. Soon you will be able t access Dial91 from Skype, another cool thing !!

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