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FriendCaller Calling Guide: Get Free Calls Credit

Yesterday I posted about FriendCaller and about its giving free voip credit to make free voip calls. FriendCaller is giving 10 Eurocents credit, so that you can make free calls. The call rates to India is around 2 eurocent so your trial call will lasts for 5 minutes.

However, a lot of people complained that they were not able to register properly, and did not got free calling credit. I have checked again and yes FriendCaller is still offering free voip credit.
free calls friendcaller

Follow the steps below :

1. Visit Friendcaller (Its a Java applet so you may need to install some program depending on your browser).

2. Click on Register (left sidebar).

3. Enter Details (Name, Last Name, Email Address, Password).

4. Do note that enter a valid Email address (as each unique user is tracked via email address, and you will get free credit only when you verify your email address.

5. Submit the form.

6. You will be automatically be logged in (without credit- you wont be able to place calls as you still have no credit.). So Logout.

7. Visit your mail and check mail by FriendCaller, verify your mail address using the link Friendcaller mailed you.

8. Login again. Now you should see 10 eurocents credit in your accoun. I have pasted a Printscreen image showing the free credit.

9. To make calls, click on phone sign below your name (homepage). Enter the number and enjoy free calls.

If you like the FriendCaller voip service then you can continue with them by buying voip credit as the call rates offered by FriendCaller are also cheap.

madhur article :

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December 28, 2009 at 12:01 PM

I agree this is a good offer. Only a small correction, call rate to India is 2.6 Euro cents which makes it around 4 minutes of calls to India.

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