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Pingo Calling Cards Reduces Call rates to India : Free Credit

Its been long we have posted about Pingo. Pingo Calling cards is one of the most widely used calling cards to make calls to India. The call quality is good, cutomer support is good and method to call is also easy.

In the past too, we have posted about Pingo Calling cards and all the new offers it has launched in the market. Lately, Pingo has come up with new offers and the best part is that Pingo has reduced its normal calling rates to India.

Without any offer : The calling rate offered by Pingo Caling card is 1.95 Cents/min.
Now lets talk about the offers Pingo is offering. If you sign up for 5$ you will get $10 (that is $5 bonus). If you sign up for $10 you will get $20. That is like 50% bonus. This makes your effective calling rate to India to just .9 cents (that is less than one cent -- once again its approx 1 cent per minute).

50% off calls on Wednesday : Promotion will be available starting 2nd month from your sign up. Example: If you signed up in month one, your 50% off calls on Wednesday promotion would be applied starting your 2nd & 3rd month of service.

That means, your calling rate to India on Wednesday gets to - half a cent per minute (0.5 cent or $0.005 per minute).

One more good thing about Pingo Calling cards is that it is now offering a softphone (so unlike other calling cards, you can use Pingo from anywhere in world if you ar connected to Internet). You can use Pingo softphone to make calls to India.

If you are having a smartphone then you can even use Pingo in your mobile phone, now the best part-- You will get $5 free voip credit to try Pingo in your mobile phone.

For more info, and to sign up Visit Pingo.

madhur article :

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December 21, 2009 at 6:30 AM

I have been using Pingo for quite sometime now. I use it to call to India, the rates are good. Clubbed with the bonus offers, the effective rate is very low. Call quality is also good. Thanks for the review.

September 16, 2010 at 6:22 AM

you said right man Pingo is good .. but apart from Pingo i find some other calling card far more cheaper and reliable..

May 16, 2011 at 6:06 AM

I would add just one tip. Pingo requires additional verification of your account before you get access to your phone card prepaid. This procedure can be long and nervous. Be careful!

June 9, 2011 at 10:02 AM

Although the Pingo have collected many complaints, I still like my old calling card. I’m satisfied with their service. Although I make phone calls with my card not very often last time, I do this with my pleasure. An old friend is better than three new ones. I’m with Pingo long ago and forever.

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