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Poketalk : free credit and cheap voip calls : Poketalk Pro

Poketalk is already a very famous and widely used voip provider, rated as no 1 free calls provider by many voip blogs. We have also posted about Poketalk, and the post was a big hit.

Poketalk has introduced some new exciting offers and also changed some of the plans. Earlier Poketalk was limited to offering free calls from few countries to about 60 countries. Now Poketalk offers web initiated calling, this means you can now use Poketalk from anywhere in the world (not everywhere but many countries -- most included).

Now Poketalk doesnot offer unlimited free calls but when you sign up for free service then you are being offered 5 free calls each of 10 minutes (phone to phone calls using web initiated calling method). You can also try Pin access, local numbr method or the SMS method to make calls. More information about this is available on the Poketalk website (with videos explaing the method of making calls).

If you enjoy the service you can then upgrade to PokeTALK Pro for the best valued calls at the highest quality.
You will get then get free calls upgrading to Pro. Yes of course. With each purchase you receive bonus calls, and the more credit you add the more bonuses you receive.

What is PokeTALK Pro?
Pro offers you the best valued calls at the highest quality. PokeTALK offers multiple services including web callback, sms call back, dial in numbers, and more, all of which are accessible with Pro credits. PokeTALK pro saves you up to 95% on you long distance bills by offering calls at local rates.

Lets get to the point : Free credit to make free international calls.
Poketalk is offering free calling credit in the month of December. For the FULL month of December, every invite that you send your friends will have a coupon with free Pro credits to call anywhere they want! You can login to share and invite all your family and friends to call free these holidays!

Each invite will have a different amount of credit between $1-$10, so your friends will be able to call you for hours. Once your friend receives the coupon and registers, they enter it in the ‘Got a coupon’ link. If you want to invite multiple friends quickly you also have the option to import your full email contacts.

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