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Reliance Global Call : Call India at just 1.99 cents/min

I hope you guys are enjoying making free calls to India (from UK using Poketalk), and cheap calls to India using Pingo Calling Cards (at one third a cent). Today we will discuss about another cheap voip plan to call India.

Reliance is a big name in India and abroad. When Reliance India call launched one cent plan it was a big hit. People tend to go with big names whom they can trust and Reliance is surely among the top ones.

Reliance has now launched its new calling plan "Simply Reliance Plan" using which you can make cheap calls to India at just 1.99 cents per minute with toll access or 2.99 cents per minute with toll-free access.

Another good thing is that old prepaid and postpaid users can also shift to this new Simply Reliance Plan to make cheap calls to India. Plus if you register as a new user then you will get some free additional talktime.

Lower call rates are applicable only on sign ups/recharges done under the "Simply Reliance " Plan before 8th Feb 2010 12:00 hrs GMT. Talktime will be valid till Dec 2010.

PS: If you are planning to upgrade/move to simply Reliance Plan then first use your existing balance (your old plan).

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January 20, 2010 at 9:06 AM

If you are an existing user of reliance call with 1 cent offer than you should use your available balance first, otherwise you will be charged at 5.9 cents per minute when you use that balance.

January 20, 2010 at 9:08 AM

Thanks IndiaCallfree for this information. So guys first use your existing balance then only switch to new plan.


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