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Free Calls to and from Chile : Verizon Wireless

You must have heard about the tragic and very sad event 8.8 magnitude earthquake in Chile. Well this post is not exactly about any voip service or free voip phone calls, but is about information on making free calls to Chile so that you can connect to your love ones in Chile.

Verizon Wireless is not charging for calls to and from Chile, it has waived all calling fees for its customers trying to reach loved ones in Chile. All the Verizon customers which are on a montly plan can make calls to thier family, friends and loved ones in Chile and they the calls wont be charged. All calls to Chile will be free. Verizon Wireless also has decided not to charge people for incoming calls made from Chile.

Verizon has extended this offer atleast for a week, so that people can connect for free, by making free calls and get the safety information of their loved ones.

Now if you are a Verizon customer and you are willing to make some donation, then you can donate some money by sending text message.

Verizon is also partnering with relief organizations to help raise funds to help people after the earthquake in Chili.

To make a $10 donation to Habitat for Humanity: text the word "CHILE" to 23583
Make a $10 donation to World Vision: text the word "CHILE" to 20222.

FaceBook Page : Free Pc to Phone Calls

Well this is just one more step for making people aware of Voip and providing the latest offers in the market. I am sure most of us are using FaceBook, so now you can get the latest voip offers, workarounds, cheap offers, free calling offers directly on Facebook. We have launched Free Pc to Phone Calls official Facebook Page. So you can directly follow us on Facebook by becoming a Fan on our Facebook Page.

As I have sad on the Facebook page, that we promise you to provide you with latest offers, and deals to make Free and Cheap International Calls. I will be active on the Facebook page too.

This will also act as a direct contact medium between you and Free Pc to Phone Calls. If you also know any voip deal, just start a discussion or write on the wall. If you face any problem, post it I will be more than happy to answer all your queries.

Heyy, I dont think I need to discuss all this. Just visit FreePctoPhoneCalls Facebook Page and become a Fan. And yes, spread the word around. Share it with your friends.

Spokn: Get a USA, UK, International Phone number for $1/month

Well it may be possible for several reasons that you require a International Phone number in countries like USA, Australia, UK etc. Today we discuss about that, so if you came looking for offers or deals for making cheap phone calls, then just surf the blog the find the latest voip offers.
Coming back to getting a local International Phone number, first lets discuss the reasons who may need a international phone number.

Suppose you like in USA and wants to spread your number on internet for some reasons. You don't want to spread your personal phone number, but still wants to receive those important calls. So, just get yourself a USA phone number and receive voip calls on your softphone or forward it to your cellphone.

Suppose you live in Singapore and run a business in UK, obviously you need to give a local phone number to your clients in UK. Get yourself a UK phone number and forward all the incoming calls to your Singapore Phone.

Spokn is offering Incoming Phone numbers in seven countries -
Austria Bulgaria Canada Denmark Poland UK USA

It will cost you just $1/month.

Some benefits:
1. If you make calls from Softphone, your incoming number will be displayed as caller ID. So the person you called can save your number and call you back on saved number.
2. It's just a local call for callers from that country (of the direct number)
3. All incoming calls on this are free.
4. Incoming Number is a local landline number.
5. Voice Mail service.

For more info, visit Spokn.

uVoipit : Free Calling credit, Cheap rates : uVoipit Review

Its been long, I have posted a good exclusive deal for our Free Pc to Phone calls readers. So, here am I with a very good voip offer (uVoipit) for you all. Today we will blog about a relatively new voip company but with some good plans and positives hopes. Apart from this, they have intentions to make them even better with time to time. Today, we discuss about uVoipit.

It may be possible that you have heard about uVoipit (some may have read some bad reviews about this new voip service : uVoipit Scam), but in the recent past uVoipit have made some changes and this time promised to offer some very good results. So, if you have read anything wrong about uVoipit before then just try it again, you never know you may find a long term voip partner for you. If this is first time you have been reading about uVoipit then read on, we have some free calling minutes waiting for you. Read below the uVoipit Review.

uVoipit has agreed to offer free voip credit to all Free Pc to Phone calls readers. Since the calling rates are cheap, this credit is basically to try their voip service. So if you like the service just buy credit and make calls some cheap calls.

Free Pc to Phone calls readers will get 0.5 $ credit when they sign up with uVoipit. By default, uVoipit is offering 0.15 $ free credit. So the offer is exclusive to freepctophonecalls readers.

Lets discuss the rates first, Calling rate to India - 1.6 cents/minute.
Calls to Bangladesh at 2.7 cents/minute.
Calls to Pakistan at 5 cents/minute.

So with 50 cents you will approx get 31 minutes of free test minutes to India by uVoipit. Calling method is simple, either make calls using access number (like a calling card) or make calls using SIP (configure X-lite or SIP). Please note that when making calls via SIP, you need not to put any prefix, like 00 or 0011 or + Directly call your destination number (viz 9198912XXXXX).

One more thing, please don't abuse this service, if you try to make multiple accounts then all your accounts will be deleted. (This is monitored manually, so better not waste your time in that). That said, lets now discuss how can you get this free test credit.

1. We have a exclusive link to uVoipit. When you visit this link, you will be taken directly to signup page. JUST SIGNUP WITHOUT GOING TO ANY OTHER PAGE. Now here is the catch. If you navigate away to another part of the site then you must come back to FreePctoPhoneCalls and click on URL again. Actually, this is the way by which uVoipit people will monitor that you are a FreePctoPhoneCalls readers.

Its not that complicated. Just visit the link and signup.

2. Now at first you will be allocated free .15 $ credit (by default).
3. After sometime, your information will be verified (if you have used the exclusive link) and your account will be creditited with 35 cents so you get 50 cents effectively.

Again not that difficult, visit link signup and leave for one day (at max). Check your account again you will see 50 cents credit/ 30 minutes of free calls.

So, if you like the service then you can continue with them as the calling rates are very cheap. And yes uVoipit has mentioned to offer a good customer support. If you are facing any problems with uVoipit then share them below. uVoipit Support will be answering them all.

PS: If you dont get free credit, just post your emailid (account details) in comment section, and we will try to get you free credit asap. If you face any problem just post comment in comment section !!

Nymgo Tips to enhance Voice Quality : Nymgo Softphone or Configure SIP

Lately there has not been much of activity in the voip market, so we thought to look at the issues people have been facing in making voip calls. Today if we talk about voip, then people relate to Skype. If we talk about Pc to Phone Calls then what comes to our minds is Nymgo or Mediaringtalk.

Simply because these hold the top positions in Pc to phone market. Nymgo just swapped the market when it launched the monthly calling plan to India, Pakistan and other Asian countries. Some people shared that they are facing difficulty in making calls with Nymgo. Specifically there were some voice quality problems or call not connected kind of problems. If you are also experiencing these issues then please try the tips below.

Nymgo Issues and Problems

- Upgrade to Nymgo Latest softphone 'Nymgo 4.0 beta release'. The design of the softphone is still the same; however Nymgo has improved the overall functionality. It has improved features such as the voice quality, recording option, the address book and performance issues over windows operating system. If you are using any older version then just upgrade (for softwares its always better to use the latest bug free ones).

- If you not satisfied by the Nymgo softphone then you can try SIP (Nymgo SIP). Using SIP you can either make Pc to Phone calls or even Phone to Phone calls. Use SIP software like Fring in your phone to make phone to phone calls.

Nymgo SIP settings are :
SIP Server Or SIP Proxy Server:
SIP User ID: nymgo username
Authenticate ID: nymgo username
SIP password: nymgo password
SIP Port: 5060 Codec Used: g729, g711
STUN Server:
STUN port: 80

Nymgo has given a full userguide to setup your SIP account with :
» Linksys PAP2
» Grandstream HandyTone 286
» Nokia E and N Series Phones
» Siemens
» Asterisk
» Fring Software
» PC Voip Softphone (X-Lite)

- SmartPhones
Nymgo offers a voip client for iPhone , for Android Mobiles and for Blackberry Phones as well. It has recently launched an app for windows mobile as well. So if you are having any smartphone its the best way to use the voip app directly on your mobile and make cheap voip calls.

Just visit Nymgo again and get yourself updated with its latest software's and its features and perhaps the calling rates as well.

Send Cheap International SMS : Cheap SMS to India by Localphone

So far we have discussed a lot of deals for making cheap international voip calls, specially making very cheap calls to India. However it is a fact that text messaging is equally used by people all over the world.

Many people send international SMS on regular basis, specially on special occasions to wish anyone. So many of you must also be aware that SMS rates aint cheap, and you need to spend some bucks to send international SMS.

So why not use Voip and other internet service to send SMS. If you talk about sending text message to India from your PC (you have many free sms options..most popular 160by2). Also the calling rate to India is lower than sending SMS to India. However to other countries there are very few free options.

Also you sometimes dont want to send sms from anonymous number but want to display your number as the ID (like callerID).

A very popular Voip service, Localphone is quite useful for that (though many many voip services offer cheap sms services).

LocalPhone is halving their SMS rates to all destinations from now until the end of February. This has bring down the SMS rates to quite low. Some of the destinations and their SMS rates:

Destination USD
Bangladesh 2.5¢
China 4.5¢
Germany 6.5¢
India 2.5¢
Pakistan 2.5¢
South Africa 3¢
Thailand 2.5¢
UAE 3¢

In order to send SMS, just logon to your LocalPhone
dashboard and start sending !!

Update : Localphone is running a promotional offer. When you sigh up with $1 credit, you will get $2.5 credit. That's additional $1.5 credit as bonus.
$1.5 credit is worth 100 minutes to India. This makes cheapest voip provider to India with effective rate of just 0.6 cents per minute. This offer can be used to call other countries as well. What are you waiting for. Just try Localphone.
(No expiry of credit, good voice quality, and sign up for free - 1st call also free. Add credit as low as $1 plus get $1.5 bonus).
Coupon Code : FPBONUS


VoipGain offers cheap calls to Pakistan and India

In the recent past we have discussed about so many offers to make cheap and free calls to India. So, we now thought to search some good options to make cheap internaional phone calls to other destination.

We all know, calling Pakistan aint a cheap deal now days. But there are some voip providers which offer you very cheap rates to call Pakistan. Betaxmax is one of them. Today we talk about VoipGain (for calling Pakistan).

Obviously those calling India, must be aware of VoipGain as it is one among those offering 1 cent per minute to call India. Yes VoipGain offers 1 eurocent per minute to make calls to India mobile.

If you check VoipGain calling rates to Pakistan then you will find them to be very cheap. VoipGain offers 1.5 eurocent per minute to make calls to Pakistan Landline phones. To call Pakistan mobile, you will have to spend out 3 eurocent per minute. I guess looking at the call rates offered by other voip providers, Voipgain is a good option.

Similar to other betamax services you can either VoipGain softphone or make phone to phone calls using SIP settings.

Call n Speak : Talk to Pakistan unlimited at very cheap rates

A new beta service has been launched by Connect2Pk (connect2Pk which offers you to make free calls to Pakistan). 'Call n Speak' Service is a voip service which offers you a Islamabad phone number on which your loved from Pakistan can call at local rates.

Suppose if you are living in USA and wants to talk to your loved ones in Pakistan. Now you can get Islamabad phone number at $7.89, and receive the calls on your PC/Mobile phone (using the softphone or fring installed on your phone).

You just have to register with 'CallnSpeak' and buy a Pakistan phone number. The service also enables you to first test the service before you make payment.

A very simple voip service to make cheap calls to Pakistan.
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