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Free Calls to and from Chile : Verizon Wireless

You must have heard about the tragic and very sad event 8.8 magnitude earthquake in Chile. Well this post is not exactly about any voip service or free voip phone calls, but is about information on making free calls to Chile so that you can connect to your love ones in Chile.

Verizon Wireless is not charging for calls to and from Chile, it has waived all calling fees for its customers trying to reach loved ones in Chile. All the Verizon customers which are on a montly plan can make calls to thier family, friends and loved ones in Chile and they the calls wont be charged. All calls to Chile will be free. Verizon Wireless also has decided not to charge people for incoming calls made from Chile.

Verizon has extended this offer atleast for a week, so that people can connect for free, by making free calls and get the safety information of their loved ones.

Now if you are a Verizon customer and you are willing to make some donation, then you can donate some money by sending text message.

Verizon is also partnering with relief organizations to help raise funds to help people after the earthquake in Chili.

To make a $10 donation to Habitat for Humanity: text the word "CHILE" to 23583
Make a $10 donation to World Vision: text the word "CHILE" to 20222.

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