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Nymgo Tips to enhance Voice Quality : Nymgo Softphone or Configure SIP

Lately there has not been much of activity in the voip market, so we thought to look at the issues people have been facing in making voip calls. Today if we talk about voip, then people relate to Skype. If we talk about Pc to Phone Calls then what comes to our minds is Nymgo or Mediaringtalk.

Simply because these hold the top positions in Pc to phone market. Nymgo just swapped the market when it launched the monthly calling plan to India, Pakistan and other Asian countries. Some people shared that they are facing difficulty in making calls with Nymgo. Specifically there were some voice quality problems or call not connected kind of problems. If you are also experiencing these issues then please try the tips below.

Nymgo Issues and Problems

- Upgrade to Nymgo Latest softphone 'Nymgo 4.0 beta release'. The design of the softphone is still the same; however Nymgo has improved the overall functionality. It has improved features such as the voice quality, recording option, the address book and performance issues over windows operating system. If you are using any older version then just upgrade (for softwares its always better to use the latest bug free ones).

- If you not satisfied by the Nymgo softphone then you can try SIP (Nymgo SIP). Using SIP you can either make Pc to Phone calls or even Phone to Phone calls. Use SIP software like Fring in your phone to make phone to phone calls.

Nymgo SIP settings are :
SIP Server Or SIP Proxy Server:
SIP User ID: nymgo username
Authenticate ID: nymgo username
SIP password: nymgo password
SIP Port: 5060 Codec Used: g729, g711
STUN Server:
STUN port: 80

Nymgo has given a full userguide to setup your SIP account with :
» Linksys PAP2
» Grandstream HandyTone 286
» Nokia E and N Series Phones
» Siemens
» Asterisk
» Fring Software
» PC Voip Softphone (X-Lite)

- SmartPhones
Nymgo offers a voip client for iPhone , for Android Mobiles and for Blackberry Phones as well. It has recently launched an app for windows mobile as well. So if you are having any smartphone its the best way to use the voip app directly on your mobile and make cheap voip calls.

Just visit Nymgo again and get yourself updated with its latest software's and its features and perhaps the calling rates as well.

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February 23, 2010 at 2:35 AM

Hi! Im Preeti living in India.
My Mom needs a free calling facility for her needs. But these calls will be from PC to landlines and mobiles in India only.
I'll be extremely glad if you could help me out. Mail me the details to

Thanking you,

February 28, 2010 at 11:39 AM

All, Pl be very careful about using NYMGO. I charged my account, and the value never got credited to my account, while my credit card was debited.
E mails to nymgo got NO response.
They only seem to be a bunch of cheats

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