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Spokn: Get a USA, UK, International Phone number for $1/month

Well it may be possible for several reasons that you require a International Phone number in countries like USA, Australia, UK etc. Today we discuss about that, so if you came looking for offers or deals for making cheap phone calls, then just surf the blog the find the latest voip offers.
Coming back to getting a local International Phone number, first lets discuss the reasons who may need a international phone number.

Suppose you like in USA and wants to spread your number on internet for some reasons. You don't want to spread your personal phone number, but still wants to receive those important calls. So, just get yourself a USA phone number and receive voip calls on your softphone or forward it to your cellphone.

Suppose you live in Singapore and run a business in UK, obviously you need to give a local phone number to your clients in UK. Get yourself a UK phone number and forward all the incoming calls to your Singapore Phone.

Spokn is offering Incoming Phone numbers in seven countries -
Austria Bulgaria Canada Denmark Poland UK USA

It will cost you just $1/month.

Some benefits:
1. If you make calls from Softphone, your incoming number will be displayed as caller ID. So the person you called can save your number and call you back on saved number.
2. It's just a local call for callers from that country (of the direct number)
3. All incoming calls on this are free.
4. Incoming Number is a local landline number.
5. Voice Mail service.

For more info, visit Spokn.

madhur article :

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February 22, 2010 at 9:55 PM

This is a pretty good offer. I wish Gizmo still offered registrations s that people could use their GV numbers in USA. Anyways, this is unequivocally a not at all expensive way to get a local phone number.

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