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uVoipit : Free Calling credit, Cheap rates : uVoipit Review

Its been long, I have posted a good exclusive deal for our Free Pc to Phone calls readers. So, here am I with a very good voip offer (uVoipit) for you all. Today we will blog about a relatively new voip company but with some good plans and positives hopes. Apart from this, they have intentions to make them even better with time to time. Today, we discuss about uVoipit.

It may be possible that you have heard about uVoipit (some may have read some bad reviews about this new voip service : uVoipit Scam), but in the recent past uVoipit have made some changes and this time promised to offer some very good results. So, if you have read anything wrong about uVoipit before then just try it again, you never know you may find a long term voip partner for you. If this is first time you have been reading about uVoipit then read on, we have some free calling minutes waiting for you. Read below the uVoipit Review.

uVoipit has agreed to offer free voip credit to all Free Pc to Phone calls readers. Since the calling rates are cheap, this credit is basically to try their voip service. So if you like the service just buy credit and make calls some cheap calls.

Free Pc to Phone calls readers will get 0.5 $ credit when they sign up with uVoipit. By default, uVoipit is offering 0.15 $ free credit. So the offer is exclusive to freepctophonecalls readers.

Lets discuss the rates first, Calling rate to India - 1.6 cents/minute.
Calls to Bangladesh at 2.7 cents/minute.
Calls to Pakistan at 5 cents/minute.

So with 50 cents you will approx get 31 minutes of free test minutes to India by uVoipit. Calling method is simple, either make calls using access number (like a calling card) or make calls using SIP (configure X-lite or SIP). Please note that when making calls via SIP, you need not to put any prefix, like 00 or 0011 or + Directly call your destination number (viz 9198912XXXXX).

One more thing, please don't abuse this service, if you try to make multiple accounts then all your accounts will be deleted. (This is monitored manually, so better not waste your time in that). That said, lets now discuss how can you get this free test credit.

1. We have a exclusive link to uVoipit. When you visit this link, you will be taken directly to signup page. JUST SIGNUP WITHOUT GOING TO ANY OTHER PAGE. Now here is the catch. If you navigate away to another part of the site then you must come back to FreePctoPhoneCalls and click on URL again. Actually, this is the way by which uVoipit people will monitor that you are a FreePctoPhoneCalls readers.

Its not that complicated. Just visit the link and signup.

2. Now at first you will be allocated free .15 $ credit (by default).
3. After sometime, your information will be verified (if you have used the exclusive link) and your account will be creditited with 35 cents so you get 50 cents effectively.

Again not that difficult, visit link signup and leave for one day (at max). Check your account again you will see 50 cents credit/ 30 minutes of free calls.

So, if you like the service then you can continue with them as the calling rates are very cheap. And yes uVoipit has mentioned to offer a good customer support. If you are facing any problems with uVoipit then share them below. uVoipit Support will be answering them all.

PS: If you dont get free credit, just post your emailid (account details) in comment section, and we will try to get you free credit asap. If you face any problem just post comment in comment section !!

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