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VoipGain offers cheap calls to Pakistan and India

In the recent past we have discussed about so many offers to make cheap and free calls to India. So, we now thought to search some good options to make cheap internaional phone calls to other destination.

We all know, calling Pakistan aint a cheap deal now days. But there are some voip providers which offer you very cheap rates to call Pakistan. Betaxmax is one of them. Today we talk about VoipGain (for calling Pakistan).

Obviously those calling India, must be aware of VoipGain as it is one among those offering 1 cent per minute to call India. Yes VoipGain offers 1 eurocent per minute to make calls to India mobile.

If you check VoipGain calling rates to Pakistan then you will find them to be very cheap. VoipGain offers 1.5 eurocent per minute to make calls to Pakistan Landline phones. To call Pakistan mobile, you will have to spend out 3 eurocent per minute. I guess looking at the call rates offered by other voip providers, Voipgain is a good option.

Similar to other betamax services you can either VoipGain softphone or make phone to phone calls using SIP settings.

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February 9, 2010 at 12:49 PM

Thanks for the woderful information. I always visit your blog to get the various offers by VOIP companies. I usally call my family in India. While browsing, I found an interesting site, which lets you make unlimited long distance calls from USA/Canada to India and rest of the world, using your phone. This is not PC to phone call. You don't have to download anything or need any internet connection. I really mean unlimited. The catch is each hour you can make 10 mins free call to India (or rest of the world) and then come back to get another PIN . I even called my friends in UK and France, voice quality was okay.
Visit to make free calls. I also filled a short sponsored survey, and I received PIN to make 2 hours of phone calls.
Friends, just wanted to share this information with you. I am not working or have any affiliation with the said waebsite.

June 3, 2010 at 1:32 PM

do u n0e what this means?

* VoipGain reserves the right after a certain amount of calls to start charging the default rate. FREE CALLS are available for users with Freedays. All Non-Free VoipGain calls are subject to a 0.039 EURO connection fee.

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