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Vonage Unlimited Plan to Call India at $14.99

You must be knowing about the Vonage unlimited calling to world plan. Vonage has come up with a new promotion offering the same plan but with reduced rates. Vonage is offering free calls (unlimited free calls) to India and other 60 countries for $14.99 (for first 6 months).

First thing : Calls to India are free (unlimited).
Plan costs: First 6 months at just $14.99, after that $25.99 plus taxes and fees.

What more you get ?
You get free shipping, free activation and the plan also includes a phone adapter. 30-days Money-Back Guarantee. 24/7 access to your billing information using your online account. Get quick access to local emergency services with Vonage's 911 Dialing feature.
# Unlimited local and long distance in the U.S. and Puerto Rico
# FREE unlimited landline calls to all cities and locations in more than 60 other countries**, including India, Mexico and Canada
# FREE unlimited in network calling anywhere around the world
# 25+ amazing calling features included like readable voicemail§ Caller ID, Call Waiting and Anonymous Call Block.

You must have a high-speed Internet connection (cable or DSL)
You need a U.S. or Puerto Rico shipping address (sorry, no P.O. boxes).

Overall a nice plan to call India and other countries. For more info, visit Vonage.

IndiaLD extends cheapest calling plan to India : 0.007 $ /min

IndiaLD Cheapest calls to Call India At the end of last year, during Christmas time we discussed about IndiaLD and its new offer to call India. The new year promotion offered cheapest call rates to India at just 0.007 $ (that is .7 cents - less than one cent).

This was the cheapest rate to call India and IndiaLd in no doubt is a good voip provider. The promotion was a good hit with a lot of people purchasing the plan. The offer was to end on 15th Feb but IndiaLD has extended the promotion. The IndiaLD promotion to call India at .7 cents is still valid.

I have had a talk with their customer support and they have confirmed the news. They said the offer is valid now and have not confirmed any date till when it is valid. But for now you can purchase the plan and enjoy the cheapest calling rate.

Lets talk about these promotions and benefits in details.

1. 5000 Mins for $35.00 plus tax with effective calling rate of .007 Deal :
Call India Land & Mobile For $.007/min.
45 Day Validity. Recharge Allowed.
No Fees. No Hidden Charges.
Pinless Dial Per Account.
USA Access Number :
California access number (949) 259-9907

2. 1.5¢ India Calling Card, NEW From IndiaLD :
Call India Land & Mobile For 1.5¢/min.
90 Day Validity. Pay As You Go.
No Fees. No Hidden Charges.
Send Free SMS to India.
Call From 11 Countries.

Overall since the promotion has been a good hit, if you have not purchased the plan it is still good time to buy it. If you have any queries you can contact their customer support - they have been very helpful.

For more info, Visit IndiaLD.

Cheap calls to Cuba by uVoipit : 65 cents per minute

Sometime back we discussed about some cheap calling options to Cuba. If you have been making calls to Cuba, you must be knowing the so much high calling rates to Cuba. Some voip provider even charge more than $1 per minute. Yes you heard it right, call rate to Cuba is almost 100 cents per minute.

uVoipit is one of the voip provider which is offering some very cheap calls to Cuba. uVoipit is offering calls to Cuba at 65 cents per minute. Yeah..I know 65 cents aint cheap but if you compare with other voip providers the calling rate is low.

uVoipit has been famous as a provider offering cheap rates to India, Bangladesh, UAE and Pakistan but I guess it can prove useful for calling other destinations too. People in the past have liked the uVoipit voip service, their customer support, good voice quality etc. uVOIPit has no hidden fees, no monthly charges, no tricks.

For more information, visit uVOIPit .

Free Calls to Japan : Call Japan Mobile Free

Japan experienced one of the worst earthquakes in history, with a devastating tsunami. Our thoughts go out to Japanese people, their family and friends, and the many, many people affected by this tragedy. Everyone is trying their best to help Jananese people and voip/telecom providers have also come forward to help Japanese people by offering free international calls to Japan. You can call Japan mobile and landline for free.

Japan communication network is also struck badly and your calls may not get through in first attempt. Try these options to make call your loved ones in Japan and connect with them to know about their safety.

Rebtel Voip Provider mentioned following on their blog :
If you have friends and family in Japan, you’re probably already aware of the massive earthquake that struck northeastern Japan today, March 11th 2011. Rebtel has made the decision to completely drop all their rates to Japan for this weekend, to allow you to call there for free and make sure everyone is ok.

Vonage Free Calls to Japan :
Vonage also announced that it will be waiving per-minute calling charges beginning 8:30 p.m. ET March 11, 2011 until 8:30 p.m. ET March 18, 2011 for customers calling from their Vonage home phones to Japan in the wake of the devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit the country today.

Fring : Call Japan for Free :
Fring have made fringOut calls to Japan free so you can call any phone in Japan from everywhere on earth for free using fringOut. If you have a fring account with fringOut credit, your calls to Japan (both landline & mobile, not premium numbers) will be free (of course chatting, calling & video calling is always free between fring users).

VIP Communication Free Calls to Japan

VIP Communications, is helping the Japanese community in the US stay in touch with friends and loved ones back home. The company is offering all new and existing customers the first 10 minutes of every call to Japan free of charge at least through Friday, March 18th, 2011.

MobiPCS Call Japan Free :
In response to reports of Hawaii residents and visitors having difficultly reaching loved ones in Japan following Thursday’s earthquake and tsunami, Mobi PCS is offering free calls to Japan on its network today through Sunday, March 13. These free calls to Japan can either be made by Mobi PCS customers on their existing Mobi phones or by any member of the public using special phones in any of the 13 Mobi stores across the state.

PowerVoip : Betamax Cheap Calls Bangladesh, Pakistan

PowerVoip, a betamax voip service was launched few days back. As like with other betamax services, Powervoip call rates are also very low. So you now have one more options to make cheap international calls.

First for those who dont have idea about betamax voip service, let me give a brief. Powervoip just like other services will offer you some of the cheapest calling rates, but the problem with betamax services is their poor customer support and problems with payments. Generally, betamax services also tend to increase their calling rates with notices. Initially they offer you very low price, after getting a good customer base they hike their prices.

But still, many a very successfully using betamax service like ActionVoip, Jumblo etc for making cheap international calls. PowerVoip offers you calls via their softphone so you can make Pc to Phone calls. You can make Phone to Phone calls using SIP.

Coming to the rates, PowerVoip is offering very cheap calling rates to Pakistan. You can make calls to Pakistan landline at just 1.7 cents per minute (including taxes). Calls to Pakistan mobile are offered at 4 cents per min (including tax).

Call rates to bangladesh are also very low. You can call Bangladesh landlines and mobiles at just 2.3 cents per minute. Well, the calling rates offered by PowerVoip are very low, even lower than the latest uVoipit (they claimed offering cheapest rates to Bangladesh).

PowerVoip is offering call to India at 1.7 cents per minute (not exactly the right deal). We have better options. Just surf the blog more.

Note: PowerVoip will charge you a connection fees of 3.9 cents per minute. Well this is the sad part, so if you are making calls of very short duration, then your effecive calling rate will be very high. But if you make calls for let say 30 minutes (then PowerVoip is a good option).
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