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Cheap calls to Cuba by uVoipit : 65 cents per minute

Sometime back we discussed about some cheap calling options to Cuba. If you have been making calls to Cuba, you must be knowing the so much high calling rates to Cuba. Some voip provider even charge more than $1 per minute. Yes you heard it right, call rate to Cuba is almost 100 cents per minute.

uVoipit is one of the voip provider which is offering some very cheap calls to Cuba. uVoipit is offering calls to Cuba at 65 cents per minute. Yeah..I know 65 cents aint cheap but if you compare with other voip providers the calling rate is low.

uVoipit has been famous as a provider offering cheap rates to India, Bangladesh, UAE and Pakistan but I guess it can prove useful for calling other destinations too. People in the past have liked the uVoipit voip service, their customer support, good voice quality etc. uVOIPit has no hidden fees, no monthly charges, no tricks.

For more information, visit uVOIPit .

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October 25, 2010 at 7:03 PM

It doesn't look like uVoiIP is working anymore.
What I use to call Cuba is The rate is 90c/min and taxes already included. You can find cheaper, but probably only by 5 cents or so. But I use this one because I get connected to the right number every single time, and call quality is excellent.

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