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WebCallDirect Review and Calling Rates | Download for Android, iPad

Smartphones are really very popular now. A lot of people are using internet on mobile or atleast on their computer. However the fact is that huge number of people still use their regular phones to make international calls.

If you are calling countries like USA, Canada, UK, Mexico, Philippines, Sweden etc using your mobile (regular telecom service) then trust me you are paying huge bills and definitely losing too much money. We will today review a voip service names "WebCallDirect" which can help you lower your phone bills by allowing you to make international calls using internet.

Not only we will review this voip service but we will also post a step by step tutorial on how you can use WebCallDirect on your computer to make free pc to phone calls. Its international calling rates are also very competitive specially for countries like India but good thing is that it offers free calls to many countries.

WebCallDirect Review

Check out some positives and negatives about WebCallDirect!
  • Very competitive prices - Specially for calling countries like India, Pakistan and other Asian countries
  • Different and easy ways to make calls - You can make Pc to Phone Calls or download Webcalldirect app for Android or iPad/iPhone
  • Very easy to use, setup and recharge your account
  • Negative: Its a betamax company which has bad reputation, not to be trusted. Some people recharged and lost money. Check other betamax companies.
  • Negative: Don't expect any customer support
  • Negative: May increase (change) calling prices without any notice

WebCallDirect Calling Rates

As said above it offers free calls to many countries and call rates to other countries are also very cheap and competitive.

Free Calls by WebCallDirect
You need to have some money in your account to be eligible for making free calls. According to them you need to have FreeDays in your account. If you have these freedays, then you can make free calls to some countries (listed below).
  • Buying credit entitles you to 60 Freedays (unless stated otherwise). This means you can call all countries marked as "Free" for a period of 60 days at no costs. 
  • Once these days are over, you can buy more credit to get more free days. 
  • You will get 200 minutes of free calls per week
Free Countries
Andorra (Landline)  , Argentina (Landline)  , Austria (Landline)  , Belgium (Landline)  , Canada (Landline)  , Canada (Mobile)  , Cyprus (Landline)  , Czech Republic (Landline)  , Denmark (Landline)  , Estonia (Landline)  , Finland (Landline)  , France (Landline)  , Germany (Landline)  , Hong Kong (Landline)  , Hong Kong (Mobile)  , Hungary (Landline)  , Iceland (Landline)  , Ireland (Landline)  , Italy (Landline)  , Japan (Landline)  , Luxembourg (Landline)  , Netherlands (Landline)  , Norway (Landline)  , Poland (Landline)  , Puerto Rico (Landline)  , Puerto Rico (Mobile)  , South Korea (Landline)  , Spain (Landline)  , Sweden (Landline)  , Switzerland (Landline)  , United Kingdom (Landline)  , United States (Landline)  , United States (Mobile)

Competitive WebCallDirect Rates
  • Rates are charged in eurocents per minute. Calls are rounded up to next minute. All rights reserved. Rates are subjected to change without notice.
  • Call India Mobile - 3 Cents per min
  • Call Pakistan Mobile - 10.2 cents per min
  • Call Philippines -  12.1 cents per min
Try WebCallDirect for Free - 5 Minutes
This below tutorial of will enable you to make free calls to about 50 countries (check above list) using betamax service WebcallDirect. Following points are to be noted :
  1. This is basically making free trial calls, so each call will last about 5 minutes.
  2. You can make unlimited number of calls.
  3. Make Pc to Phone calls using Softphone or Phone to Phone calls using SIP.
So with that, lets start with WebCalldirect tutorial with screenshots.

1. Visit
2. On the right sidebar (below) you will see link for "Download the Free SoftPhone". Click on download and download the softphone, install it. Its a PC application.
3. Sign up with webcalldirect, use the sign up link on website (and no need to register using softphone). Check the image. Fill any random email id. No need for verification/confirmation.

WebCallDirect Signup
4. Now on the softphone, click file and then select Logon as another user (image clearly shows it).

WebCallDirect Logon as New USer

5. Fill the details which you used for registration.

WebCallDirect - Add UserName

6. After loggin in, enter the destination number. Eg to call Sweden : 46XXXXXXXX

WebCallDirect - Free Calling

Click Green button. Call will connect. If you get message like, you dont have enough credits, this means that the particular destination (mobile/landline) is not free.

Now what..? Free Trial call over. How to make more free calls.
  • Just Register again with different email ID, password. 
  • Follow the tutorial from Step3 again. 
  • Trust me it will not take more than 20 secs to create new account (and one more 5 min free call).
Please note that apart from making PC to Phone Calls, you can make Webcalldirect SIP Calls, also use Webcalldirect on your mobile, iPhone, Android, iPod Touch, Mac or Windows mobile.

Note: It wont work for making free calls to India. Try other methods for making calls to India.

WebCallDirect for Android, iPad, iPhone

All betamax services work on your mobile (smartphones). WebCallDirect also works on your android mobile and other types of smartphones - you basically need to install MobileVoip. Its a free application which enables you to use WebCallDirect on your mobile phone. Download MobileVOIP and log in with your WebCallDirect username. Read More about Betamax Voip SmartPhone App.
If you still face any problem in making free international calls using webcalldirect, then post your comments.

madhur article :

+ comments + 2 comments

June 26, 2010 at 9:11 AM

Hei, I was using iphone voip software satisfactorily since it was first launched. but, after upgrading the iphone software to os4, it started problem. on the other side of the phone they can not hear my voice. does anyone has any idea? tnx in advance!!

September 5, 2010 at 11:59 AM

Hello Every One..

Don't be fool all betmax and delmont services is not fake but some brands are fake. i have every brand account of betamax and delmont. mostly brand cheated to cusotmers are,,,,, so many complains launched but no replies. for free countries they provide 60mints per week and other countries fake billing. i made a calls to india for 5 mints on billing its detected 10mints. i given the prof also.. but noreply. be ware above companies.

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